“Direct peace talks only as long as Israel continue to do what we want”

The peace talks in Washington 2nd of September is a hoax.

Salam Fayyad and Mahmoud Abbas is involved in a political theater invented in Washington.

This is what Reuters has reported:

“The Palestinian Authority accepted US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s invitation to direct peace talks with Israel, a PLO official said.

The official added that the peace talks will be threatened if Israel fails to halt settlement activity”.

My comment:

If you are invited to “peace talks” without pre-conditions, you can not set up a condition before such talks, for when you will walk out of such talks.

Thats fake.

What could be Israel’s reasons for ending such talks?

The peace talks will end in the moment one Arab Palestinian hurdle a stone at an Israeli police officer.

Or what about this one?

The peace talk will end the moment an Arab Palestinian leader denies the Holocaust, or quotes the Koran saying “all of Palestine belongs to the Muslims”?

Israel could in the first place have rejected any talks before there is a united Arab Palestinian “peace partner” to talk with. To talk about “peace” with a partner that do not recognize your right to exist, is anyhow unlimited grace shown towards the Arab Palestinians by Israel.

The Political theater in Washington will very soon be turned into an old greek tragedy. The Jewish people is to be put onto the Global alter of sufferings. Shame on all hypocrites who support this dirty game.

Written by Ivar

First published: 21.08.2010. ll

3 thoughts on ““Direct peace talks only as long as Israel continue to do what we want”

  1. Ivar;
    You are one of the few Believers who recognize the coming sufferings to be experienced by the Jewish people. My wife and I too recognize this (it is written throughout the Old Testament, most often found in the books of the Hebrew prophets) and we are looking for like-minded Believers who recognize that Christians will be called to support the Jews during this coming time of great global persecution.
    Permit me to send you a work of fiction you might find interesting–“Wagon of Fools and Other Parables”..

    And permit me to ask if you know of any other Believers in the U.S. who recognize their need to support the Jews in the times to come, risking everything…

    Thank you and God Bless you

    1. Dear Joe.

      Shalom, and thanks for blessing me.

      I am a Zionist, but also a Messianic believer in Yeshua. Jews and gentiles who reject Him as their Messiah, will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Yeshua said: You have to be born again by spirit and water. Amen.

      1. Yes, fully agree…God says in Isaiah (66:2) that the one to whom He will look will be he “who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My word.” Jew or gentile, it won’t matter…only those who tremble at God’s word, who Kiss the son and do Him homage, who have been to the cross and been broken and humbled and contrite over their past sins…Jew or gentile, this is the one who will be open to embracing the sacrifice made by Jesus for their sins, and thus unto salvation.

        It is our heart to provide a place for Jews in these times to come where they will find sanctuary such that as God brings devastation to all their worldly hopes, they will, in humility and contriteness of heart, turn to ‘Him whom they pierced’.

        Bless you for your strong stand for Christ.

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