Hilde Henriksen Waage hope “Palestine” gets observers status in UN, so they can “sue Jewish settlers in the Hague”.

Jew-hater Hilde Henriksen Waage exposed. She wants to give Islamic Jihad the right to sue Jews who live in East Jerusalem for war crimes.

The Norwegian Daily VG use Hilde Henriksen Waage as source for an article about the Islamic bid in the United nations for a “Palestine state”.

Henriksen Waage has been a senior scientist in the Norwegian “Peace Institute” PRIO, and was in 2007 engaged as professor in history at the University of Oslo, with the Middle East as her area of deep studies.

In the article in VG, Henriksen Waage acknowledge that full membership at the United Nation, might not be possible t achieve at this junction in time. The Norwegian “Peace scientist” wants “Palestine” to get upgraded status as “observer”. The reason for this upgrade seems not to be a bid for peace, but rather for war.

“This upgrade can give “Palestine” benefits like membership UNESCO, UNICEF and the International war tribunal. Than “Palestine” can sue the Jewish settlers”, explain Waage.

Source: VG

My comment:

If the PLO gets “observers status” in the UN,  these Arabs will take the same seat in the UN as the Pope. Not answerable to anything, but with certain legal rights.

If the Vatican became a member state in the UN, the Pope could be arrested on the same ground as other World leaders who break international laws.

Since the area on the Mountains of Zion is disputed land, it would be pure Jew-hate behind the motive of taking “Jewish settlers” to the War tribunal in Hague. Because any Muslim settlement in the area, is equally disputed.

But Jew-haters like Hilde Henriksen Waage to not want Jihad-fighters to be dragged to the War tribunal in the Hague.  Those who slaughter people in the name of “allah” can not be persecuted in any court of law. Like the killers in the PLO. They are simply not members of any national statehood, that can be forced to arrest them.

Norway has become more committed to Islamic Jihad than any other nation on the Western hemisphere. It is a huge spiritual tragedy, that bring curses down on the post-Christian Norwegian kingdom.

Written by Ivar