Norwegian Foreign Minister quoted the Koran in Mosque in Oslo

Jonas Gahr Støre said “sorry” to Muslims in Oslo. Than He quoted from the Koran, and claimed all religions work for unity and peace.

Foreign Minister, Crown Prince and Oslo-bishop (left) gathered in a Mosque in Oslo in search for peace.

The Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre was the first Free World minister to recognize the Islamic terrorist organization The Hamas.

Tuesday evening, Gahr Støre was honoring the victim’s of Freemasonry terrorism, by reading from the Koran in a Mosque in Oslo. Gahr Støre also said sorry to all Muslims, that there were Norwegians who thought it was a Muslim who was behind the bomb in Oslo and massacre at Utøya.

Also the Bilderberger-member Crown Prince Håkon of Norway was gathered in the Mosque, and the Lutheran Bishop of Oslo Ole Kristian Kvarme.  Even the Conservative Party mayor of Oslo, Fabian Stang, was present in the Mosque.

This is what Foreign Minister Gahr Støre told the religious gathering:

“Today, the Norwegian people stand united across the borders of generations, politics and religion. We have come together to search for news strength”.

The Norwegian minister also quoted from the Koran, “words of comfort”.

Source: Sunnmørsposten.

My comment:

The title above this picture in this Norwegian regional daily was: “gathering around common Norwegian values”

It is worth noticing that a Minister in Norway feels sorry for a crime that was not committed. Not yet. One year ago, radical Muslims in Oslo threatened to copy the September 11 attack in Oslo.

At that time, Jonas Gahr Støre was not permitted to enter into a Mosque in Oslo, to read “words of comfort” from the Koran.

All Norwegians know, those who are not blind, that Islamic terrorists can strike Oslo at any moment. When they are seeing a professional fool like Gahr Støre apologizing inside a Mosque, Jihad soldiers all over the World must been full of joy honoring their suicide martyrs.

The Norwegians are slowly submitting to Islam. Their leaders are showing the way, and gathers inside Mosques to ask “allah” for protection.

The main question remains:

Is Jonas Gahr Støre a professional fool, or is he a secret agent for Hamas and Radical Islam?

Most likely a little of both. But the final agenda of men like Gahr Støre is to support the emerging Global Governance, that will set all national constitutions aside, and attack exclusivity claimed by religions. Followers of Jesus will be branded as evil and intolerant.We will stand powerless at the end of the age, persecuted and bruised.

 Daniel 11:36-40

 The King Who Exalts Himself
“The king will do as he pleases. He will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will say unheard-of things against the God of gods.

He will be successful until the time of wrath is completed, for what has been determined must take place. He will show no regard for the gods of his ancestors or for the one desired by women, nor will he regard any god, but will exalt himself above them all.

Instead of them, he will honor a god of fortresses; a god unknown to his ancestors he will honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and costly gifts. He will attack the mightiest fortresses with the help of a foreign god and will greatly honor those who acknowledge him. He will make them rulers over many people and will distribute the land at a price.

The Norwegian people have rejected God of the Bible. More destruction will follow. In panic and confusion their leaders will lead the full nation into submission to the Globalists, who promotes a One World Unity Government. This G8, or whatever name it will get, will be headed by the final wicked king. The last anti-Christ.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Norwegian Foreign Minister quoted the Koran in Mosque in Oslo

  1. Reminds me of Obama going around to the Arabs apologizing
    for US deeds and stating the America is NOT a Christian nation!

    So sad to see this!

    1. The reason that the foreign minister is doing this is that he like most politisians in this world are themselves 33% masons, and they just go along wich ever way the wind bows as long as they figure it will enhance their possition in this world, they believe in nothing absolute, they can just as easilly go into a synagog and condem islam if thats the way the prevaling winds blow, or a catholic church, and kiss the popes hand or to a hindu festival and recieve the mark of shieva on their forhead, They can lie just as easily as tell the truth, without even a flicker of a guilty concience because 33% fremasons worship lucifer, whom they believe is an angele of light, and terribly misunderstood. They can promise one thing and do the opposit because in the worship of lucifer(satan), truth is lies and lies are truth,so when they lie in they’re minds they are telling the truth, that doesn’t make much sense but thats the twisted belief.Thats why all politicians who get into a positian of influence in this world can look you straight in the face and lie and you will believe them, Jesus said that all liars are going into hell no liar can enter heaven, only if a person asks God to forgive them of they’re sins and believes in Jesus as saviour will they be able to enter into Heaven millions world wide already have. Jesus the son of God Loves all people He wants to see everyone in heaven but thats your choice no one will force it on anyone.

  2. In the last five years every rapist that has been identified in the rape of indigenous Norwegian women have been Muslims without fail. Why hasn’t any Muslim religious leader apologized to the Norwegian people for this atrocious behaviour. These Muslim rapists are just following what is written in their Quran 4:24.
    Why are the Crown Prince, the PM and the Bishop grovelling and behaving like penitent dhimmis for a crime that has not been committed.

  3. My dear friends,don’t be obsessed,blind and ignorant.Jesus(Peace be upon him) never said he was the son of god in the old testament(I’m talking about old testament cos that is just a bit near to true holy book revealed to Jesus,new testament is nothing but some lusty lies),nor did he need to shed blood for the whole mankind for Adam(Peace be upon him) was actually forgiven at the beginning for the sin he committed and it also doesn’t make sense that only Jesus(Pbuh) would shed the blood for all the human sinners.A sinner must get the punishment for his misdeed.

    Anyways,it was the Islamic civilization that enhanced the human knowledge when the whole Europe was under the darkness brought by Christianity.And Christianity is the religion that always lead extremism by denying science and punishing scientists like Galileo for speaking scientific facts.And it’s again the blind Christianity allied with Judaism and Zionism that’s killing people all over the world(Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine) to capture the Muslim lands.

    Every day many christians do a lot of mistakes, but nobody blames Christianity,but when a so called muslim does a mistake how is it the fault of Islam and all the MUSLIMS?

    Please answer it?Please don’t be hypocrite.

  4. I am a sikh and would like to add to your comments that by Almighty Creator our soul is just a soul like any other soul, cloths it was wearing has nothing to do with deeds it has commited in the world. We must learn to respect other and their faiths.

  5. GK Singh

    Welcome to this blog and thank you for your comments.

    There is a wickedness to digging up the dead, putting clothes on the body and putting in a box for veneration, no matter what faith you are.

    How is it there are laws against digging up the dead but the Catholic church can dig them up and decorate their dead bodies and put them in a box?

    Do you know about Jesus?

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