The Vatican appointed head of Templar Knights in Norway

Knut Arstad and Arne Marco Kisebom are the head of the Templar knights in Oslo. Cardinal and Grand Master John Patrick Foley ordained them.

Arne Marco Kirseb­om (stor­prior Norway), general­guvernor Pier Luigi Parola, Cardinal John Patrick Foley and Knut Arstad.

27th of March 2007. Grand master and Cadinal John Patrick Foley arrives in Oslo. The vatican head of the Templar Knights have come from Rome to ordain two new head of the order in the Norwegian capital.

Foley is the head of Order brothers that looks after the Vatican’s interest in “Basilica del Santo Sepolcro”. That is the claimed church where Jesus was burried in Jerusalem. The Templar Knights were the officers who looked after this Church when Jerusalem was controlled by the Bishop of Rome from 1099 A.D to 1291 A.D

The emblem of the Roman Catholic Templar knight Order that wants to retake Jerusalem.

After the Pope lost control over Jerusalem, the head of the Templar Knights has promised the Pontiff to reclaim this city for the Holy See. During the ages, the Bishop of Rome kept the dream of a new Papal kingdom in Jerusalem alive.

During Ottoman rule in the “Holy City”, the Bishop of Rome was able to negotiate a deal with the Muslim rulers in Istanbul. By a brief dated 23 July 1847, Pius IX put the Guardian of the Holy Places under the authority of the newly re-established Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

The Norwegian neo-Nazi was a Templar Knight of the Order of "Saint Olai of the three pillars".


Also in the Protestant camp, there is an Order called the “Templar Knights”.

Yngve Haugstvedt (right), Einar Kjaernet, Tormod Fidje, Roald Fidje.

The head of this arm of order brothers, is grand master Yngve Haugstvedt. He is a former Lutheran Church protector in Oslo, and a local politician of the Christianity Peoples party (Kr.F). He has also been director of a regional hospital in Norway.


My comment:

It is amazing that the Norwegian media do not demand the arrest of the Templar Knights, who were the possible superiors of the Norwegian neo-Nazi.

Did they have any knowledge about the idols their order brother had, his ideology, and his world view?

The Norwegian Neo Nazi was for some time a member of the right wing progressive Party of Norway, (Fr.P). Four former or present Members of parliament from this party, are also Freemasons.

Could there be a better time to focus on how these secret societies are governed, and who give the orders?

What are their ideology?

What is the purpose of their existence, and what are their hidden agenda?

Four Templar Knights. Former and present members of Parliament in Norway for Fr.P.

Did these gentlemen have any knowledge of who the Oslo attackers mentors are, and how they can be located within these secret societies?

The problem with a demand for an investigation among the Templar Knights, is that most of the advocates in Norway are Freemasons. So are also a large number of the head’s of regional police departments.

As and example: This is the list from 2007, giving the names of 34 Lensmenn (head of local police districts in Norway), who are Freemasons.

Aamodt, Odd-Lauritz, Ski.
Aamodt, Thor-Anders, Drøbak
Almås, Olav, Støren
Asmyhr, Gunnar, Bjørkelangen
Aune, Willy, Røros
Bakkerud, Martin, Svinndal
Bjørnstad, Steinar Normann,Knapper
Botten, Arne, Vinstra
Børø, Edvard Martin, Sandnessjøen
Dregelid, Agnar, Vangsnes
Dymbe, Bjørn, Gol
Foss, Per, Krokstadelva
Frankoroen, Ola, Ottestad
Haaland, Ronald Cato, Porsgrunn
Hansen, Stig Alf, Ytre Enebakk
Hartføff, Odd Meier, Evenskjer
Henriksen, Jan Einar, Risør
Isaksen, Karl Erik, Ski
Jacobsen, Olve, Larvik
Lauvålien, Arne, Tranby
Løfsgaard, Thore Gunnar, Skarnes
Moland, Bent, Vegårshei
Mosseros, Bjørn Kristen, Rakkestad
Mostue, Sverre Leslie, Ål
Neverdal, Odd Fredrik, Neverdal
Paulsen, Marvin Peder, Sortland
Pedersen, Walter, Inndyr
Pettersen, Mikal, Harstad
Ravlo, Steinar, Verdal
Rygg, Ola K, Ål
Solheim, Sverre Donald, Fauske
Teigen, Bjørn Johan, Mysen
Torkelsen, Tormod, Løvenstad
Ødegård, Per Olav, Røn

 It is a good question, why there were no armed police officers on Utøya, the site of the Templar massacre, only a few hours after a former Norwegian Prime Minister and Head of WHO held a speech there?

Who took that decision, and distributed the order?

Who in Norway will investigate a possible involvement of the Norwegian police, and the administrators of the Norwegian juridical system?

Will they ever be held accountable for their rituals, their involvement in worship of skulls and bones?

Will they expose the line of command, and make it known who are the persons giving them tasks and commands?

It is always less painful to arrest the village idiot, than to put the “cream of society” behind bars, for promoting and executing secret orders.

If you want to study the Freemason nexus between head of the police and lawyers in Norway, take a look at the research done by Norwegian TV2.

Written by Ivar

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