Marxists and Fascists clash in media over Norway massacre

“Former Fox News commentator Glen Beck is a Fascist and a pig”. This is the claim from Norwegian Socialist and election scientist Frank Aarebot.

Frank Aarebrot is a respected Norwegian University professor, a Marxist and media commentator.

“The AUF in Norway are like Hitlerjugend”, says US Media commentator Glenn Beck.  

The media war between Marxists and Fascists are heating up in regular media and social media.  The American Media commentator Glenn Beck has accused the Norwegian labor party youth for being like the Hitlerjugend.

US Media commentator Glen Beck claims peacful youth camp was a group of Htlerjugend.

“There was live fire on a political camp. This is something similar as Hitlerjugend. Who arrange a sumer camp for youth, that is only about politics? This is alarming”, claimed Beck.

The accusation from Beack, has triggered a stern reaction from media commentator Frank Aarebrot, recorded in the Norwegian tabloid Dagbladet.

“Beck is a Fascist. Only a Fascist would have uttered such words. This man is a pig”, claims Aarebrot.  Beck is know for earlier having a talkshow on the American TV channel Fox News.

Source: Dagbladet.

My comment:

Peoples memory are short. Forgotten is the Wikileaks that exposed the Global elite as deceased hypocrite’s.

Forgotten is even the Phone hacking scandal in the UK two weeks ago, that exposed media corrupting the police. Together they broke all democratic rules and regulations.

Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the age of new Fascism in Europe.

How did Fascism rise in Italy, in the 1920-ties?

The Fascists attacked the Labour Unions, and the Marxist organizations and their political parties.

Just like neo-Nazi Anders Behring Breivik did in Norway on Friday.

The attack in Norway has triggered a similar confrontation that took place in Italy and Germany during the 1920-ties. Claims and counterclaims on who are the real Fascists, and the political force that will bring our culture and society towards ruin.

Nothing has changed. The “exchange” of views between Glen Beck and Frank Aarebrot is only the beginning. This political copy-cat agenda will bring more chaos and confusion.  The Global elite will have their way. The strong and global Government will emerge, and eventually take control.

 Genesis 6:13

 So God said to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth.

Matthew 24:37

 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Marxists and Fascists clash in media over Norway massacre

  1. I don’t know if this is any consequence but, I saw on the internet that the Pope was there before the “attack” saying “go back to your christian roots”, then the attack happened , Now the Pope is saying Remove the hatred and anger and return to your christian roots. Is it possible that the attack was to bring the Nation back to the Papacy? Sort of planned?

    1. Dear Timothy


      It is difficult, if not impossible, to prove any chain of orders from the Vatican given to the crazy Neo-Nazi in Oslo. In secret societies, the receiver of a message just do what a higher authority has told him to do, without asking questions.

      We know the Pope, and we know his agenda. And his mission on Earth is to become the head of all “Christians”, and regathered all Churches under his authority. Not only the Churches. The Pope wants to merge all religions into one, claiming there is some truth in them all, and that all of them leads to the same “god”.

      To be able to regather the flocks, someone has to create chaos. People must be full of fear, before they are ready for the final “peace plan”, based on a grand compromise. In this perspective, the Norwegian Templar knight seems to have been a perfect tool.

  2. Shalom Ivar,

    You said it right!! That’s very true but its also sad that most people do not know or believe that.

    G-D help us for the world is still ignorant.


    1. Dear Jes.


      Thanks for blessing me. It is tough to stand for the truth in our times. May Yeshua the Messiah bless you today, and for eternity.

  3. How you can label Prof. Aarebrot a Marxist is beyond me, and it shows your massive lack of knowledge and at the same time high level of ignorance. Aarebrot is the most cited professor in Norway, and knows more about the field of Marxism alone than you do of politics combined, although that does not make him a marxist. Please forget your political and religious preferences for a while and try to honor the fallen victims instead of making simple assumptions.

    1. Dear Aas


      It is possible that Prof. Aarebrot does not label him self as a Marxist. He became a member of the Labor party, and not the Socialist party of Norway. But Aarebrot is know for his strong support for a unity Government in Norway, that gave the Marxists access to central Ministries, like the Finance Ministry of Norway. I might be wrong on this, but are not a novice in such matters.

      I am a former local leader of the AUF in Norway, and I have been on Utøya twice. I have also worked for a Norwegian Labor party Minister as his media adviser. I might not know as much about Marxism as Aarebrot, but I do have some knowledge about the political games in Norway.

      I am in deep shook about the massacre. I am a pacifist, and do not support violence of any kind.

      I was saved by Jesus as an adult. But I still have close friends who are members of the Labor party in Norway, and I do love them. I have cried a lot, and I do feel their sorrow and pain.

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