Scotland: Glasgow districts boycott Jewish books

A place that boycotts books isn’t far from a place that burns them,’ says Israeli Ambassador in the UK, Ron Prosor‬‬.

Nazis banned Jewish products from 1933 onwards. Next: They burnt Jewish books.

Several districts in southwest Scotland expands boycott on Israeli products, bar stores from carrying English translations of Israeli books. ‘‬‬

Scottish citizens might not be able to purchase English translations of Israeli masterpieces such as “A tale of love and darkness” by Amos Oz and “Someone to run with” by David Grossman, due to a boycott on Israeli books.

Israeli abmassador Ron Prosor.

“A place that boycotts books is not far from a place that burns them,” Israel’s Ambassador to the UK Ron Prosor said in response.

“The council stained the reputation of its members and shamed the good citizens of Scotland,” he added.

According to the law, the council and all public bodies under its jurisdiction are forbidden to sell goods that originated from Israel.

Following the botched raid on the Turkish Flotilla to Gaza last May, the council expanded the boycott to include a ban on the purchase of English translations of Israeli books and the distribution of these books in public libraries throughout the council’s jurisdiction.

The European Union prohibits its member-nations from boycotting products from countries that are not under an official embargo imposed by the EU.

Unlike Iran, which is not subjected to a boycott in Britain despite being issued sanctions by the EU, Israel “enjoys” special scrutiny.


My comment:

The Holocaust in Germany started with Hitlers call to boycott anything Jewish. After a couple of years, all Jewish books were burnt. Lets take a look at some more photos:

Hitler Jugend burn Jewish products and books.
Modern Hitler Jugend, the Arab Palestinian Prime Minister burn Jewish products.

 Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, throws a package into a fire set to burn products from Jewish settlements, in the West Bank town of Salfit, Jan 5, 2010. Palestinians have launched a boycott of Israeli products made in Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Source: Christian Monitor.

The Nazis boycotted everything Jewish. They did not stop the anti-Jewish campaign.
The Nazis taught they were doing somthing good for "Jesus" by teaching the Jews "a lesson".

There is no difference between a call to boycott anything Jewish in Scotland, and a similar call to do the same in Nazi-Germany.  Its the same anti-Jewish spirit than reigns. We have seen people filled with this kind of spirit before:

 Esther 3:6
Yet having learned who Mordecai’s people were, he scorned the idea of killing only Mordecai. Instead Haman looked for a way to destroy all Mordecai’s people, the Jews, throughout the whole kingdom of Xerxes.

To bless or curse the sons and daughters of Jacob, (Israel) is a matter of life and death.

Written by Ivar

12 thoughts on “Scotland: Glasgow districts boycott Jewish books

  1. This is utter rubbish. There is NO LAW banning Jewish anything in Scotland. If a council adopts a policy, that’s a different thing but there is NO LAW, period.
    You do yourself no favours by not reporting the truth.

    1. Dear Nigel


      No one have claimed that there is a law who bans Jewish books in Scotland. Please read the article all over again. There was no law in Germany in 1933 that banned Jewish books. Jew-hate always starts with lies and deceptions, enters the boycott stage, and ends in severe persecution.

      1. Hi Ivor,


        “According to the law, the council and all public bodies under its jurisdiction are forbidden to sell goods that originated from Israel.”

        I was replying to the quote above from the article.

      2. Dear Nigel.


        You wrote:

        “According to the law, the council and all public bodies under its jurisdiction are forbidden to sell goods that originated from Israel.”

        I agree that this line might create confusion. This is not national law, but a limited council law.

    1. I was only correcting the inaccuracy of the statement. We are all COMMANDED to show discernment. I truely love Yeshua with every fibre of my body. To ask this question of me when you can plainly see that i am right saddens me. It also saddens me to know that you will have to give an account of your words to our saviour.

  2. I expect that several other countries or districts will follow suit with such policies and overall “polical suggestions” on their people following the upcoming UN summit in Sept. Even if it’s not a ‘law’, this is just another way of publically vilifying anyone who is in support of Israel. It’s already begun in many different fashions in this world – that if you are in support of Israel, then you must somehow be against the ‘greater good’ of the rest of the world. But then again, this is exactly what the Bible tells us will happen. Sad but true, and sad but inevitable. I’m not exactly sure I would always stand by and vouch for the actions of the Israeli Government – but I will support the Jewish People and their right to BE Israel until my dying day – vilify me all you want.

  3. The jews invaded Palestine in 1948. 95% of all jews in Palestine are ashkenazi. That is, from Eastern Europe. Most of them had to be taught hebrew. None of them had any rights to any of the land, it was stolen by force, as in the Deir Yassin massacre.

    1. You are correct John my Grandmother was a Glasgow jew and married into a Glasgow Irish family.She was very well educated in religion,politics and history.It was her firm belief that modern zionism was an evil and in no way represented Judaism but the masonic Kabbala instead .Rothschilds masonic zionist State is certainly not Gods Israel .Israel proper is still in exile until God brings us out of it.

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