Rick Warren wants interfaith projects with Islam

I have earlier published an audio from Rick Warrens messages at the World Economic Forum.  Warren is promoting Islam as a religion that Christians can work with, in fact join to build interfaith projects.

Just listen carefully to this video. No words of Muhammad as a false prophet. No words about Islam not leading people towards Jesus, God the Son.

The One World religion is emerging with the Saddleback Pastor that blessed Obama, when the US President held his hand on the Bible during the oat ceremony at the White House.

Written by Ivar

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    1. Dear Nyt i Natten


      Thanks for this translation into Danish. May Jesus the Messiah keep on blessing you with all kinds of heavenly blessings. Amen.

  1. This man may as well be the antiChrist with the amount of damage he’s inflicting on Christianity and the pseudo-Christians who are too ignorant to understand what he’s doing.

    Every day I realize more and more that the warnings in the bible from Christ are to those calling themselves Christians, not unbelievers. Concern about the unbelievers was best characterized in the scripture that said “let the dead bury the dead”.

  2. & now Warren’s been a tool in corrupting John Piper too…then this summer we have false prophet Mormon Glenn Beck joining with heretic John Hagee before Beck goes on to desecrate the Temple Mount & deceive more (but from the right) into the interfaith movement. This just hastens the psychological preparation to accept the coming Antichrist’s covenant and the sharing of Jerusalem.

      1. John Hagee denies the truth that Jewish people need to believe in Jesus the Messiah, to be saved. Hagee is a false teacher.

      2. Hagee believes that Israelis can do know wrong and his reasoning is because he thinks they are automatically Gods chosen people and do not need salvation. Sadly he is dead wrong, for without believing in Jesus Israelis gain nothing. How sad that belief is. If israelis gain the land and their nationhood but lose their soul because of unbelief what good have they gained? But he is liked by many because he stands with Israel and in many circles in Christianity that means everything. Standing with and supporting Israel means to love them and tell them of a Jewish man named Jesus who came and died to save them from their sins and give them everlasting life

      3. Dear Todd.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        Standing with and supporting Israel means to love them and tell them of a Jewish man named Jesus who came and died to save them from their sins and give them everlasting life.

        My comment:

        To love the Jews, is to accept that God of Israel is the only God, and to tell them that the Messiah has come in flesh. There will not come another. Jesus is the Messiah. The problem many Jews face, is that they do not see “love” among Christians. No “love” for the Jewish people, no “love” for the state of Israel, and absolutely no “love” for a liberated Jerusalem.

        John Hagee expresses all these. He support the Jewish people, he support the state of Israel, and he support the united and liberated Jerusalem. He also correctly claim that all men, both Jews and gentiles can only be saved by Jesus.

        So what is your problem?

        Do you love the Jewish people, in the same way as John Hagee?

      4. Ivar
        I heard him speak at a gathering recently and never once in his comments did he speak about salvation through Jesus. His whole speech was political in context and not gospel. John Hagee seems to have less of a love for Christ’s followers who are also chosen

      5. Dear Todd.


        This is from the website of John Hagee Ministries.

        The Lord Jesus Christ

        We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God. We believe in His substitutionary death for all men, His resurrection, and His eventual return to judge the world.


        We believe all men are born with a sinful nature and that the work of the Cross was to redeem man from the power of sin. We believe that this salvation is available to all who will receive it.

      6. Dear Todd.


        Pastor John Hagee did say in a video: “Jesus is not the Messiah”. He repented, ans issued this statement:

        “I am writing to share with you some important news pertaining to my latest book In Defense of Israel. It has come to my attention that my choice of language and some of the interpretation being given that language in Chapter Ten has caused some confusion and actually led some readers to question whether I believe that Jesus is the Messiah. If people are reaching such a conclusion, then I have clearly failed to communicate my views as well as I should have.

        I have decided to release a new edition of In Defense of Israel with an expanded Chapter Ten. The new version will make the same point as the prior one, but using language which cannot mislead anyone about my bedrock belief that Jesus was and is Lord, Savior and Messiah. “

        (end of statement).

        Christian Zionists have a tendency of falling into the New Judaism trap. The dual covenant theology leads people into the error of Jesus being the Messiah for gentiles only. And that Jews can be saved by other promises given them by God, and that Jews do not need the blood of Jesus.

        I wish John Hagee had been more clear on the topic of the blood of Jesus, and the only remedy for sins for both Jews and gentiles.

      7. WHAT? That’s ridiculous! Pastor Hagee supports Israel, I’ve listened to him many times and he knows that Jewish people who don’t recognize Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah should. There will be those during the Great Tribulation who will be martyred for their faith but I have never heard Pastor Hagee make such a statement. If there’s a video, then show me and IF the Holy Spirit reveals that to me then I’ll retract what I say.

      8. I agree ER, that Rick Warren is being used to decieve as a puppet of Satan. Not sure about Hagee, I’ve been part of the church for over 25yrs, I’m an AoG pastor and have to say I’m pretty impressed by Hagee. But with everything, and everyone – the bible says to test all things, does it match God’s Word. Clearly Warren is not – and he will have to give an account for this. Warren is not the anti-christ, though he has a spirit of anti-christ. Let’s remain faithful to Jesus, and to God’s Word – we live in exciting days.

    1. r u nuts or just crazy glenn beck is a christian and he stands with Israel as doe’s john hagee rick warren will answer 2 GOD

      1. What makes you think that Beck is a christian? I hope he will accept ‘correct’ doctrine and give up this false doctrine of Mormonism. Mormonism is seen by some as Christian, but God doesn’t see it that way. When they believe that if you are able to achieve a certain level of ‘greatness among Mormons’ then you can rule with your spirit wife and children on your own planet! Yeah..okay..let me know how that works for you..

    1. Dear Kenneth.


      You wrote:

      Rick “Slick” Warren: Fraud, Liar and Friend of Rome.

      My reply:

      It gives no glory to Jesus when we hang the “fraud” and “liar” label on Rick Warren. We should rather explain why Rick Warren is deadly wrong. Warren knows the gospel, and preach the Good News. But He seems to be unwilling to practice what he preach.

      If you believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven, you can NOT build interfaith projects with Islam. Islam rejects Jesus as God, and is falsehood from A to Z.

      Warrens attitudes makes him a hypocrite. He has joined bad company, and he needs to repent. We have to pray for Warren, that He will not be excluded from the Kingdom of Heaven.

      1. I only needed to hear this video to see that he is going to be HIGHLY accountable for what he’s doing. He mentors government officials of the New World Order, is joining others in incorporating ‘Chrislam’ which IS NOT scriptural! The Jesus that Islam teaches IS NOT the one Believers worship and love. The scriptures warn us that there will be a GREAT APOSTASY in the land. 2 Thessalonians 2:3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition 4Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.”

        The land is being prepared for the anti-messiah. With BIG government, an American president who wants socialism, Obama care (one world health care system), the love of Yeshua is growing cold, some turn from the faith to have their ears tickled with vain deceitful things, the days will be as in the days of Noah and now tomorrow June 26th 2011 there will be 26 churches who will promote chrislam…of course many churches already allow homosexual pastors, bishops, and elders. So please, check your scriptures and be lead by the Spirit of the Most High!

      2. What is wrong with Rick Warren reaching out in friendship to other religions? Isnt it one of our responsibilities as Christians to reach out to unbelievers? Jesus Christ went to Matthew the tax collectors home to eat with him–BEFORE Matthew became a disciple. How can you have influence with people unless you are in relationship with them? You cant!! People dont care what you know till they know that you care. Hats off to Rick Warren for loving our enemies as God’s Word teaches us to do.

        Rick Warren does is a strong Christian who loves God and does not compromise on God’s Word. He even told the muslims in his speech to them that he followed only Christ.

      3. You say we should not work with non-Christians. Wow. How are you going to influence unbelievers? Stand on a street corner and tell them they are all sinners and need to repent? How about doing what Jesus did and befriend them and love them first? The Bible teaches that not only are we to love our neighbor, but to love our enemy as well. It is the love of God that bringeth thee to repentance. How are you ever going to have influence in someone’s life if you are not in relationship with them? Rick Warren wants to make a difference, not just make a point. By reaching out to muslims, he is not only doing what he preaches, he is doing what Jesus preached and modeled.

  3. Warren is a liar, and indeed, a fraud. Listen to his words during this interview with Eboo Patel (a Muslim and “religious” advisor to Obama) at Bill Clinton’s CGI (Clinton Global Initiative) meeting in 2008:

    “…if you remove people of faith… most people have some kind of faith…there 600 million Buddhists, there are about 800 million Hindus , there are one billion Musliims…and about 2.3 billion Christians”

    “2.3 billion Christians” (I guess that includes the Catholic church and its 1 + billiion followers, the liberal churches etc.)

    He goes on talks about the “universal distribution” (i.e. “houses of worship”) of religions.

    “when you talk about community development…those houses of worship have the most credibility… they trust that imam, pastor, that priest”

    “…congreational unity”

    Unity of the world’s religions will not prosper.

    (By the way, Rick Warren and his wife were influenced by Robert Schuller)


    And, what about his words at MPAC – Muslim Public Affairs Council ( http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2072249736122706302# ):

    Note the laughs.

    “Religious congregations are the only set of organizations on earth that can successfully combat the five global illnesses of spiritual emptiness, corrupt leadership, disease pandemics, dire poverty, and illiteracy, and we must actively and directly cooperate with mosques to get the job done”

    “…five global illnesses…spiritual emptiness…”

    Islam is spiritual emptiness. Hiduism, Buddhism is spirtual emptiness. Roman Catholicism is spiritual emptiness.

    Rick talks about how he never wanted to be in the limelight, but as you can see, he is in it big time – and loving it. Rick Warren is a New Ager.

    1. Dear Kenneth


      I edited your fist comment on Rick Warren, and the You Tube link was damaged. It was not a bid to sensor you.

  4. Let us not condemn them rather pray for them but just as surely let us pray for one another not to be decieved because often times it is so subtle and at others you just get a sindwinder that knocks you off your feet.

    When we go out there slamming others, they dig their heals in, in defensiveness. If you pray, God moves. I know what the Bible says & what is foretold but with what the Bible says will happen does not mean that I have to be one of them or a part of it either. Let us stand in Christ &pray like never before.

    I am amazed how few Christians stand together, as dedicated as those out there who have alternative agenda’s. In Christ stand up and stand together helping one another not to be decieved.

  5. I believe the topic of this discussion is “False Christianity.” We certainly cannot treat them (Rick Warren, Catholics et al.) as brothers or sisters in Christ. Their hearts are already hardened by religion; the deception they’ve promulgated has ensnared them altogether. Yes, we can pray for them, but I believe the ones to pray for, are their followers, so that they may see the truth in Jesus Christ. The New Age is coming, and that is a fact. The “falling away” (apostasy) is upon us. (2 Thessalonians 2:3) You certainly wouldn’t want to join them. Coming June 26, 2011, for example, there will be 50 churches praying with Muslims and Jews and reading from the Quran to “reject religious bigotry and the demonization of Islam or any other religion.” Religious freedom is their right, but to join their prayer (especially when the Quran is recited) for the sake of “[promoting] respect for Islam,” is dangerous. For they are liars who deny Jesus as the Christ:

    “Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either; he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also.” (1 John 2: 22-23)

    The following is from the website of the National Cathedral in D.C.:

    “Christian, Muslim, and Jewish colleagues read from their respective sacred texts in a special interfaith prayer service as part of Faith Shared: Uniting in Prayer and Understanding, a project of Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First to promote respect for Islam. In addition to the National Cathedral, more than 50 churches in 26 states have committed to participating.”



    Shalom my friends in Christ Jesus

  6. Is it true u combine Christian & Muslim doctrine in teaching?
    Absolutely 100% false. Just another online lie. Rick warren

  7. I am sorry to say that our community pentacostal church has changed their name to universal fellowship hall. This occurred just within the last 2 weeks only a couple thousand live in this country setting and the only church for miles. Matter of fact, I won’t be attending church in america anymore. One can’t serve 2 masters….

    1. Dear Rose.


      You wrote:

      I am sorry to say that our community pentecostal church has changed their name to universal fellowship hall.

      My comment:

      There is surely a lot of rotten fruits among the leadership in Pentecostal and Baptists churches also. One way to expose them, is to ask them in the congregation, if they consider the Pope to be a Christian leader.

      If you have a Pastor or a priest who accept the Pope as a Christian leader, you better rebuke him. If he refuse to listen, you have to dust your feet and have fellowship in a New Testament Church, with leaders who tell the truth.

      Martin Luther told the truth about the Pope. Today, there are few ‘Lutherans” who are willing to rebuke the Papacy, but rather joins all kinds of falsehood.

  8. Amen Rose…we have had the same problem. Oh the Name over the door has not changed “yet”…but the message inside has changed drastically, It saddens me so much that many people I know have chosen to think I’m like an Old Testament Prophet always giving bad news. They gave good news a lot of the time, it was only bad news to the ones who did not want to Obey The Lord God!..
    But people get riled up if you mention Someone like Rick Warren, and you say you don’t like to watch “Dr.Oz or Glenn Beck…etc many more,,,,Good Lord it’s not bad news…it’s Good News for those who believe.a Wolf in Sheep clothing has been found out…and the love that The Lord Jesus has for all even hating the death of the wicked, yet we are warned and told to warn all they will suffer for His Name sake …for the Gospel..but I’m reminded ..you don’t have to suffer, we are “Believers we are of the New Covenant, The Father God won’t let us suffer it’s only those who don’t believe” I was even told and heard a few who said,”Don’t worry about it, if you have to take the Mark to feed your family or save your life….God is a merciful God he said if your eye offends you Cut it off…so if you have to take the Mark, just cut that part out and you’ll be alright’…It takes my breath away at some of the preaching I am hearing..g.NEXT…Church….what will the next one we go to preach?? It gets as some children say…stupiderer every day…Stupid-Head…(smile) or some children I have heard say, in the Church’s “Ohh you are going to get into Big Trouble! (smile)

  9. okay, so none of these commenters approve of Rick Warren.
    I get that.
    So do ANY of these commenters have any suggestions for coexistence of human lives that have different beliefs and want to continue their different beliefs? rather than embrace a certain one, mine or yours?

  10. Jack Van Impe Ministries has a weekly television show that gives global news concerning many issues and the last three or four programs have delt with Rick Warren, Robert Shuler, and others on the fast growing Chrislam. He is exposing these guys and telling the truth through the word of God in the Holy Bible. Chrislam is a damaging inter-faith that that cannot work and cannot be accepted by true Christians who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    I am totally disgusted with Rick Warren. He is a motivating speaker but he is turning away from his Christian roots that is if he really had any. I think it is also disgusting that Christian churches will buy the materials on his latest books and studies and use these in morning worship and bypass a sermon out of the Bible. Rick Warren has gotten very rich with his books and such but he is loosing if not already many true believers who are seeing him for what he is – a false teacher. God help us. you can google Jack Van Impe…I watch his weekly programs on the internet check him out you can learn a lot.

    1. What is wrong with Rick Warren reaching out in friendship to other religions? Isnt it one of our responsibilities as Christians to reach out to unbelievers? Jesus Christ went to Matthew the tax collectors home to eat with him–BEFORE Matthew became a disciple. How can you have influence with people unless you are in relationship with them? You cant!! People dont care what you know till they know that you care. Hats off to Rick Warren for loving our enemies as God’s Word teaches us to do.

      Rick Warren does is a strong Christian who loves God and does not compromise on God’s Word. He even told the muslims in his speech to them that he followed only Christ.

  11. Sorry, S. Hartley, but Van Impe is very sly. He often has good things to say about the Pope. You need to be aware that he often throws in praising remarks about the Pope. He once stated that Benedict believed in the rapture which is not true.


    1. Dear Muzi Cindi


      You wrote:


      My reply:

      You are right. The followers of the last anti-Christ will surely worship Him, when He comes on the top of the Global Universal spirituality. Jesus can not return before this takes place. Jesus will kill this wicked fellow with the splendor of his coming, and all his spiritual universal children will have to spend eternity in Hell with their “god”.

  13. Muzi. You have bought into the lie. The antichrist is building world religion NOT the Lord. The Lord SAID:

    Luke 12:51
    Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division.

    Believe the scriptures and not the lies of the devil. All the people you mentioned have signed on to the one world religion.


    1. Dear Nyt i Natten.


      I have met the risen Lord. I have a personal relationship with Jesus of Nazareth. You do not have to worry.

      This site was made to encounter people who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. Those who do not have Him as their first love, and whom do not work with their best friend every day. I hope and pray that my example, my words and my actions, will lead many towards faith in Him. Amen.

  15. Dear Muzi Cindi

    You are going against the scriptures with what you say. Yes, Jesus is the Prince of Peace, but the antichrist will also bring a ‘false peace’ merging all religions while compromising the truth of the gospel.. lucifer means (light bearer) and the light you speak of comes from him and not Christ. It is a false hope, false light, and a FALSE GOSPEL. How can you be brothers with those who worship idols? How can you be union with those who reject Jesus as Lord and Savior? You can’t. Muzi, you are on the wrong road. The road you want to be on is NARROW AND NOT WIDE.

    1. Sue – How can you be so ABSOLUTELY certain of your position to the extent that you become judgemental? You need to have scales removed from your eyes through a fresh Damascus experience. You will then sing; AMAZING GRACE; I was blind now I see. There is a GLOBAL AWAKENING SWEEPING THE UNIVERSE. The CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS that you are persecuting so much is of God. Very soon U’ll know who the REAL ANTI-CHRIST IS! I pray that soon your eyes will open & you see with a new kind of seeing. YOU CAN’T SEE WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE. Wait for God’s time & you’ll see this AMAZING GRACE shocking you out of the slavery of BIBLICAL LITERALISM & FUNDAMENTALISM. You are a SLAVE to a doctrine. JOIN THE EXODUS OUT OF MAN’S DOCTRINES! LIFE IS IN CHRIST NOT IN A BOOK (John 5:39)!

  16. Dear Muzi,
    I can be absolutely certain of my position because the Word of God is true.
    You have already accepted the plan of antichrist. There is no sense debating. You have embraced the false NEW AGE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS WHICH IS A LIE FROM HELL.
    Will you accept Maitreya the “world teacher” who is also from hell?
    You are lost, Muzi.
    Turn to Jesus, not Christ consciousness and be saved. The Global awakening is indeed the devil’s doing because it goes AGAINST THE WORD OF GOD. It is a return of the tower of babel which God destroyed.
    I am happy to be called a fundamentalist. I believe in the fundamentals of the Bible. I believe HIS WORD IS TRUE.

    I Thessalonians 5:1-3 But of the time and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I write unto you. 2. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. 3. For when they shall say, “Peace and safety:” then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child: and they shall not escape.

    1. Maybe you need to do proper BIBLICAL SCHOLARSHIP; not the fundamentalists doctrine you were raised in; the one you regard as absolute truth. In proper Biblical Scholarship you’ll know that Jews waited for a Messiah to destroy the whole universe except THEM. How selfish; that you are waiting for a Messiah to destroy the whole world; EXCEPT YOU!
      I was in this kind of fundamentalism for 40 years until God gave me a Damascus experience & I began to understand that GOD IS LOVE; There is no wrath in God. A belief in a wrathful, judging, vengeful God produces wrathful, judging, vengeful people. A belief is a God of Love produces loving people. Your life has been shaped by years of false teachings. I pray that you’ll get some proper biblical scholarship and come out of the judging enslavement you are in. GOD IS LOVE! GOD IS GRACE! WATCH THIS GRACE UNFOLDS!

  17. Muzi,

    I was a staunch Roman Catholic for all of my life until the truth of the scriptures led me out of the darkness.
    Read the Bible and you will see the Lord is a just God. I suppose you don’t believe in NOAH of the bible, and how God destroyed the earth…the only one left was Noah and his family.
    You can’t take Justice out of a Just God.

      I was a staunch Fundementalists & Biblical Literalist until the truth of the scriptures led me out of the darkness.
      There is A NEW REFORMATION sweeping the universe. Our journey is always from bondage to freedom which becomes bondage & we need freedom again. Read the Jewish journey. What if what you thought to be THE LIGHT is actually darkness to GOD’S UNIVERSAL LOVE?
      Matt 6:23 – If the LIGHT you think you have is actually DARKNESS, how deep is that darkness?
      If it was not for Rick Warren I would not call myself a Christian today. He gave me hope in my faith again.
      I just hope you will get back to me to give your testimony AGAIN!


  18. The New Reformation you speak of is DOMINIONISM. I am quite aware of it Muzi.

    I am sorry you are following Rick Warren, member of the Council of Foreign relations who wants to work with Tony Blair for world religion and world government. If you continue to follow this path, you will one day accept the pope as your “holy father”, Muzi.

    When Warren eventually leads his followers into the arms of Vatican, remember my words. When Warren starts telling people to embrace other religions as truth, compromising the Word, I hope you will remember what i said.

  19. We are not SAVED by Experiences we have…
    we are Saved by Faith …
    We are told to ‘remove’ the beam from our eyes ”then we can see how to remove the specks and/or beams in others eyes”…however few ever read the rest of that verses they only like to ‘state the defensive part…YOU remove the beam from your eyes so you will not be able to judge me remarks…As for a loving God…Amen He sure is…but beware dear, He is still the Same TODAY as He was yesterday and He will be the same TOMORROW (SMILE). Rick Warren is a WOLF!…Plain and Simple ..BEWARE…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED …and you will remember what was told you. Please don’t let the LIE-PIE be your delight anymore..Repent and Believe what the Word of God says. From Genesis to Revelation. We are told “to judge” righteously…and one who is in sin hates to be told they are deceived. Those who really want the Truth will believe..those who don’t will not! Because they love their sin more than they love JESUS. Again I say…Beware of what you are rejecting on this site judge all things by The Word. When you do that, all the Rick Warrens and others LIKE AND can not deceive you..because you trust in JESUS CHRIST in what HE did, not what others tell you how to ”get experiences” all that does is ‘puff you up’!! (smile) FACT!

  20. I will say it again and again. You cannot combine the muslim and Christian faith into Chrislam. They don’t believe in the Jesus of the Bible as Christains do. The Jesus they believe in says he will kill all Christians who don’t believe in mohammad. Our former pastor said the Bible says that Satan can come as an angel of light and deceive people and that is what mohammaed saw. Not an angel but Satan and many billions have followed him into an eternity separated from God our Father.

  21. I’ve read a lot of criticisms of Warren’s approach to fostering peace and respect amongst peoples of faith, but I what I haven’t read are any other practical solutions put forth by those making the criticisms. The typical response is to call Warren a hypocrite, non-Christian, anti-Christ etc. and leaving it at that. So what should our response to Islam and other religions be? Hatred? Indifference? Should we try and force our beliefs on them because God needs US to show them their misguided beliefs? The objective is not to create one religion, it is to create an environment in which people can choose to believe as they see fit, right or wrong, without fear of violence, harm or judgement on this earth… regardless of what eternity holds. The truth of Christianity, if that is indeed where the truth lies, would be better revealed through Christians showing love towards ALL people, rather than this divisive attitude that “We’re right and they’re wrong so we can’t associate with them at all unless it is to preach our message to them.” This seems to be Warren’s message and in truth I do not see how it is inconsistent with Biblical teachings.

    1. Dear 1111GB

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Can there be peace between the devil and Jesus?

      Would Jesus have build interfaith projects with Satan?

      If the correct answer is “no”, than Rick Warren will do something that Jesus would never do.

      If we do not understand that Satan is behind Islam, we basically do not understand anything about this religion.

      As Christians we must hate Islam, but love Muslims. We must tell them the gospel, and invite them to Christian bible groups and fellowships. Not acknowledge that Islam is acceptable.

      1. Did not Jesus teach us that we are to love our neighbor as ourself. Do not the scriptures teach that we are to LOVE our enemies? How can we have influence with muslim if we are not in relationship with them? We cant. Jesus went and had dinner at the home of Matthew the tax collector BEFORE Matthew became a disciple.

  22. What is wrong with Rick Warren reaching out in friendship to other religions? Isnt it one of our responsibilities as Christians to reach out to unbelievers? Jesus Christ went to Matthew the tax collectors home to eat with him–BEFORE Matthew became a disciple. How can you have influence with people unless you are in relationship with them? You cant!! People dont care what you know till they know that you care. Hats off to Rick Warren for loving our enemies as God’s Word teaches us to do.

  23. Do you know that Muslims worship a black stone in Mecca?……Few know that…yet if The Truth of The Word of God is not wanted and believed….No amount of ‘other things’ will they want either…because it IS JESUS that this whole issue ..in fact ‘any issue’ is about…Sad but true..

  24. Chris, Sweetheart, If you took as much time ‘defending’ The Lord Jesus Christ who paid the price for YOUR (everyone’s) sins, as you do defending ‘the demonic spirit’ that rules Rick Warren, and even has “you so easily blinded”..your plight in these days upon us would be far better..My heart goes out for you, NOT to Rick Warren ….he’s already enjoyed your money…but “TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST” …to open your eyes (spiritual eyes) that you may see and not be blinded by this deceiving spirit. Paul warned us people like Rick Warren and many others like him…Please I beseech you in The Name of Jesus of Nazareth turn and receive your sight before it is too late. People who defend evil ‘weigh (SINS WEIGH US DOWN)…too much to skate on that thin ice’…Think about this if you will …Jesus said…”The World loves their own” This man, and several with him, are much loved in this Wicked World!! From all evil, wicked, perverse, godless religions..who now has been joined all in one Flesh-Pot…CHRISLAM,. (Christ is removed and ISLAM is inserted),,,a mixer of the vile with the Holy. in case you don’t know Jesus is the ‘Holy part in that equation not Islam, not Rick Warren..of which ‘the one you are so quick to defend.. Rick Warren ..is a leader in that Blasphemy….That’s your ‘answer to your foolish question…

  25. Chris Westerman …I believe you are a PLANT…if you were truly seeking ‘Why’… on this subject you would have not had to go thru ‘everyone’ who mentions Rick Warrens Treason to the Kingdom and Family of God!! …Fact…(smile),..yet I will still pray for you ..Lord knows you flat need it…not only doing the work of the one who sent you but ‘using The Children of God ..testing them’..like the ‘spirits did Jesus of Old…(smile) ,…Well I don’t believe any person who has talked to you on this subject was not is not and never will ‘bend’ to deception..or defend evil….by you or anyone ! (smile) ..

  26. Most churches in the US and around the world are false now, it’s not just Rick Warren. And yes, this video that you see is the new One World Religion emerging. The falling away isn’t upon us, it has been here for some time now. It is the churches of Jesus Christ that fell away over the last 2,000 years. And yes, they have gotten so bad that it can end up in the mess that you see on this video.

    Hey, Rick Warren is involved with Tony Blair and this global thing happening right now. That should tell you a lot!

    If it talks like a false christian, it’s a false christian! The bible says you will know them by their fruit. The bible says don’t let anyone decieve you by any means that many will come in the name of Christ and decieve many. It is the time of the great delusion now and few will come out of that delusion. The real remenant will escape the delusion.


  27. My goodness! Please let’s research opinions before posting comments…

    A few facts are in order:

    1. Islam is a political system with a religious component. It has little comparison with Christianity, and is better compared with political systems, e.g. Marxism, Socialism, etc.

    Islam does not teach integration. It teaches separation and domination.

    Its teachings and documents are particularly negative towards Jews, Christians and to other non-Muslim groups.

    Its goal is to live by and install its laws in the land.

    2. Christianity is a Jewish sect. It was originally called “The Way” (see Acts). Therefore it is rooted in the Old Testament. The Old and New Testament are inexorably tied together.

    Christianity believes Salvation from eternal hell is by faith in Jesus Christ (John 3:16). It believes Jesus is Divine (God), was born of a virgin, lived without sin, died for the sins of all mankind, rose physically from the dead, was physically taken to Heaven where He resides today, He then sent the Holy Spirit to indwell us and help us live good lives, and will return physically to earth to set things right and to rule forever. All clearly foretold. All fulfilled, or will be. All according to Scripture.

    3. Jesus, our Dear Lord and Messiah, was (and is) a Jew.

    4. A common thread of Judahism and Christianity is Faith, the belief in the Creator God, and the promise of the Messiah.

    5. The Christian church has not replaced Israel in the Bible. That is called Replacement Theology. To be correct, it must ignore scripture and intentionally misinterpret other scripture. Replacement Theology is incorrect.

    6. Christians should support Israel, Jerusalem and the Jews.

    7. As far as Rick Warren working closely with Muslims, perhaps he should consider if he would would work closely with other political entities like Marxists, Nazis, Socialists, anarchists or strongly support the Social Justice agenda …

    Why? Because political entities are corrosive to Christianity at best and dangerous at worst. Bad company does corrupt good morals.

    8. Rick Warren seems to be a good guy but the future and its fruits will tell the truth of the matter…

    1. 8. Rick Warren seems to be a good guy but the future and its fruits will tell the truth of the matter…’the seem to be” is the very thing that has many Christians believing, and defending Rick Warren before they obey The Word of God! A Lying deceiving spirit.

      1. Oh also…The Word of God reveals the truth of the matter now and will continue to do so, and all who choose to believe The Word, will not be deceived by this ”seem to be good guy Rick Warren”…who is a deceiver..the damage he has done in so many Church’s, no denomination has been a hindrance to his lies but rather embrace them. Just like so many other ‘books’…about a variety of The Word of God..people carry those authors books around like they are Gold..but do not carry The Word of God to these Bible Studies. How so very sad…and dangerous!

  28. Several of the above comments are completely incorrect, based on believing 2nd hand false rumors instead of finding out the facts before speaking up. “Only a fool believes all he hears” Proverbs 14:15

    The so-called “Chrislam” rumor is 100% false. If the guy who started this libelous myth, or anyone else who passed it on, had obeyed our Lord’s command (Matt. 18:18-20) to come directly to me, and then asked what I actually believed – they would have been embarrassed to learn that I believe the exact opposite. As a 4th generation Christian pastor, my life & ministry is built on the truth that Jesus is the only way, and our inerrant Bible is our only true authority.

    As an evangelist, I spend much of my time speaking to non-Christian groups. You cannot win your enemies to Christ; only your friends, so we must build bridges of friendship and love to those who believe differently so Jesus can walk across that bridge into their hearts. Besides, it is not a sin, but rather COMMANDED by Jesus that we love our enemies. In the past 10 years, Saddleback Church has baptized over 22,000 new adult believers – simply because we express love to those who don’t know Christ yet.

    It is nonsense to believe that you must compromise your beliefs, or water down your convictions in order to love someone, or even just treat them with dignity.

    Jesus was called “the friend of sinners” by the legalistic Pharisees because he hung out with (and clearly loved) unbelievers. I HOPE YOU will 1) Always believe that EVERYONE needs Jesus as their Lord & Savior. 2) Have the courage to associate with nonbelievers in order to love them and bring them to the Savior. 3) Consider being called “a friend of sinners” a Christ-like compliment. 4) Refuse to pass on rumors until you’ve checked for the truth with the person accused. The false statements above should be removed.

    God bless you.
    Rick Warren

    1. Dear Mike Grill


      You posted under the name of Rick Warren. Can you please identify your self?

      Are you one of the staff members of Saddelback Church? What is your relationship with Warren?

      If Rick Warren have told you to represent him in a debate about Christlam on News That Matters, I am honored.

      But I do not want to communicate with a hoax.

  29. I understand your view on this Mike or Rick? Ivar, there are many ways to witness to others, and we should use every way possible to do so. As to warning others of deceptive Christians, I think you ought to be joyful, for each lost soul, brought, into the Kingdom! Jesus said, that when we confess Christ, we are counted as one of His!
    There seems to be a lot of Christians screaming deception, deception!, and this is dividing the body of Christ, which is counter productive, to what Jesus taught. We should rather work out our own salvation, with fear and trembling.

    1. Dear Mel.


      You wrote:

      We should rather work out our own salvation, with fear and trembling.

      My reply:

      We are bad shepherd’s if we ignore Matthew 24:4-5

      Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many.

      For a pastor,”you” must be read in plural. If He permits false teachers or false prophets into the flock, the whole flock might be lead into deception. If you are truly obeying Jesus, everything you do and say will stand for scrutiny. So why be afraid of people, who have the gift of discernment?

      1 John 4:1
      Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

      Ignoring the instruction to TEST, is obviously wrong. A lot of religious people, including the Pope claim to be lead by the Holy Spirit. Those who accept Him as a Christian leader, is already a part of a massive deception. They have jumped the Reformation, and knows nothing.

  30. I am a born again Christian. I love good ministeries BUT I will not put
    my faith in men. I know theres only one way to Heaven, otherwise
    Jesus would have died for no reason. If a minister has something
    to say that I question, I have my lesson book( The B-I-B-L-E ).
    I’ll trust in God and have no doubt that He is the One God and the only one.

  31. Great website, but why do you have Obama ads on it? That is confusing to say the least, and hurts your credibility as discerning falsehood. Not criticizing, just saying

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