In the West it is called the “Arab spring”. In the Muslim World its called the second “Islamic revolution”, supported by G8.

The men in blue protect each other. UN chief Ban-ki Moon and Arab League General Secretary Arm Moussa, and Egypt's Prime Minister Essam Sharaf at G8.

Leaders of the Group of Eight rich nations on Friday said international development banks will give USD 20 billion to Egypt and Tunisia to support pro-democratic reforms.

President Barack Obama and other G8 leaders meeting in France on Friday said in a final statement that their countries will also “mobilise substantial bilateral support to scale-up this effort”.

The statement did not provide breakdowns of what aid each G8 country would provide.

The leaders encouraged other countries, including rich Arab world nations, to contribute as well to shoring up economies in Egypt and Tunisia, where uprisings this year overthrew dictators but also scared away tourists and investors.

It is unclear what the money would go for, or whether the figure includes money already promised for the region.

“They said their main problem was the economy. They need some support,” European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso told reporters on Friday after meeting the Egyptian and Tunisian leaders. “I think they are ready. Let’s do everything to support the Arab Spring. I think they can succeed.”

The International Monetary Fund told the G8 leaders it is ready to loan up to USD 35 billion to oil-importing countries in the Middle East and North Africa, to help the region meet goals on growth, stability, job creation and improving living standards. The IMF says that Tunisia, Egypt and other non-oil producing countries in the region could need more than $160 billion overall in external financing through 2013.

Source: Indian newspaper “The Hindu”.

My comment:

The G8 has started the formation of what will eventually become the One World Government.

Even the BCC acknowledge that G8 is the elites VIP forum, where the Global elite protects their own interest.

Lust take a look:

For the conspiracy theorists, the e-G8 is the technological equivalent of the Bilderberg group – with the secret leaders of the world, including governments and big business, conspiring to protect and promote their own interests.

And their argument is not entirely baseless.

Kicking off the event, French President Nicolas Sarkozy spoke at length about the importance of protecting copyright and putting rules in place to guard against online criminality.

His suggestion that governments around the world were now subservient to a rolling information revolution, was tempered by the assertion that someone also needs to call the shots in the ongoing skirmish.

Source: The BBC.

In May G8 invited the Arab League into its closed forums. This is another example of the One World religion emerging.

Islam must build “interfaith projects” with the Christian World, and all World leaders seems to agree that there is no absolute truths anymore.
Relativism is the new melody, and soon their “Messiah” will come and rule over them.

  Daniel 11:36
[ The King Who Exalts Himself ] “The king will do as he pleases. He will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will say unheard-of things against the God of gods. He will be successful until the time of wrath is completed, for what has been determined must take place.

This global “king” will the last and final anti-Messiah, who will replace Jesus of Nazareth as the truth, way and life. Only those who obey Jesus shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The rest will spend eternity in Hell.

Its time to expose Global elite “Think tanks” like the Bilderberg group. The World leaders have formed their closed forums, where the media and their voters are not invited.

Written by Ivar