Albert Einstein warned about “extinction of human society”

“If honey bees become extinct, human society will follow in four years.” Albert Einstein.

He was speaking about the symbiotic relationship of all life on the planet “all part of a huge interconnected ecosystem, each element playing a role dependent on many other elements, working in concert as a symphony. Should any part of the global body suffer, the whole body suffers.

Many people would be surprised to know that ninety percent of the feral (wild) bee population in the United States has died out. Recent studies in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have shown that bee diversity is down eighty percent in the sites researched, and that bee species are declining or have become extinct in Britain. ”

The studies also revealed that the numbers of wildflowers that depend on pollination have dropped by seventy percent. Which came first, the decline in wildflowers or the decline in pollinators, has yet to be determined. If bees continue to die off so will the crops they support and that would cause major economic disruption and possibly famine. But we are more focused on oil because its immediate profits are staggering. Indeed so obsessed are we with oil that the press isn`t even inquiring into the possibility of disguising price gouging behind a scarcity scare.

How much time and space have the media devoted to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill?

Compare that to how much time and space they have devoted to the worldwide collapse of honey bee communities. They treat the story as they might a feature about archaeology when in fact it is a life-and-death matter.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster offers up a villain, BP. It`s about the appearance of something, in this case oil, not the disappearance of something. We pay bills for oil, but our deeper dependence on honey bees is not as apparent.

The gulf spill threatens widespread unemployment, the destruction of fisheries and wetlands, and other disasters. But the loss of the honey bee threatens worldwide famine. Which is the bigger story? How to account for this disconnect? Beekeepers pay the press no advertising money, but oil companies do. Money shapes the news. This in itself is a much bigger story than the breaking news, but don`t expect the press to cover it, and do expect the press to cover it up.

BP is responsible for the gulf catastrophe, but the cultures of all the developed countries of the world are responsible for the collapse of honey bee communities.

Source: The OSP

My Comment:

Albert Einstein appears to have been right, but Jesus Christ foretold this long ago. 90% of the feral wild bees have died out, and it isn’t surprising- that is if you’re a Christian and Believer of Jesus Christ. Famine is one of the signs Christ give us as a symbol of his return.

Luke 21:11

There will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences. And there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.

Now is the time to seek Christ even more, for Our God has said when these things begin to happen, redemption draws near.

Luke 21:28

“But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

Written by: Gloria

22 thoughts on “Albert Einstein warned about “extinction of human society”

  1. This is really interesting. It is hard to believe that the absence of bees could cause serious problems down the road. By the way, good blog!

    1. Hendrixfan 181,

      I was reading further into it. Bees are essential and play a huge part to our food supply.

      This I believe is in connection with Christ said about famine in the end days.

      God Bless,


      1. Dear Gloria


        The human race needs food. If they have non, the Human race with be gone within 70 days. Food is now so costly that billions of people find it difficult to survive. Tens of millions of people are starving to death every year, while claim to be Christians watch non sense on TV.

        The Human race needs to regenerate it self. If not, we would be in the last generation. The quality of sperms from men is now so low, that it worries scientists. The basic problem is man made, Satanic inspired pollution.

        The pollution in not only in the body. It is in the mind. Billions of People fill their mind with garbage every day.

      2. Hi Gloria.

        The bee problem is a very serious problem. Farmers are now paying to ship in colonies of bees to pollinate their crops. Some thing GMO seed/ foods are killing the bees…but no one knows for sure.

      3. I agree with you both Ivar and Sue.

        It breaks my heart that this world can do something for those people that are starving and have no food, but decide to spend money elsewhere.

        The bee problem is serious. I don’t think people realize how much we depended on bees.

        God Bless,


  2. People also eat garbage food with chemicals and GMO food which scientists have spliced insects/ animal genes into the food and the body cannot metabolize it properly.

  3. Everything is happening because it Jesus and the prophets said it would. Since 2011 we have had some very crazy weather, quakes and other natural things pop up that I believe will intensify over every 30 days.

    We may not know the day or hour but we’ll definitely know the season. I believe the birth pangs are past and we have moved in to transition. Birth is imminent! Come Lord Jesus!

  4. Bees have been stinging us for years! Ruining picnics! Forcing us to wear shoes when skipping through flower patches!
    Now the first time bees hit a rough patch they want to call a truce?
    I say, no! We’ve got ’em on the ropes, let’s keep on punching!

    1. In response to The Good Greatsy. You will still be stung but by Africianized killer bees. Their sting is lethal. I would rather be stung by a honey bee anyday. As for your picnic, most probably those were yellow jacket hornets not bees. Maybe you won’t have to worry about picnics when there is no food? What a very sad response you gave.

  5. There is likely a greater problem with the demise of the bee population world-wide than meets the eye. Several factors likely are at fault from viruses, to GMO crops, to weather changes, to bad agricultural practices, and apparently there is not much any of us can, or are even willing, do about it!
    As consumers, we need to do our best to avoid GMO foods. The problem here is that not all seed producers, processers, or even growers, have to reveal whether their products have been genetically altered. It is even a problem for back-yard growers who are trying to augment their food budgets with organic veggie gardens, because we have no way of knowing if the seeds we plant, or the nursery plants have been altered. This problem may not only stem from food plant sources either! If we plant newer varieties of flowers, trees or shrubs that have been altered, we may be adding to the problem.

    1. But Jesus Christ is in control…always in control for these things he said must take place, prior to his coming.

      Matthew 24

      6You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. 7Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8All these are the beginning of birth pains.

  6. Glory BEE with Luke 21 stating by our Lord Jesus “famines ‘ as has been alluded by the responses can be coupled with “Seas Roaring” in this same passage. Well, I am Looking Up for I believe My Reeemer draweth nearer!!

  7. My theory on the Messiah is that he will turn thirty yrs old fairly soon. That means matrix code manipulation. Rearranging galaxies far far away an such. Yes the time is near…right?

    1. I don’t even know what to say to that.

      Your theory is wrong.

      Stick to the Word of God which is the truth. Jesus Christ doesn’t have to turn to “any age.”

  8. Interesante lectura,

    Me parece muy acertado el análisis, en concreto, hay que prestar mucha atención a la extinción de estás especies. Me encantan las frases de Albert Einstein, son muy especiales.
    Por otro lado, me gustó el blog, he de visitarlo más a menudo. Siempre concatenando la información provista con la realidad.

    Love, Rony.

  9. Hello,

    Albert Einstein did not say that famous quote, it was Albert N Stein an American beekeeper.

    I have found the answer and solution to help honeybees deal with the parasitic mite varroa and stop honeybees dying using a bio-dynamic natural phenomenon, without using chemicals or man-made product. It is a world exclusive! This makes all my queens/bees, regardless of specie, varroa resistant.

    During my research I have found Chemical companies, in the UK, have a stranglehold on beekeeping associations and honeybee science. So if a natural answer was found, like mine, it would never or could not be accepted.

    It is controversial, political and topical but very important for mankind. What I have found allows honeybees to deal with varroa naturally, so I have very few mites or none at all.
    Is that impossible? Not at all, you just have to go back to beyond mankind, before we tried to domesticate honeybees and watch what they do, the logic is easy, and then common sense prevails.

    I have kept honeybees for 30 years, up to 300 colonies, always looking outside the box always questioning, why? Please remember I am not a scientist, just a passionate beekeeper. All this has been done by observation, experimentation and research hence why it has taken so long.

    20 years ago when the parasitic mite Varroa hit our shores we, beekeepers, were told to use chemicals by Bayer, the same company that part funds the BBKA. (British Beekeepers Association). At the beginning, for 2 years, I treated with these chemicals but each year I lost 30% of my queens, not the workers, just the queens, queen cells were made but as this was out of season, there were few or no drones for mating, so it could not be supercedure.

    I complained to the BBKA and to Bayer, naturally I was told to go away as no-one else had complained, and prove it…….How could an individual do that?????

    Most hobby beekeepers only keep less than 10 hives so if they lost one or two, then that was acceptable, at that time I was running over a hundred so 30% was a huge loss. Immediately I stopped all treatment of chemicals and sugar, much to the disgust of fellow beekeepers, hoping that one day I would find a natural answer. After 20 years of individual heartache and research I have found that answer which is a world exclusive.

    It is unfortunate that when I approach companies like the BBC, ITV or large organisation supporting honeybees (W I or Co-op) they refer to the BBKA, for advice, who are biased due to chemical funding, for some sort of ratification that I am bone-fide.
    You must realise the BBKA, IBRA or DEFRA have their own financial agenda so are unwilling to be associated with me or my book, as a natural answer is allegedly NOT a top priority or acceptable to them, due to chemical infiltration of funding.

    I hope I am making myself clear. I am a single beekeeper up against the might of the hierarchy of beekeeping and a chemical giant that has too much influence.

    My book was the only way I could be heard, that is now selling around the world,
    “An HOLISTIC Way in Saving the Honeybee”.
    Available through Northern Bee Books or Amazon.

    I hope you can now see how difficult it is to tell mainstream public that an answer is available without using chemicals.
    When the rest of the beekeeping world catches up with my hypothesis, I may well be 6 foot under, but my hypothesis will become normal practice in 20 or 30 years time, if not before..
    I do not mean to be a threat to anyone; pioneers happen unexpectedly, I am just a passionate beekeeper that has found the answer to save honeybees worldwide.
    If I can help you in any way in saving your bees, by reducing varroa, increase your honey crop or if you would like my help to assist in any way, do not hesitate in contacting me.
    My quest will never finish. All I want to do is help the honeybee and ask you to help me spread the word.
    If you would like more free information, an updated summary of my book for publication on websites, newsletters or for TV or Radio production, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards

    John Harding
    The Clavies
    38A Hungary Hill
    West Midlands
    England, UK
    07974121472 or 01384 423557
    Copy write 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

  10. Recent 3 part BBC2 programme ‘Bees, Butterflies and Blooms’ outlines how we can ALL plant pollen & nectar rich plants – pots, small gardens, open ground (ask your council to help?), farmers in their field margins (economic as insects can act as natural pesticides). we have lost 98% of our wild-flower rich habitat.In last 6 years 2 bee species gone extinct and 7 now rare/endangered – research per RSPB reserve at Dungeness in UK.
    Plants suggested (part 1)
    corn poppies, corn cockle, marigolds, speedwell, ground ivy (my comment-watch out as ivy highly invasive, but hence good ground cover), wood avons (spelling?), field buttercup, woundwort, katy’s spurge (again spelling as they only said the names, didn’t write them on screen),white clover (very good vg for bees),
    At a farm called ‘Sticky Wicket’ in Dorset, Pam Lewis has been growing seeds of local provenance for 25 years. I don’t know if she sells/supplies as I’ve yet to investigate this – she grows: dyers greenweed (forms a carpet), YELLOW RATTLE (parasitic to grass so eventually undermines grass roots as tales over opn a wild patch), betany, devil’s foot scabious, knapweed. She saves seed from earkly to late flowering plants to get a longer flowering period. She was advised to scrape away the good topsoil of her fertile heavy clay soil and sow/plant on less nutritious subsoil. These are all TOP CLASS nectar plants. Wild carrot very good for soldier beetles (but not bees & butterflies)..
    Wild orchid.
    Rough hawkbit ?
    ox-eye daisy
    bishops weed
    peas & legumes
    RSPB Dungeness grow a lot of red clover, bird’s foot trefoil, vetch & vetchlings to give an IDEAL habitat for BUMBLE BEES.
    If you collect seed locally ONLY TAKE A LITTLE it will go a long way & sow in autumn – initially in trays if weed competition, then plant out. Can take 2 years to get flowers as roots establish in year 1.

    Estimated 84% of crops grown in Europe depend on insects for pollination – especially bees.
    In UK over last 50 years:
    67% of moths species have declined by 50% (some of these only get food from white nettle, so don’t dig them all up from your garden, or have some in pots!-get a little book on moths & butterflies)
    25 hover fly species have declined.
    3 bumble bee species gone extinct.

    As a famous Joni Mitchell song (‘Big Yellow Taxi’ for the under 50s!)said ‘You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone’.
    Hope this info is of help.
    Spread the word, but also SPREAD SOME WILDFLOWER SEEDS!!!
    It’s sunny, so am back out for some unseasonally early gardening.

  11. A pocket of water some 2.6 billion years old — the most ancient pocket of water known by far, older even than the dawn of multicellular life — has now been discovered in a mine 2 miles below the Earth’s surface.

    The finding, announced in the May 16 issue of the journal Nature, raises the tantalizing possibility that ancient life might be found deep underground not only within Earth, but in similar oases that may exist on Mars, the scientists who studied the water said.

    The scientists discovered the fluids were trapped in the rocks between 1.5 billion and 2.64 billion years ago.

    “It was absolutely mind-blowing,” Sherwood Lollar said. “These weren’t tens of millions of years old like we might have expected, or even hundreds of millions of years old. They were billions of years old.”

    By: Charles Q. Choi, OurAmazingPlanet Contributor
    Published: 05/15/2013 01:06 PM EDT on LiveScience

    God has nothing to do with anything.. Every culture, every religion all have a son born of a virgin mother on Dec 25th, w 3 wise men coming from afar to visit and bare gifts.. Religion is a way to control the masses.. Wake up… Anybody can tie anything to anything bottom line is the earth quakes, the severe weather, all of that is due to the climate crisis.. Where is god now to save the world from this? Where is god when innocent Syrian women and children are murdered and raped or how about your sister or brother? Why has god failed to heed the prayers of millions? What have they all done to be forsaken?

    I do believe we all hv a place to go and that we are here for a purpose.. but to continue to believe in traditional religious propaganda and a book of stories made up by man who has changed and re changed things to make them look better is just insanity..

    The bees dying are not a “sign” from god its a sign that we need to stop using hazardous chemicals and stop operating under such a selfish illusion that nothing is gonna happen and what we are doing to the earth won’t negatively impact our kids.. Instead of sitting on your asses praying to god to save you how about do something to help save the earth for your kids.

    SO when they ask you what you did to help save the world you hv something better to say then I prayed to a white man in the sky whom I believe judges us and only loves us if we follow his ridiculous rules and only loves us if we live his version of a perfect life.. I mean how can you sit there and believe that crap.. I can not understand why anyone would believe in half of what is spouted in churches.. First educate yourself… How many ppl have died in the name of God, how many innocent lives have been lost in the name of god, How many innocent babes have been defiled in the name of god.. With a god like this it seems he is more out to harm then heal/help/protect..

    Its a proven fact statistically that human have to believe in an after life/ god/ heaven.. Its what makes it all worth while in everyone’s eyes.. What if its not about living your life so perfect to get into the pearly gates of heaven paved w streets of gold in paradise but more about how what you do in this life makes you a better person and carries you on into the next life to keep preparing ourselves for the next journey.. Karma

    1. So you think you can really trust what THEY say? THEY who have nothing to stand on; evolution in theory; NO Hypothesis capability as Science Demands! So whatever proof you want to claim is no proof.. As No Man can Observe Creation in the Making. But while the bible gives evidence in prophecy as Jesus says, “If they will not believe Moses or the Prophets, they will not believe one risen from the dead” The Messianic Prophecy of King David in Psalm 22 is biblical proof – for long before the Persians invented Crucifixion; piercing of hands and feet, later adopted by the Romans, amazingly God speaks ahead of time using David! For a plaque from the House of David was found. And as the Israelites claim He is their forefather. Likewise, Jesus said Moses spoke of Him. And furthermore christians ought to agree, Six Creation Days God Gave His Command in Commemoration Exodus 20 regards the Sabbath … Six Days you shall labour and do all your work…. For in Six Days God Created the Heavens and the Earth and on the Seventh Day He Rested. AMEN! Thus based on biblical teaching in which the bible claims itself “all scripture is profitable for teaching and correction” The Earth is Not more than thousands of yrs old – we can use the lineage of Jesus who fell in the line of David …. to predict how old mankind truly is!

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