US Archive report details Nazi-Muslim connections

The Nazi government in Berlin paid “a fortune” to grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, for his help against the British.

They are in agreement. Palestine belongs to Islam, and East Jerusalem must come under renewed Islamic occupation.

A report published Friday by the US National Archives reveals that during the Second World War, the Nazi government in Berlin pad “a fortune” to grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, for his help against the British who at that time had jurisdiction over much of the Middle East.

To sons of Hell shakes hand. The Islamic Head in Jerusalem, and a SS Nazi General.
New US Documents brand Hitler as the main sponsor of an Islamic "Palestine", raising funds of the mufti.
Any Jews in sight? Both Islam and the Nazis worked for a Jew-free zone in the Middle East.

Husseini also helped recruit Yugoslavian Muslims into the Waffen SS and promised to help round up the Jews of British Mandate Palestine during a threatened German invasion of the territory which was only barely avoided by the British defeat of Rommell’s Afrika Korps at El Alemein in Egypt.

The report also details how, after the war, Husseini and many other escaped Nazis joined anti-Jewish militia armies in Syria and Lebanon who continued Hitler’s insane vendetta against the Jews.


My comment:

The US Administration copies Nazi-Germany.

While Hitler funded the Islamic militia of Haj Amin al-Husseini, the US funds the Islamic militia of al-Fatha.

American tax payers money are also funding 77.000 workers in Gaza, who all are Hamas supporters.

Both the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Abu Mazen has the same goal in mind, A “Palestine” free from Jews.

That is a vision that Hitler shared, and who former President Richard Nixon. They would not mind is the Jews were gassed in Russia, Poland or in Ramallah. A Jew-free zone on the Mountain of Zion, is what the devil always has desired.  Do not end up in the same hot eternal place as him.

Israel is a light that shines among the sons of darkness in the Middle East. Wicked followers of Islam and mockers who do not believe in the Word of God, will all line up against her and be destroyed by the returning Messiah.

Mind my words. This is the truth.

2 thoughts on “US Archive report details Nazi-Muslim connections

  1. Does not suprise me in the least, well done Ivar keep up the good work.
    How that Dragon must hate his works being exposed!!

    Ivar- How about exposing the pagan origins of Christ (mass), for that is a Roman Catholic Lie that many ‘christians’ follow yet do not look into the connotations of this?
    Shalom Brother

    1. Dear Rob.


      As I have written some days back.

      For me its Christmas every day.

      I do also enjoy celebrating Hannuka with my Jewish friends. Last year we had a Purim show in our fellowship, with a young Christian girl playing Queen Easter.

      If you ask an average Christians about “Purim”, He will have no clue. I always tell them: – Since Jesus celebrated Purim, why do you have no idea about this festival?

      Many Pastors are disconnected. They teach only one third of the Bible in their congregations.

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