Knesset seal East Jerusalem as part of Jewish state

Ehud Barack will no longer be capable of giving East Jerusalem to Islam.

Leftist politcian Ehud Barack wish he could give away East Jerusalem to please Hillary Clinton and Islam.

The Conservative majority in the Israel Parliament Knesset passed the National Referendum Law during a late-night session Monday. The majority vote will fundamentally alter Israeli negotiators’ ability to offer concrete peace deals involving the Golan Heights or East Jerusalem.

The law, which was approved by a vote of 65-33, will require either a Knesset super-majority or a national referendum in order to hand over any annexed territories as part of a future peace deal.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

In principle, the Knesset has made it impossible for it self and any Israeli Government, to give away East Jerusalem, without a clear Majority popular support. A “peace deal” without a majority referendum in Israel will now become illegal, and can be stopped by the Israeli Supreme Court.

But this vote will surely increase the International pressure on Israel. To make such a law null and void, the enemies of Israel will complain to the International Law tribunal in the Haage.

And if the International tribunal makes this Israeli law null and void, the next to be tried is the very legal foundation of the Jewish statehood.

I do support this law, and will defend it to the bitter end. But I wish that the Government of Israel also had included Judea and Samaria.

The problem is that the Government of Israel, based on the Oslo-deception process, has already given away 60 per cent of the Biblical heartland to Islamic terrorist. That was a major mistake, that is almost impossible to revoke.

The Jewish state will have to continue to fight for its very survival.

Another problem, is that 70 per cent of the Jewish Israelis are secular Jews. And 20 per cent of the total population are Muslims.  The Government of Israel can be forced to accept a peace deal, after a majority referendum based on faithlessness. When God of the Bible is no longer considered the protector of Israel, the state will eventually be tapped.

The Jews gathered in Sinai could easily have voted Moses out of power by a popular vote, and returned to slavery in Egypt. But God took care of the rebellion, by showing who has the ultimate Power, and who is fully in control.

Something we all need to reflect on.

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