Barbara Bush:” My son was the first Jewish President of America”

When George W. Bush was ready to give East Jerusalem back to Islam, Barbara Bush called son, “first Jewish president.”

The Bush family are in union with the King of Saudi Arabia, and support the Islamic "peace plan".

Georg W. Bush and Ehud Olmert was ready to sell their souls to the enemies of the state of Israel.

Bush backed a “peace plan” approved by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

That agreement was to include handing over the “vast majority” of the West Bank to the Palestinians, building a tunnel to connect it to the Gaza Strip, allowing a “limited number” of Palestinian refugees into Israel, establishing Jerusalem as a joint capital and entrusting control of the holy sites to “a panel of nonpolitical elders.”

George W. Bush accept an Islamic Medal of honor of the King of Saudi Arabia on January 14th 2008.
The former President of the US bows before the Islamic King of Saudi Arabia.

Obama put the same Islamic Order around his neck in 2009.

At one point his mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, even referred to him as the first “Jewish president” after his landmark speech in 2002 calling for a democratic Palestinian state run by a new leadership, i.e. not by then-president Yasser Arafat.

“Shortly after the speech, Mother called,” Bush relates. “‘How’s the first Jewish president doing?’ she asked. I had a funny feeling she disagreed with my policy. That meant Dad [former president George H.W. Bush] probably did as well.” Even so, Bush “laughed off the wisecrack,” though he knew he was in for criticism for taking a position his vice president, secretary of defense and secretary of state opposed.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It is a complete disgrace that Barbara Bush called her son “The first Jewish president”.

First of all: George W. Bush is a cowboy from Texas, and have probably never celebrated a Sabbath. Neither does he know the difference between the Torah and the Tanakh.

In regards to supporting Islam, George W. Bush did a “great job”. Like Obama, He was crowned by the King of Saudi Arabia. He was also ready to give the Biblical heartland of Israel back to the Islamic forces.

There is nothing Jewish about George W. Bush. He is as Jewish as Barack Obama is Chinese.

8 thoughts on “Barbara Bush:” My son was the first Jewish President of America”

  1. Good Evening brother Ivar,

    I read somewhere that G.W. Bush said that he wanted Pope John Paul 2 to be the chaplin of the new world order.
    Oops, my bad, it was Bush senior:

    Will the successor accept the proposal to become the “chaplain of the new world order” that, reportedly, Bush senior made unsuccessfully to the Pope during the first Gulf war? Or will he draw — from the root of Christianity and the experience of the Church — the language and the strategy to evoke the resistance of the quasi totality of the peoples of the world to the new US led empire?

    1. Dear Sue.

      The White House is an Office that will submit to the anti-Christ in Rome.

      Prior to the Bushes, Ronald Reagan was the President who recognized the Vatican statehood, and sent the first American Ambassador to hail the Pontiff. Jimmy carter is another strange President. He has joined the Hamas, and would like to see the state of Israel change into a statehood with a Muslim majority.

  2. You can’t beat this purchase for your Kindle. I highly recommend it if you want to read the Old Testament as interpreted for the Jewish religion. This Kindle book is great, it has all the great books of the old testament. I can see this book being a comfort to me wherever I may go. I can highlight and bookmark parts of the bible that I like and refer back to them at a…

  3. The Bush family has so much blood on their hands, and the falling away is here and they all believe a lie..the soon return of Yeshua , they will trimble . if only they would read and believe the word..and quit listening to the fake churches who intertain the goats and starve the sheepe..

  4. Hi I would like to know bottom line:

    Was Bush’s great grand mother a Jew yes or no?????

    In the Bible is says that that if your mother, grand mother, great grand mother was a Jew you will allways be a Jew and it doesn’t matter if you practice jewdisem (the reason from this is because God allways wants you to.have a way back and be good) it goes trough the female not trough the male so if youre a jewish male and Maried a.non-Jewish female your kids won’t be Jews bbut they could convert themselves to jewdisum…. whatever if you have any qwestions you could email me at

    And sorry for all the misspelled….

  5. If his mother said he is Jewish how do you, I or anyone else challenge that ? Doesn’t his mother know better?

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