Hague back “non-violent” struggle to end Zionism

William Hague would like to see a Jew-free zone on the Mountains in Israel ruled by Islam. ‬‬

Chamberlain went to Munich to hail Hitler. William Hague hail Salam Fayyad in Ramallah.

The British Foreign Minister hail William Hague “non violent struggle” to end Zionism in the districts of Judea, Samaria and in East Jerusalem.

The British FM visited the Arab Palestinian leaders, and promised to continue to support the popular struggle against Jewish settlements and the “West Bank security fence”.

Hague meets with Palestinian activists, calls jailed leaders ‘human rights defenders.’ Also meets Peres, Lieberman, reiterates Britain’s role in future Mideast developments‬‬

British Foreign Minister William Hague on Wednesday met with the Palestinian prime minister and Israeli foreign minister, but his visit with Palestinian activists made the most headlines.

“Hague told us that he supports the non-violent popular struggle, similarly to the official statement made by the European Union,” Mahmud Zuhari, one of the activists, told Ynet.

Source: Ynetnews.com

My comment:

Did the British army support “non violent” liberation of Iraq from the clutches of Saddam Hussein?

William Hague is a coward, and a clown. If He really feel Israel is an evil occupier of Islamic land, He should say so and act.

May be London should send the British army to liberate Jerusalem from “Zionist occupation”?

This is not a joke. because that is exactly that NATO and Russia will do, if the Jewish people do not do as William Hague. And that is to bow down before all the lies presented by the soldiers of ‘allah“.

The Bible is crystal clear. All nations will end up in the Global army that will go against Israel. They are all doomed.

3 thoughts on “Hague back “non-violent” struggle to end Zionism

  1. It is very sad that the country were I live panders to such violence and deciept. The scriptures foretell this but still my heart saddens that I live in such a country, succesive governments in the UK have mostly sold themselves to the Muslim vote in this country, they are in my opinion prostitutes that sell there hearts for a vote to be elected.
    I would gladly burn my British passport, and renounce this country if I had another country to go to. My great Grandfather was Jewish and in Liverpool and Northwest UK there were strong Jewish communities in the early 1900’s, now sadly there is hardly a remnant let alone a vioce to lobby the government. I only wish Israel would allow us who love her to live in Israel. For I would gladly stand up for her against this appalling deception and violence. Shame on you UK
    God Blees all who love and support her.
    Shalom Alecheim.

    1. Dear Rob.

      Shalom, and thanks for this comment.

      You wrote:

      I would gladly burn my British passport, and renounce this country if I had another country to go to.

      My reply:

      In Jesus, you do get a citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven. The passport you get in His blood, is the only ID-paper that really matters.

      1. Amen Brother, amen.
        Praise Our Lord Yeshua Ha Hashaic, I am so grateful he ha ssaved us from our sin and given us as you say a citizenship in heaven. I will look forward to meeting you when we are all gathered to be with him. Let us hold are heads up, have iron for our back backbones and love in out hearts in these difficult days.
        Bless the family of Our Lord and Saviuor.
        Yeshua ha Mashiac.
        Shalom Alechiem Brother

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