Benny Hinn: “Separated Holy Spirit saves souls on Earth”

The American TV-evangelist Benny Hinn walks in a spirit that is separated from God the Father.

Benny Hinn teaches that the Holy Spirit is separated from God the Father.

This is what I have recorded from, on 19.09.10. The link to the audio-tape is found below:

This is the words from Benny Hinn:

What did it cost the Holy Spirit. He is still paying. The Holy Ghost is still going after people around the World. He left Heaven, to bring souls into the Kingdom.

Its amazing (Wendy)

It cost the Holy Spirit much. The Holy Spirit had to leave Heaven, come to Earth, and He is still here.

I did not know that, this is amazing (Wendy).

The Holy Spirit has left the Father, to save souls (Wendy).

That is incredible. (Wendy)

You have to feel the anointing and say it (Benny Hinn).

What did it cost the Holy Spirit. It cost Him to be separated form God the Father.

He is not in Heaven. He is sill her.  For 2.000 years he has been her.

Wow. (Wendy).

Reaching the lost (Benny Hinn).

My comment:

This is an amazing message.

A Holy Spirit that is separated from the Father, is not the Holy Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit and Father God is One God. Always united, never separated.

There was a dark spirit that was kicked out of Heaven. And surely that claimed to be “Holy Spirit” has been separated from Father God for the last 2.000 years.

Lets replace the word “Holy Spirit” with the word “Lucifer” in the message from Benny Hinn. That lets see if the message fit the gospel. Let the word “kingdom” be replaced with “Kingdom of Hell”.

Now: This is what the conversation would look like:

What did it cost Lucifer. He is still paying. Lucifer is still going after people around the World. He left Heaven, to bring souls into the Kingdom of Hell.

Its amazing (Wendy)

It cost Lucifer much. Lucifer had to leave Heaven, come to Earth, and He is still here.

I did not know that, this is amazing (Wendy).

Lucifer has left the Father, to save souls (Wendy).

That is incredible.

You have to feel the anointing and say it (Benny Hinn).

What did it cost Lucifer. It cost Him separation from God the Father.

He is not in Heaven. He is sill her.  For 2.000 years he has been her.

Wow,. (Wendy).

Reaching the lost (Benny Hinn).

You can listen to this recorded conversation on this audio-tape.


18 thoughts on “Benny Hinn: “Separated Holy Spirit saves souls on Earth”

  1. Wow! This is amazing. Thank you for being a watchman for us…..this is very helpful and I know it must be difficult for you to watch for all these things.

    1. Dear Dov.

      Shalom, and welcome with a fresh blessing.

      I was a member of a Word of Faith Congregation for one and a half year. I even attended a huge miracle gathering in India, where 600.000 souls ran the risk of being deceived by Benn Hinn.

      When I shared my experiences with the congregation, they got angry on me. Many of them paid huge amounts to Benny Hinn Ministry.

      Than, I decided to go deeper into this matter. What I have found, is very disturbing. Now when his voice is recorded, everyone claiming to be a Christian needs to hear this message.

      His affair with Paula White, and his lies about connection with the Vatican, is another dark side of this false teachers life.

    1. Dear Gloria.


      You have to share this with brothers and sisters in your congregation. There might be many of them, supporting Benny Hinn’s ministry. At least show your pastor these two links, so He can warn others.

      1. Ivar,

        I belive my Pastor knows about the lies created by Benny Hinn, but i will mention the links to him.

        The bible tells us to test these false teachers that have come, but I feel bad that there are those who do not even pray to Christ to show them that way, and believe Benny Hinn’s lies so easily.

  2. Benny Hinn is a powerful and anointed man of God. He is a true prophet.Please watch your words and stop jugding the man of God. The devil is a liar and deceitful. Benny Hinn is a Godly man!!!!

    1. Beverly,

      Benny Hinn gives glory to no one other than himself. The bible describes him perfectly.

      1 John 4 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already. *end*

      This website list plenty of Benny Hinn’s lies.

      I pray you open your eyes and heart before it’s too late.

      John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

  3. You clearly do not walk in the holy spirit cause if you did you would understand what Benny was meaning. Do not be a hipocrit, go up on stage or travel to cities where people have lack of money and food, and preach the gospel like Benny does. Do something for the Kingdom! Benny is doing just that and you are envious. I pray for you.

    1. How do you think Ivar is envious? Nothing he said even remotely indicates this accusation.

      did you bother to read all of Ivar’s post? Have you compared what Hinn says to the Word of God?

      The fact that HInn goes up on stage, travels to cities full of poor people and preaching the gospel has nothing to do with what Ivar said. You are mentioning only the “works” of Hinn and not at all comaring what he says to scripture.

  4. Wendy/Rory of God TV & its preachings are but to Governmental Agendas read Freemasonry & British at that. To the swaying of Wendy like a drunkard as if the Spirit is working in her except the Holy Spirit. Is but to understand that the when the Fire of the The Holy Spirit come upon the 120 at the day of Pentecost the Jews saw Peter & other like Drunkards which is not to bodily swaying as is made out by wendy but speaking in different languages, Alien to the observers, the Jews , making them think that they were drunk.
    The Prophecy of the ‘Cloven Tongues” comes from the commandment of Christ to the “72 disciples moving out in ‘Pairs” preaching the word. So the word Tongues relate to languages, 72 at that & the words ‘Cloven” relate to “Pairs”.

  5. abbey, you wrote, “the Jews saw Peter & other like Drunkards…speaking in different languages, Alien to observers, the Jews.” Yet the Bible states it was devote Jews “from every nation under heaven” Acts 2:5, “both Jews and proselytes” who said, we hear, each in our own languages” Acts 2:10. So this was not uncontrollable swaying that caused them to be amazed and perplexed. The gift of tongues is also different, “For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands him.” 1 Corinthians 14:2. Know that “the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.” and all things be done decently and in order.” 1 Corinthians 14:40. So all this so-called ‘slaying in the spirit’ and other uncontrollable mumbo jumbo is exactly that, and not of the Spirit of God. AMEN

    1. Gordon: To the tongues or Languages- From the Sons of Noah -Shem. Ham & Japeth there arose the first 72 tribes whose leader was Nimrod from Ham, and they spoke the one language & this one language was broken into 72 other languages by God, a language to one each & were scattered to form what is known as the first 72 nations of the old order(Today there are more than 200). Now the tongues that came upon Peter & the rest were to those many languages to preach the “Truth to God” across the face of the earth, not by Nimrod’s way , today what is called as the intellectual way( the way of the world), for these are foolishness unto God, but by the way of the Spirit.
      Now Jesus said on the cross ” It is finished” & the Bible says that his words are Spirit, is but to know the OT. Prophecy relating to these words in the specifics, for He is the very Spirit of Prophecy. Moreover it is written “The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy”.
      The Purpose of this life is to the salvation which is but to understand the Prophecy of looking up to the Brazen serpent on the pole in the wilderness, by specific words of Jesus.

  6. Benny the false and adultrist man and now they want to have him help restore Wendy’s marriage. I thot I had heard it all but this beats all tanbark. last time I read the scripture is that pastors that cannot control and raise their family in the word has no business in teaching but to have honest lives walking in the word. how sad as so many calling good evil and evil good. how blind is blind, almost unbelievable

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