Muslims i Scotland copies Nazi boycott of Jewish shops

Muslim families who own stores in Glasgow’s south side are refusing to stock Israeli goods.

Muslims in Scotland intimidate the Jews in public, telling scotts to copy Nazi tacktics.

The action of the Muslims in Glasgow is what they claim is a “protest at Israel’s West Bank settlements and policy towards Palestinians”

Around 30 stores in Muslim communities in Pollokshields, Pollokshaws and Govanhill are supporting the drive and yesterday campaigners took to the streets to applaud shopkeepers who are no longer stocking Israeli products.

The campaigners, who toured stores handing out flyers to shoppers, say shops which continue to stock Israeli goods will be “named and shamed”.

Led by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Friends of Al Aqsa Glasgow, many stores in the area are now displaying posters declaring “No Israeli Produce sold here”.

Organisers say that following its success in Glasgow, the campaign is expected to be rolled out across the country.

Campaigners, some draped in the Palestinian flag, held a day of action in Allison Street in Govanhill to target store owners and customers.

However, Edward Isaacs, president of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council, said:

The Holocaust started as an "innocent" boycott of the Jews in Nazi-Germany.

“We have excellent relations in the Jewish Community with our Muslim friends and we think that bringing Middle East politics into the Glasgow sphere to this extent is not a good idea”.

“Everyone is entitled to have their views on the Middle East, but we don’t think a boycott is the correct way to advance their political process.”

Source: Scotland Herald:

My comment:

During the 1920-ties the Jews claimed they had excellent relationships with “Christians” and Muslims in Europe.

They could do so because the Nazi party in Germany had still not been elected to power in Germany, and the persecution of Jews was not above “normal”.

When the Nazis in Germany started their persecution of Jews in Europe, the persecutions started with boycotts of Jewish goods and services. Soon the promoters of boycotts attacked an looted the Jews.

The Holocaust did not happen in a vacuum. Neither is today’s planned genocide of Jews. The Jewish excuse of the ongoing work of destroying Israel by today’s radical Islamic preachers is another example, that even Jews have not learned much from the past.

The president of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council will one day have to return to Zion, or renounce his Jewishness. The choice is his.

20 thoughts on “Muslims i Scotland copies Nazi boycott of Jewish shops

  1. Revelations 12:15 describes the nazi holocaust.

    “And the serpent cast out of his mouth water after the woman like a flood, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.” “But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood, which the dragon had cast out of his mouth”

    Yeah, it does seem that God’s not done with his people yet.

  2. I think it’s all about God trying to teach his people not to do things for recognition in the world, like other people do. They chose that path when they preferred to have a man as king instead of God. I don’t think God likes the Israeli star. Mark of the beast . Didn’t in the holocaust they mark the Jewish people with a star on their foreheads or hands? He condemned the whole world as evil because everybody is seeking vain glory for themselves.

    In another part of revelations it said the “pure woman” hid herself in the wilderness. If you didn’t have a flag or a symbol how would anyone know if you were jewish, she was hidden.

    1. Dear Ed.


      You have to be careful what you write in regards to the Holocaust. It is wise to do a Google and check, before giving statements.

      The Jews have never had the mark of the beast in their Magen David. (Star of David). Neither did they have the mark of the best on their hands or forehead in relations to the Holocaust.

      Already in Italy, in Rome, in the late Middle Ages, the Jews were forced to wear yellow star of David visual on their outer garments. The Nazis copied this practice. It was a way to single out the Jews, that finally made it easy to find them and pick them up for transport to the Gas Chambers.

      1. I’ll be as careful as I can but maybe it will be on hands and foreheads next time. If as you say this will reoccur.

        It looks like a masonic symbol, occultic and satanic. Two pyramids, one pointing up and one pointing down. “As above, so below” Masonic slogan. Inside a circle means something too but I forget.

      2. Dear Ed.


        Please do not misunderstand my warnings. This is a free place for comments, and long as no one promotes violence.

        My point is: If I have a fish in my symbol, or in my national flag. Does this make me a masonic, or a fisherman? May be it will make me a Messianic Jew?

      3. Ed,

        Are you saying Revelation 12:15 will be like the Holocaust? Or that it was desribing it? Because Revelations describes the tribulation, and when Christ reigns on earth, which of course hasn’t happened yet, but will soon.

  3. As a symbol of national pride it makes you a patriot. But if God is trying to say he doesn’t like pride, then it may have multiple meanings.

  4. isn’t it time for the Jews to start boycotting the scottish stores that have gone muslim. They say they are boycotting the Jewish stores—turnabout should work–Boycott the scottish stores & let the muslims spend their money in them

  5. I actually shop in the allinson st area of glasgow,as I onced lived there for 5 yrs and still get my spices,lamb and onions from the very shop that is pictured.The muslim people who work and live on Allinson st have been nothing but polite on the whole and as a community I cannot falt them.If however when I go there next and see any sign in a shop that states it is boycotting israeli products,I will no longer shop there.
    I have been considering for some time now to boycott muslim shops myself,but out of loyalty to the people in govanhill I have not.This however goes to far.If you buy Halal food you have to consider that a muslim man who you gave your money to,is a charitable man if he is religious.If he goes on to give zakat (charity) to an islamic charity,according to the koran part of that zakat can go towards fighting Jihad.If this is true about the israeli boycott then I,m afraid,they are no longer getting my money or my friendship.

  6. It’s disgraceful how muslims are trying to bully Israel the world over. Israel is a true friend of the free world. As someone has suggested non muslims should boycott muslim shops.

    In case you’re wondering, I’m not Jewish, I’m actually an ex muslim who saw islam for the evil religion it really is.

    1. Ramzan,

      With all due respect, are you a believer in Jesus Christ? He is the only one who saved us from our sins, but we have to accept his gift of salvation.

      God Bless.

      1. I lost faith in god entirely a few months ago when I realised how much religion is a load of tosh, Islam arguably the worst of them all.

        I don’t believe in Jesus or any other so called “messengers” of God.

        But I don’t have a problem with people believing what they want as long as they aren’t using their beliefs to kill/oppress people.

      2. Ramzan


        You wrote:

        I lost faith in god entirely a few months ago when I realised how much religion is a load of tosh, Islam arguably the worst of them all.

        My reply:

        You seem to have lost faith in God, seeing men misuse His name. I fully understand you. But if you search for the truth, you will find Him. Jesus is the truth. There is no violence or wickedness in Him. But many of his claimed to be followers, commit a lot of mistakes. Including me.

      3. Ramzan,

        I have been in the presence of Christ, and words cannot explain the “perfect love” he has for each and every one of us. There is nothing even close to it on this world.

        You may say you lost your faith in God, but he hasn’t or will lose his love for you.

        There was a time in my life a few years ago, where I did something horrible. I thought I deserved to go to hell, for what I did. I fell into such a depression, crying every night. I felt worthless. I felt all this, knowing God loved me. One day, I asked God to lift this depression from me, and I cried out to him saying i couldn’t take it anymore.

        The next instant I felt a weight on my chest lifted, and in that same week, a believer in Christ told me these words: “I do not know what you did, and God did not tell me what you did, but he did wanted me to tell you he forgives you.”

        I cried and realize God never left me. Never abandon me when I sinned. And he forgave me when I cried out to him.

        Ramzan, I ask you to truly seek Christ, to cry out to him, and he will respond. The love he has for us is a beautiful thing and nothing can compare.

        When I called, you answered me; you made me bold and stouthearted. (Psalm 138:3)

        God Bless.

  7. I live in the area where this boycott started.
    I am disgusted and appalled by it.
    I have decided to ignore the boycott and go out of my way to buy goods from Israel (just means a 5 minute walk to the nearest kosher shop in Langside).

    What people reading about this boycott might not realise is that Muslims make up less than 2% of the population in Scotland – and the shops running the boycott are restricted to about 2 dozen streets.
    (As is most of the Muslim population).

    This is a serious own goal. It is deeply offensive to Scots – one of the few countries in the world that has never had anti-semitism in its entire history.
    Until now.

    If they want to do something about Palestine – go there and do it. Stop using my country as a base for your repulsive anti-semitism.

    You do not represent Scotland or Scots.

  8. the boycottt is with the supermarkets who buy products from stolen land, small back street shops dont make any difference. people have a wright to boycott whoever they want regardless of there faith or no faith. the fact is israel is mudering women and children with weopens supplied by britan and amercia both these countries have palastinian blood on there hands, shame on them, this is the very cause you create 9/11 and 7/7 incidents

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