Behold Israel: The days are evil. It will soon get much worse.

The amount of wickedness in the World is increasing. And the Jewish people is again the scape goat. Just before the Messiah returns, it will be like hell on Earth. The false peace soon to come will end in extreme evil.

The war is on. Children of the father of all lies have many messages and colors
The war is on. Children of the father of all lies have many messages and colors

Was in any day better in the days when the Jewish Messiah walked on Earth?

Will history repeat it self?

There are three parallels in history, that is of great importance for Jews and Christians. All of them exposes to what extent satanic evil will be used against the Jewish people to get rid of them.

Arab children. Deceived by their parents and their mullas.
Arab children. Deceived by their parents and their mullahs.

The first parallel event took place in Egypt around 3000 years ago. A planned genocide by a powerful leader, that would have succeeded if God of Israel had not intervened.

Pharaoh planned to exterminate the Jewish people, by ordering that all Jewish boys should be murdered by birth.

Exodus 1:22:

«Then Pharaoh gave this order to all his people: “Every boy that is born you must throw into the Nile, but let every girl live».

Since all the Jews were living in Egypt at that time, Pharaoh had more power over the Jewish people than Nazi-Germany had. If all the Jews on the Planet had lived in Germany in 1941, I am sure God of the Bible had to intervene in a similar manner, as He did using Moses as His servant

A lady with a message of what is ahed of us.
A lady with a message of what is ahead of us.


The calamities the German nation put on its own head by persecuting the Jew, was even more spectacular than the plagues in Egypt. 10 million Germans perished during World War II. The majority of them in firestorms caused by allied carpet bombing in the last year of the war.

When the Messiah walked on Earth, Satan again tried to use the same remedy as in Egypt. And again it was the Jews who had to pay the price for being Jewish, to give birth to the Jewish nation and the Messiah.

When King Herod got the news of the birth of the Messiah, he killed all Jewish boys below the age of two in and around Bethlehem.

Matthew 2:16

«When Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had learned from the Magi».

Thats one of the most cruel massacre you can imagine, and God the Father did nothing to stoop this from taking place.


Because, man is cursed by his sins, and in his sins he will perish. Both Jews and gentile alike. Lucifer, the devil, used all the powers he had in a bid to stop the Messiah from surviving his first days of infancy.

Jesus the Messiah displayed miracles and healing power like no Jew had ever done before. God the Son came in the exact likeness of His Father God, to tell the whole human race who God is, and what He demands from us. «Repent or perish».

To all who preach the false health and prosperity gospel, or Dominion Theology about the possibility of complete Earthly victory in the name of Jesus:

Even John the Baptist was betrayed and beheaded, while our Lord was walking on Earth. Its amazing how spiritually blind prosperity teacher are, not even reflecting on the theological impacts on such episodes of extreme evil even in our days.

Some people simply try to tell the truth, but the global media is not interested
Some people simply try to tell the truth, but the global media is not interested

Jesus never promised any of his followers an easy go on Earth. To the rather opposite, he promised us persecution, and that many would face death for the sake of His name. And just before He returns, he promised us that extreme evil will reach proportions like unequal before on our Planet.

The Holocaust is a product of the end times, the most cruel and inhuman tribulation the Jewish people have ever faced.

I can never forget, walking through the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, where all the names of Rachel`s children are read up. I cried as I walked through the mirror room. The lights of these children will shine forever in my mind. More than two million Jewish Children were slaughtered by the Germans, from the Atlantic coastline to the plains of Russia.

Jesus promises tough times ahead , even for his faithful followers. In the end times, people shall leave the true faith, and start to hate and betray each other. Thats a demonic inspired disaster inside the Church.

Matthew 24:10

«At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other».

Ladies and gentlemen. If you dont know, trust and obey the Messiah, there is no way you will be able to stand the pain and keep your faith in Him. Peace be with you. Amen.

The good news is that Jesus is alive, and that He is coming back. Either you believe it or not.

First published: 25.08.09.

22 thoughts on “Behold Israel: The days are evil. It will soon get much worse.

    1. Dear Sandy.

      Its morning for me, and you are sleeping. Its amazing that human beings live on different sides of our planet, but still faces blue skies above. And there is never a single moment when all men are awake at the same time….

      The only moment, when all of us will wake up, day or night, is when the last trumpet sounds. That will be the day of the return of the Messiah, Jesus from Nazareth.

  1. Dear Ivar,

    I hope you will bear with me a moment and read this. If you do not want to post it don’t. But I have to tell you some things.

    One I am not returning anymore to the other post that you do, that do not reflect this behavior, manner, and style. The reason is, is because I know you can do post like this, get your message across and not one person has been hurt. Like I said, I read it twice. The other reason is I do not like the person I become on those other post. This post also shows your compassion and compassion is a gift from God. When you decide to let it come out it comes out well. There were a few things in here that I said, “Well I do not know about that,” but the thing is your overall message is what held me. The other I had a little flinch with could be let go, as we are never going to agree 100%. I loved everything about this post and how you handled yourself as a Christian in it. If I had of never known Jesus and read this, this is the kind of words which could have possibly drawn me to Him. That is what we want to do, is bring others to Jesus, not scare them away. I thought today all the hullabaloo we had on the other post, if a person which believed there was no God read it, they never would believe in Him. Too much anger in all of us. I truly love your informational post like this, believe it or not all the post you do like this I read. It is good writing and good information and it glorifies God and not you.

    Now if I can relate a story about myself and will try and do it with the least words I can.

    I got really up in the air regarding the Priest and the molestation thing. I came out against it strong and hard on these blogs. I am Catholic so remember that. I did not listen to anybody, by gosh it is wrong and that was that. David, wrote me on my blog and asked me to “tone it down a little.” He can testify to this, I jumped right back at him, with “NO WAY!!!!” It rocked on and I was going to blogs which were coming out against it, as they should, and David came as David does, and tried to make people see, there is evil everywhere. (Much like your post here) There is evil in every one of us, that is why Jesus had to come. Everyone including myself jumped down his throat. Then something happened.

    On an Australian blog it was pretty hot and heavy and I was right in there with them. Again David came and he defended in no way what those Priest had done, however he did try and show Christ to us all. When he did the person on that blog called him, a no good self-righteous edit, edit, edit, s.o.b. When I read that something clicked in me. If I did not stop it, I was going to be doing the same thing. In my actions I was beginning to not represent God, His Son, His Spirit, and Their love for us. It was more important that I fight for this cause, and I had become obsessed with it, to the point of no reasoning anymore. To the point of leading others to Christ was not my primary goal anymore. I had to go down on my knees before God and tell Him how sorry I was. It had become about me and not Him. I had to repent and confess the sin which I had done against Him, to Him.

    So I went, deleted everything off of my blog, deleted the whole blog and started over. That is the blog you see today. One which gets my point across, I give scripture, and everyone knows where I stand, but I hurt no one. At the end of the day I feel good about how I represent God. I have peace with it. If someone who is not a Christian reads it, it may not convert them, but the seed has been planted to give them something to think about. That is what this post does of yours. We as Christians want to make people think in the most calm manner that we can.

    Now do I still work for my cause. You bet. I still think it is wrong and always will. I do it behind the scenes, and in more of an education way now.

    I told you this story because you truly have talent for this, God given talent. You can do this, this way, and convert a lot more people. We must gain the respect of others we are trying to convince, then they will listen to us. I respected this article. I listened to you. Another thing I saw in this article was love for the Jewish people. To most people anytime we see love, people will listen. When we see love, we see Jesus, as that is Jesus.

    I just wanted to show what you truly can do for God, and be wonderful at doing it. You have great passion channel it in a constructive way. Christian blogging is not about us getting comments. I have very few comments, but I have lots of views. People have read what I have written. If it touches them then it was meant for them, if it does not, then it was not meant for them.

    God Bless, Sandy

    1. Dear Sandy.

      Why did it enter your mind, that I would not publish your comment? I have only used my rights as an editor to stop people to publish links to Nazi-web sites, and sites of Islamic terrorists. I have the link to your blogg, and I have visited the site.

      I believe in the freedom of Religion, and free expression of our faith. I also believe its useful for share my faith with others, and even agree that we disagree. The Word of God as it is written is my Law book. My love for the Jewish people, and for you as as a Catholic, can only reach its fullness by telling the truth in the Messiah. That people get offended, is unavoidable. The Word of God is sharper that a double edged sword, and true repentance is always painful. We are on our way to Hell, and need to leave the wrong path. That will not happen if we bless the wicked, not telling them that they are lost. Even exposing their sins, open or hidden.

      Blessings in the truth.

  2. It was just kind of personal and I wanted to let you know if you did not want to publish go ahead. You are correct about our freedoms. I just wanted you to see truly the great gift you have and it is one I respect highly when you use it, if you will take that compliment from a Catolic:>) God Bless, Sandy

    1. Sandy.

      You have free space for comments on this blog. From day one, you were off the list of prior approval of messages. Quite a few Muslims have the same. Sometimes I have to take a closer look on their comments, to delete links to Radical Islam. This site is not going to promote violence.

  3. One more thing. Well two. I also had to go and apologize to David also, for hurting my brother in Christ. I apologize to you for my words last night also and ask for your forgiveness. I go back and read some of what I wrote to you and I am so sorry. It was just anger. “Be angry and sin not.” I have trouble with that one:>) Some of it was hurt also.

    1. Dear Sandy.


      I respect your apology, and please have mercy on me if I am quoting wrongly from the Bible. That would make me a false teacher, who need to repent. I also need to correct others in love, being humble, not passing any final judgment. But I feel the need to shake up religious Catholics. If not they will not pay attention.

      2 Corinthians 7:10
      Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.

      To be hurt because someone have told you the truth is worldly sorrow. Godly sorrow will make you change your ways. Change your ways, dearest sister. Stop doing all kind of paganism, and obey the Word of God. Jesus is the Word of God.

      The Word is easy to understand, but not so easy to put into practice. Or even more difficult: Stop doing what our parents and priests have told us to do from our childhood, but what the Bible says God hates.

      You need to have felt the pain Jesus felt, to be able to do that. The moment you are born from above, you will stop doing all kind of human made religious stuff. There will be no turning back to a Church of errors and spiritual darkness.

  4. I do not care who debates on my blog, as long as it is done in love, sometimes humor, and respect. If you read my about I do not care what Church one goes to. I just want us to live in peace with one another and love Christ and for Him to be the main focus of our lives. I like your third sentence also. It is there Ivar, your humility and love. You can work on passing final judgment on others. I see good in so much of what your write. I think what hurts me for you, is I do see it, and when you do it you are soooo
    good at it. I just love that Ivar.

    Shaking up is not bad thing always. We just have to make sure we do not break bones when we do it:>)

    Thanks for accepting apology. As far as quoting wrong from the Bible I do not think either of us have quoted wrong. It is just the difference of how we view it. But maybe you and I Ivar, can show others and mostly our Lord, that even though this happens there can still be love and respect between us. If we can show each other Jesus we have done what I think both of us want to do.

    As far as “feeling the pain of Jesus” I am Catholic remember:>) I feel it all the time. In ways I feel blessed when I do though I will never feel it to the extent which He did. I feel blessed at the end of it all, that He loves me so much He lets me feel some of what He did. It makes me go to Him as I want His love when this happens. (So I go to Him a lot:>)

    Ivar, I cannot change my ways as for as the Church goes. As much as you would love to see me leave that Church I can’t. I am not going to. I love God with all of my heart and I am where He has put me. I am there for a reason, and I know the reason I am there, and you are going to have to trust in my faith on that one. Remember I was Protestant many years before I was a Catholic. Remember this also and maybe this will help you understand a little better. When God calls some of His children to move and this was done many times in the Bible, He did it for His purpose and glory. They had to get up and move far from their families and He gave them instructions also on how He wanted to be worshipped. Everything changed for them. Mary and Joseph had to take Jesus to Egypt to save His life. Sometimes people are where they are at for this reason. This is the case for me, and you will have to just accept that. It was a very long and hard struggle for me to do so. But if God can use a donkey He can use me:>) Just like I have to accept the calling which you feel God has called you to do. I have to accept the place where you are at now with God.

    The main thing is in whatever calling we feel God has placed in our lives, He is glorified by our love, actions, and speech.

    So goodnight. By the way where are you on the other side of the world? God Bless, Sandy

  5. I see this all the time, how the world wants to kill us. They will want to also kill and murder Christians that love the Jewish people.
    I surely hope that you and your family will come out of all of this, and be seated next to God, while the rest of these people with murder in their hearts will, unfortunately go straight to the devil.

    1. Dear Samira

      Shalom, and welcome to this site of free expression.

      You have the right to curse whomever you like. Also the Jews. But be aware that the curses you send out against other people, will eventually end up on your own head.

      You do not seems to know what took place in Gaza. In 2005, Israel ordered all the Jews to leave their properties in Gaza, in a bid to get peace. The idea was that when the Arab Palestinians get the chance to rule them selves, there will be peace.

      From 2005 to 2007, the borders between Gaza and Egypt were open. All kinds of trade took place. Than what happened?

      The Islamic Republic of Iran staged a cue in Gaza, done by its proxy Hamas. All human activists and – peace now – members in Gaza was either executed, crippled or arrested.

      Hamas started to fire 8.000 rockets into Israel. The border with Israel was sealed, and in 2009 Israel went into Gaza to stop the rocket fire.

      By the way. While Israel have allowed aid to be transported into Gaza, Egypt sealed its border completely, to keep the Iranian sponsored Islamic terrorists from entering Egypt.

      Now, you chose, which side you want to be on.

    2. Samira,

      The Word of God says:

      Numbers 24:9

      Like a lion they crouch and lie down, like a lioness–who dares to rouse them? “May those who bless you be blessed and those who curse you be cursed!”

      If I were you I’d be careful, and furthermore I’d repent and apologize to Christ.

  6. May Israel burn…
    Interesting.. There have only been about 700 rockets flying IN FROM GAZA so far this last year, and only a little over 400, 2010.
    Looks to me like someone IS burning Israelis. I dont GET why Israel and Jew haters are STILL NOT HAPPY.

  7. You never fail to bring truth to us Ivor, I thank our Lord for your work.
    Keep it up!.
    The days are dark and wil get darker, I pray we all have the faith to keep us in these last days.

    God Bless

  8. I Was a catholic for 38 years thank God He showed me the truth that Jesus Christ lay on that cruel cross to release me from my sins and that Roman catholic lie…if you are in it run from it The Lion of Juda is coming and your false religion won’t save you…

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