The failure to built a new Jewish Temple in Jerusalem

“The only reason why the third temple has not been built, is that a majority of Israelis simply are not interested”

The truth is in the pudding. By turning their backs towards the claimed to be Holy site in Jerusalem, they prove their loyalty to Saudi Arabia.

This is a statement by Anshel Pfeffer’s July 16 column in Haaretz. It is again recorded by columnist Judy Montagu in Jerusalem Post.

“For a decade now,” he went on, “there has not been one Jew around the world,” even in Iran, “who was not free to return to Zion” (albeit, in the Iranian case, at a price).

Why mourn an exile that no longer exists?

Moreover, Pfeffer pointed out, “for the first time in the history of the Jews, a majority of them are choosing not to live in an independent Jewish state in Zion – of their own free will.”

Why Moshe Dayan returned the Temple Mount to Islam in 1967, is still a mystery.

Turning to the issue of the destroyed Temples:  “The other reason for the day of lamentations” – this, wrote Pfeffer, “was canceled 43 years ago [following the Six Day War], when then defense minister Moshe Dayan, “far from securing the entrances to the Temple Mount for the sappers who would arrive shortly to blow up the mosques, making way for the Third Temple.

Moshe Dayan ordered the Israeli flag removed from the mount and assured the astounded Muslim Wakf officials they would have full control of the area…

“The only reason that the third temple has not been built,” stated Pfeffer, “is that a majority of Israelis simply are not interested.

Secular Jews have no affinity to a priestly caste sacrificing heifers and goats, while the great majority of religious Jews are not very eager themselves.

“The concept of the temple is too distant, and the heavy price Israel would pay for any attempt to remove the mosques does not seem worth it.

That is our democratic decision, not a matter for the Messiah.

“The exile is over,” Pfeffer declared, “and the temple has not been rebuilt because we don’t want to do it.”

Link to the OP-ED.

My comment:

The basic error of Judy Montagu is to look on this issue only from a human perspective.

How do God of the Bible look on this issue?

Why rebuild a temple in Jerusalem, if no one is interested in God’s very opinion?

Why did He permit His temples in Jerusalem to be destroyed?

Can this issue have something to do with the majority of the Jewish leaders, rejecting the Messiah? Refusing to send the Jews into the World, and testify about the Light of the World?

The Bible says, the Messiah came to his own people, but they received Him not.

12 thoughts on “The failure to built a new Jewish Temple in Jerusalem

  1. I read on another site that according to the law of moses, to be hung from a tree means your cut off from your people, “cursed is a man who is hung from a tree” or something like that. The bible often compares worshipping idols made of wood like worshipping a tree. So a crucifix is made of wood and Jesus was hung on it. Wonder if that’s got something to do with it. Like he was made an outcast from the Jews and no longer a Jew.

    1. Dear Ed.


      This is the Bible reference”

      Deuteronomy 21:22-23

      Various Laws

      If a man guilty of a capital offense is put to death and his body is hung on a tree, you must not leave his body on the tree overnight. Be sure to bury him that same day, because anyone who is hung on a tree is under God’s curse. You must not desecrate the land the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance

    2. hmm, It was a seventh day adventist site and claims to being the true church for keeping the sabbath. So I guess they twisted it around to mean what fit for them.

  2. Why would anybody want to rebuild the temple knowing full well anti-christ will occupy it? Maybe anti-christ needs the jewish people to build the temple. How otherwise would it be Gods temple?

    1. Dear Ed.


      You presume that all people read and believe in the message of the New Testament. That is not the case. The Jews are not reading a false Bible, but an incomplete revelation of God. This important revelation given to the Apostle Paul is missing.

      The Catholic souls are lost. They have corrupted minds, feeling the Pope is the ” Holy Father”. They will do what is pleasing him, regardless what the scriptures might say.

      The Muslims are hell bent on having a political victory over Zionism, and the state of Israel. Anything would do in East Jerusalem.

      1. Dear Ed.


        That seems like a stupid question. But its not. Its a very good question.

        The answer is yes, and no.

        Yes: It was Jesus who established Zion, and it is He who speaks about its restoration.

        No: Because both secular and religious Jewish Zionists do not recognizing Him as the Messiah. Many Jews keep this an open question.

        That is why I said: Judaism is not a false religion. Its an incomplete religion. The Son of the Father is missing. Who is He? When He return, they will all come to know, and there will be rivers of tears in Israel. They will be shocked, and many will say on that day: So it was true, what the Christian Zionists told about Him.

      2. Yeah that’s the big difference believing Jesus is the Son of God or not. Catholics leave it an open question too. By twisting around these lines. Simon Peter says to Jesus “thou art the son of God” Jesus replies “blessed art thou Simon Peter, on this rock I will build my church” So The Catholics built their church on Peter. But I see it as Peters’ observation that Jesus is the Son of God is the rock that his church would be built on. Anything else is built on sand isnt it?

      3. Dear Ed.

        The issue of religious Jewish Zionism is more complicated than being a question only about the Son.

        Who has called them home?

        What kind of spirit, have they submitted to?

        The book of Acts speaks about the Holy Spirit revealing Him self through King David.

        I guess the Zionist idealists on the Mountains of Zion, have been guided by the same Holy Spirit?

        And as we know. The Holy Spirit will always point to the teaching of Jesus, the Son. This is really really a brilliant move by the supreme commander of the Universe, God the Father, Son and Spirit.

      4. Zionists are certainly in the thick of it. Jesus said “I have laid the foundation”, people build on it. Building the Temple would be asking for trouble. Like the same madness as Amedinijad wanting to speed up the return of his 12th imam.

  3. halom,

    We are a non-profit educational institution affiliated with Bar-Ilan University, Israel. We are working on an Israel curriculum to be used by Elementary schools in North America. One of the subjects we are dealing with is the reunification of Jerusalem.

    We have seen some a picture on your website of Arabs on the temple Mount praying towards Mecca ( and we would like to use in one of our student booklets.

    Please note that these booklets are for educational use only and for non profit.

    We are asking for your permission to use the picture.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    1. Dear Moshe Abelesz


      Go ahead. You have my blessings. May God of Israel and His Messiah Jesus of Nazareth bless you. Amen.

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