Catholics and Buddhists committed to the well-being of the world

Cardinal Jean-Louis Touran hoped both Catholics and Buddhists will continued the promotion of «the healthy relationship between human beings and the environment».

Cardinal Jean-Louis Touran likes to speak with Buddhist about the nature and God, but not about Jesus.

The President of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, Cardinal Jean-Louis Touran sent a message to the Buddhists at the Feast of Vesakh. Cardinal Touran highlighted that Catholics and Buddhists have a lot in common. The Vatican Cardinal wrote ta note to all Buddhists complementing the mutual efforts of both faiths in raising awareness about the importance of spiritual and social concerns in the environmental sphere.

The message underscored the common values of the two religions, particularly «respect for the nature of all things, contemplation, humility, simplicity, compassion, and generosity» and the contribution of these values to «a life of non-violence, equilibrium, and contentment with sufficiency».

In closing, Cardinal Touran hoped for continued promotion of «The healthy relationship between human beings and the environment» through Buddhists and Catholics being committed to the well-being of the world.

Source: Catholic News Agency.

My comment:

The name of Jesus seems to be completely deleted from the lips of many priests that claims to be Christians.

The Pope and the Dalai Lama are both in need of Jesus. Only He can save them.

During the 17th of May celebration in Norway, a lot of priests came on TV just before the service. They remembered to speak about the nice weather. They also spoke about sweet children on the street, celebrating mother nature and unity among the people.

In a similar way, the Catholic Cardinal sends a secular message to Buddhists on their feast. The protection of the nature seems to be a common platform of corporation. And of course a lot of common values, and the need for unity.

But where is the message about Jesus?

Where is the message about sin, and the day of judgment and wrath that is approaching mankind?

Can we be saved by our support for Green Peace, or other nature friendly organizations?

The unity the Cardinal and the Dalai Lama will agree up on, is that «god is good». And that good humans can enter Heaven, without the help of Jesus. His name is basically blotted out of any public debate in the name of unity and global universialism.

2 thoughts on “Catholics and Buddhists committed to the well-being of the world

  1. Amen, brother. This is one sad scene. I also posted this story on my blog. Catholics, dear Catholics..please WAKE UP. The church will not save you. As a recent ex-Catholic, my heart goes out to all of the Catholic people. Look at what your Church is doing! Don’t turn a blind eye to the one world religion.

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