Anti-Israel demonstrations in Norway during Euro Song

There will be demonstrations against Israel during Euro Song in Oslo 29th of May.

Israeli singer to constest in the Euro Song final in Oslo last Saturday in May.

The pro-Palestine committee in Norway has announced demonstrations outside the Euro Song arena in Oslo last Saturday on May. The reason is Israel, which was an artists who is going to present the Israeli finalist.

«We want to close Euro Song for Israel. They are not welcome. We will request the European Euro Song TV-consortium to boycott nations that indulges in occupation and apartheid», is a statement from a press release from the organization.

During the 1st of May celebration in Oslo, the leader of the Pro-Palestine committee was invited to hold the major speech, juts after the Norwegian Labor Union leader Roald Flaaen.

The pro Palestinian committee has already convinced the Norwegian Labour union to boycott Israel in all levels: Both political, cultural, military and economic. The present Left right Government of Norway is considering boycott of Israel, but the Labor Party Leadership is holding back economic sanctions. The Norwegian Pension Fund has nevertheless already boycotted the Israel company Elbit Systems Ltd, by selling all its shares.

In regards to Euro Vision, the pro-Palestinian committee writes:
«The State of Israel uses their artists to whitewash and blur the occupational force inhuman politics. We will on the night of the event visually express that Israel is not welcome ».

Source: Norwegian Daily «DagenMagazinet».

My comment:

Nazi-Germany´s political fight against everything Jewish started as a cultural boycott. The Jews were harassed in Berlin from 1933 onwards.

After some years, the demonstrations turned violent. Jews were beaten up, and Jewish properties destroyed.

There is no difference between the early days in Nazi-Germany and present day Norway, in regards to the Norwegian attitude towards Jews. They are looked up on as nuisance. The best way to handle them, will be to keep them outside our borders. In regards to Euro Song, many Norwegians will feel its best to not let the Jewish artist sing. This will maintain «Peace» in Oslo.

The Police in Norway should rather act against the promoters of violence. Arrest the leaders of the pro-Palestine committee for inciting hatred towards Jews.

One year ago, the Police in Sweden did not act before a tennis match in the city of Sweden. Because the Fascistic mob was not confronted before the event turned violent, riots broke out around the sport stadium.

Welcome to the days when Fascism returns to the streets in Europe.

And by the way: Israel do control 0,2 per cent of the area in the Middle East. They do not occupy Arab land. The Arabs have enough space to entertain all kinds of Arab refugees in the region. Islam is anyday, not the owner of the Jewish homeland.

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