Turkey and Brazil cover up Iranian nuclear bomb production

Turkey will give Iran 1.200 KG of high end Uranium. In return the World will get nothing but empty words. Israel will soon have to act alone.

Hale..lula. Brazil`s president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva celerates the nuclear deal with the Fascist dictator of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Iran, Brazil and Turkey signed an agreement on Monday over a nuclear fuel swap designed to allay international concern over the Islamic Republic’s atomic ambitions and avert fresh sanctions on Tehran.

Iran said it had agreed to swap 1,200 kg (about 2,646 lb) of its low-enriched uranium for higher-enriched nuclear fuel, to be used in a medical research reactor. The exchange would take place in Turkey, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said.

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton tells Turkish foreign minister Iran not serious about accepting international demands to prove its nuclear program is peaceful, says Tehran must face fresh penalties. Clinton expected to give similar message to Brazilian FM ahead of president’s visit to Iran.

Iran, which rejects Western accusations it is seeking to develop nuclear bombs, had earlier insisted such a swap must take place on its territory.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on six world powers, which have been discussing further UN sanctions on the major oil producer, for fresh talks on Iran’s nuclear program after the fuel exchange agreement.

Source: Reuters, Ynetnews.

My comment:

What is this deal all about?

To develop a nuclear bomb, Iran needs to build centrifuges to enrich Uranium up to a purified level where the Uranium will trigger a nuclear explosion. Now Iran has «given up» 1.200 kilo of the raw material. When enriched, this stuff will be enough to build a nuclear bomb.

But has Iran given up their nuclear power ideology and their centrifuges that can be used to develop a nuclear bomb?

The answer is no.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul has formed a new Axis alliance with Iran.

Iran has just been offered a dream deal. Iran will now receive high end enriched nuclear fuel free from Turkey, to be used in Iranian civil nuclear programs.

Turkey and Brazil gives Iran the chance to use all their secret centrifuges to enrich high end Uranium, and be completely focused on developing a Nuclear bomb.

Russia, China and the US will now claim that the Iranian Nuclear program have been brought under International control. That is a big lie.

The Iranian Nuclear Bomb program has not been brought to an end. The centrifuges have not been dismantled, and the Nuclear facilities have not come under International inspection.

Iran have secret atomic facilities that will give the Ayatollah His bomb. The Islamic republic will use the bomb in a bid to nuke Israel. To avoid a coming nuclear holocaust, the Jewish state will probably feel forced to act alone. The alternative is to surrender to Islamic totalitarianism and blackmails.

Take a look at World leaders that supports Iran:

Is France and the US innocent in providing Iran with a nuclear bomb? Take a look:

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