Kuwaiti paper: Hizbullah will use gas in attack on the Jewish state

«If Israel attacks, we will react in a non-conventional manner».

Hassan Nasrallah wants to destroy Israel with whatever it takes.

This is a public threat from Hizbullah sources, told to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Watan this week. «The Israelis will be surprised by the weapons we will use against them».

For the past two months, senior Israeli security sources have warned that  «all of the weaponry in Syria’s arsenal has reached or will reach Hizbullah», and have expressed fears that these include chemical warheads for Scud missiles.

Source: Yediot Ahronot-Hebrew, 4th of May.

My comment:

Non-conventional weapons are basically rockets armed with nuclear, chemical or bacterial warheads. Since Hizbullah does not have nuclear arms, they must have rockets armed with chemicals, that develops deadly gas when the rocket explodes.

Canisters of Zyklon B found by the allied forces in Germany

Zyklon B was the most famous chemical used in World war II. This toxic chemical  transforms it self into a deadly gas when it comes in contract with oxygen.

From 1929 onwards the U.S. used Zyklon B to disinfect the freight trains and clothes of Mexican immigrants entering the US

In early 1942, Zyklon B had been selected by the Nazi Regime as the preferred extermination tool for both the Auschwitz-Birkenau and Majdanek extermination camps during the Holocaust. The chemical claimed the lives of roughly 1.2 million people in these camps. They were all Jews.

2 thoughts on “Kuwaiti paper: Hizbullah will use gas in attack on the Jewish state

  1. If Hezbollah and Hamas had their brains in their heads, they would have realized that the Jews are the brains of the world and would refrain from messing with Israel …. But its understood that their heads are a cavity because the brains are in their behind… so they do what they do and will be ultimately destroyed. GOD BLESS ISRAEL NOW AND FOREVER.

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