Nazi-style Jew-hate made France ban Egyptian TV-station Al-Rahma

Jihad TV- channel Al-Rahma will be blocked in France. The Egyptian TV-station published Nazi-style Jew hate in a program 31st of October 2009.

The Egyptian Muslim priest prached hate and violence against the Jewish people.

The prime Minister of France has asked the French media controller to request the French Eutelsat network to block satellite signals from the Egyptian TV-station Al-Rahma. In a broadcasted program on 31st of October, a Muslim priest had the following message:

«The age of the Jews are over. You are the offsprings of apes and pigs, the most cursed creation of Allah. I have a message for all Jews in the face of the Earth.  Muhammad will come back. You offspring of apes and pigs, the day of revenge is coming closer».

The message from the Egyptian TV-station was monitored by Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), who exposes Arabic hate messages towards the Jewish people and the state of Israel. MEMRI has its base in Washington in the US, and have been monitoring Arabic TV since 2008.

Source: Norwegian TV, NRK.

My comment:

The problem with Jew-hate is not new. When the Nazis had voted for the total solution of mass murder of Jews, the planed genocide was supporter by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem,  Haj Amin al-Husseini. He visited Adol Hitler in Berlin to express his support.

Nothing if anything has changed. Islam do not recognize a Jewish state in the Middle East. The name of Jerusalem does not exist in the Koran. The Muslim name of the city is «Al Quds». Even the state of Israel does not exist on any Arabic map. The only name you find is «Palestine».

The war on the Jewish people makes no sense, and have no logic. It is a spiritual war, and the forces of evil and darkness has invented both Islam and Nazism.

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