Arabs to strengthen racist boycott of Jewish state of Israel

Representatives of 16 Arab states convened in Damascus last week for a conference aimed at strengthening the decades-old Arab economic and trade boycott of Israel.

When will the International community penalize the Arab League for their racist boycott of Israel
When will the International community penalize the Arab League for their racist boycott of Israel?

The annual event brought together regional Arab League boycott liaison officers from participating Arab countries, as well as representatives of the Palestinians and the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Although the Arab League has its headquarters in Cairo, the organization’s Office for the Boycott of Israel has been based in the Syrian capital since its establishment in 1951.

Speakers at the conference stressed the importance of enforcing the embargo on Israel as a means of applying pressure to the Jewish state.

Arab League Assistant Secretary General for Palestine Affairs Mohammed Subaih said the boycott is necessary “to confront Israel’s aggression and crimes” and he thanked the conference’s Syrian hosts for their support.

Muhammad al- Tayyeb Busala’a, who serves as commissioner general of the Arab League’s Central Bureau for the Boycott of Israel, denounced what he termed “the persistent Zionist aggression” and said that the Jewish state should be held accountable for its “war crimes”.

In recent years, enforcement of the boycott has waned. Some Arab League members, such as Egypt and Jordan, ceased applying it after signing peace treaties with Israel, while others, such as Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia, do not enforce it.

Other Arab states, such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, continue to bar entry to goods made in Israel or those containing Israeli-made components.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

If the Jews boycott the Muslim World, it would correctly be branded as racism.  And when the Muslim World boycott the Jewish nation, it is and will forever be racism.

Its not possible for the state of Israel to boycott the «Muslim World». Simply because Israel than had to boycott it self. The state of Israel have two million Arab citizens, the large majority of them Muslims. They enjoy full civil rights in the Jewish state, and have the highest per capita income in the Arab World.

One of the best example of the racist policy of the Muslim World, is their relations to the Israeli Airliner El Al. The airliner is not permitted to even fly over nations like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan.

Shame on the International community that does not act against such injustice.

2 thoughts on “Arabs to strengthen racist boycott of Jewish state of Israel

  1. I could not but notice that the photo of the meeting room of the Arab League shows a lighting arrangement in the ceiling that is formed as a star of David. Now what would that signify?

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