Orthodox Jews calls Messianic`s «niggers» and «bastards»

«Come here you stupid nigger», a hassid calls out. «Nigger bastard», yells another. They curse in English, usually accented.

Two Jewish believers have recorded many attacks from Orthodox Jews
Two Jewish believers have recorded many attacks from Orthodox Jews

Eddie Beckford and his wife Lura is a Messianic Christian couple living in the desert town of Arad. Thir videos, going back to 2005, show anywhere from a handful to a mob of local Gur Hassidim harassing them and other Messianics in town. Eddie Beckford, 61, is a black American, hence the racial slur.

«Nigger, go back to Harlem», chants one gleeful man in the midst of hundreds of shouting, singing, fired-up hassidim who surrounded Beckford’s storefront chess-club-cum-Christian-mission on Shabbat, June 17, 2005. Eddie was filming from inside the club while about 10 other fearful Messianics were praying.

Source: Jerusalem Post:

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My comment:

Messianic Jews are Jews good as any Jew. They love their own people, they support Zionism, and they even try their best to bless people who hate them. The only reason why Messianic Jews are hated, is that they believe that the Messiah have already come, and that his name is Y´shua.

It is strange that Orthodox Jews can accept almost everything, but not Messianic Jews. The Law of Return does not brand people anti-Jewish, even is they deny God, are completely secular, profess faith in Buddha, or are gay-activist. But if you believe in Y´shua (Jesus), than you are in for trouble with Orthodox Jews .

Is it not strange?

I can understand their reaction against the fact that antichrist posing as «Jesus» has deceived claimed to be Christians to attack and persecute Jews. But why are Jews attacking Messianic Jews, who both support Zionism and send their own children to serve in the IDF?

Stop fighting brothers.

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