Fascists helped ousted Pope

The Kingdom of Italy removed Roman Catholicism as state religion in 1870. In 1929 the Papal system was brought back by the Fascists, though the Treaties of Lateran. With Benito Mussolini as the midwife, The present Vatican state was born.

In 1848, the Pope of Rome was exiled to the Castle of Gaeta 120 kilometer south ot Rome.
In 1848, the Pope of Rome was exiled to the Castle of Gaeta 120 kilometer south of Rome.

The Papal system was the ruler of Kings and Kingdoms. It was the biggest landowner of the divide Italian peninsula of many small states. It had its own army, and a Pope sitting in Rome.

On September 10 in 1870 A.D, Italy declared war on the Papal States. The Italian Army, commanded by General Raffaele Cadorna, crossed the papal frontier on 11 September and advanced slowly toward Rome. He was hoping that a peaceful entry could be negotiated.

The Italian Army reached the Aurelian Walls on 19 September and placed Rome under a state of siege. Although the pope’s tiny army was incapable of defending the city, Pius IX ordered it to put up at least a token resistance to emphasize that Italy was acquiring Rome by force and not consent.

Map of Italy before the war against the Papal system
Map of Italy before the war against the Papal system

On September 20, the Bersaglieri entered Rome and marched down Via Pia, which was subsequently renamed Via XX Settembre. Rome and Latium were annexed to the Kingdom of Italy.

In October, Rome and the surrounding Campagna, voted for a union with the kingdom of Italy. Pius IX refused to accept this act of force majoure.

Pope Pius IX lost his Earthly Kingdom. The Papal system made a comback in Rome with the help of the Fascists.
Pope Pius IX lost his Earthly Kingdom. The Papal system made a comeback in Rome with the help of the Fascists.

He remained in his palace, describing himself as a prisoner in the Vatican. However the new Italian control of Rome did not wither, nor did the Catholic world come to the Pope’s aid, as Pius IX had expected.

Pope Pius IX spent his time as prisoner of the Vatican. In 1882, A later Pope even considered moving the papacy to Trieste or Salzburg, two cities in Austria.

My comment:

Pope Pius IX convened the First Vatican Council in 1869, which decreed Papal infallibility in questions of moral and how to understand the scriptures.

That the Roman religion was suspended as state religion in the new Italian Kingdom the very next year, should not have impressed anyone enough to believe in the infallibility of the Pope in Rome.

The people of 1870 A.D simply did not want him. Even the people who lived in Rome, voted against the Pope in a referendum. The citizens of Rome wanted to be a part of the new Kingdom of Italy, with religious freedom, without a Pope as their religious head.

The Pope of Rome became a victim of the political games he had created as head of a worldly state. In 1848 he even had to flee Rome because of an uprising, and take exile in the Castle of Gaeta in The Kingdom of Two Sicilles. That was 120 kilometers from Rome, just north of Napoli. The Pope, not yet to be anointed by his Church with infallibility, was exiled in this castle for two years. But even when he came back to Rome in april 1850, French troops remained in Rome until 1870, to protect the status quo on the chaotic Italian peninsula.

If it had not been for the Fascists, the Papal system might have ended on the scrap-yard of history almost hundred years ago. The Bible tells us that one Pope, one of the heads of the «beast» would be rescued by another «beast».

Revelation 13:3
One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished and followed the beast.

Mussolini and Hitler. Two stern faced man came to the reque of the Pope of Rome.
Mussolini and Hitler. Two stern faced Kings came to the rescue of the Pope of Rome. Hitler made his own peace deal with the Vatican in 1933.

The «brown shirts» brought back Roman Catholicism as state religion in Italy. The Fascists and the Pope had common interests and aspirations, and were well suited for each other.

If the Fascists were able to gain World control by political and military powers, the winners would make the Pope in Rome the religious head of the World.

Bentito Mussolini came to power by violence, following the «March on Rome» in 1922. As late as 1927, he was baptized by a Catholic priest. This was needed to silence Catholic opposition to the planned deal of making peace with Fascism in exchange for the Vatican state in 1929.

The two «peace partners» of Rome who signed the Treaties of Lateran. did not succeed.

But just before the Jewish Messiah returns to Earth, they will finally «succeed».

Read more about the Papal views on Israel: Click here

First published July 16th, 2009

Written by Ivar

19 thoughts on “Fascists helped ousted Pope

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    1. Dear sjedmoor 85.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site. I have deleted your links.

      I do not want anyone to be deceived by any Papal solider. Please learn from history, and see that you are serving an anti-Messiah religious system. Repent, be baptized. Obey the Word. Follow Jesus of Nazareth as He demands from the scriptures.

      1. lol, Sorry please show me proof(proper quotes and excerpts), NOT just one liners, OUT of context of what he was saying. And Please no Ambassador Reports. They are just a Hateful Rumor mill, they have NO proof whatsoever.

      2. Information on Herbert Armstrong:

        1) Hundreds of predictions, none of which happened
        2) Rejected the truth of the Trinity
        3) Taught works for salvation, which leads to hell
        4) Rejected the truth of eternal torment of unbelievers

        That alone proves him to be a false teacher leading people to hell.

  2. There are people out there trying to make a “One World Government”, and “One World Religion”.
    This shows us where, down through history and the Bible, who is behind this Movement(or whatever you call it,Plan,or whatever)

    Click to access Book%20of%20Revelation%20Unveiled%20at%20Last%20(Prelim%201972).pdf

    Click to access Key%20to%20the%20Book%20of%20Revelation%20(Prelim%201972).pdf


    Click to access Who%20or%20What%20is%20the%20Prophetic%20Beast%20(Prelim%201985).pdf

  3. The Lateran Treaty is one of the Lateran Pacts of 1929 or Lateran Accords, three agreements made in 1929 between the Kingdom of Italy and the Holy See, ratified June 7, 1929, ending the “Roman Question.” Italy was then under a Fascist government; the succeeding Italian governments have all upheld the treaty.

    The pacts consisted of three documents:
    A political treaty recognising the full sovereignty of the Holy See in the State of Vatican City, which was thereby established.
    A concordat regulating the position of the Catholic Church and the Catholic religion in the Italian state.
    A financial convention agreed on as a definitive settlement of the claims of the Holy See following the losses of its territories and property.

    What is Concordat?? A concordat is an agreement between the Holy See of the Catholic Church and a sovereign state on religious matters. This often includes both recognition and privileges for the Catholic Church in a particular country. Privileges might include exemptions from certain legal matters and processes, and issues such as taxation as well as the right of a state to influence the selection of bishops within its territory.

    The Council of Constance proclaimed the Concordat to be the regular form of governing relations between the Papacy and foreign kingdoms.

    Although for a time after the Second Vatican Council, which ended in 1965, the term ‘concordat’ was dropped, it reappeared with the Polish Concordat of 1993 and the Portuguese Concordat of 2004. A different model of relations between the Vatican and various states is still evolving (see e.g. Petkoff 2007) in the wake of the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on Religious Liberty, Dignitatis Humanae

    You think you know history of the Catholic Church, but you don’t!! I have a degree Church History and theology from College and Seminary! What do you have to prove??? Nothing but say so!

  4. Vatican Osservatore Romano editor Vian said on May 18th that Obama “is not a pro-abortion president” – proves stand to encourage Catholics to breed and to encourage non-Catholics to abort out of spite. The Vatican likes the abortion status quo in the USA for this reason. Their purpose is only conquest, not faith. Carolignian Brzezinski spawned Zia al Haq, Khomeini, and bin Laden – breaks up superpowers via Aztlan and Kosovo as per Joel Garreau’s Nine Nations. Brzezinski, Buckley and Buchanan winked anti-Semitic votes for Obama, delivered USA to Pope’s feudal basket of Bamana Republics. Michael Pfleger and Joe Biden prove Obama is the Pope’s boy. Obama is half a Kearney from County Offaly in Ireland. Talal got Pontifical medal as Fatima mandates Catholic-Muslim union against Jews (Francis Johnson, Great Sign, 1979, p. 126), Catholic Roger Taney wrote Dred Scott decision. John Wilkes Booth, Tammany Hall and Joe McCarthy were Catholics. Now Catholic majority Supreme Court. Catholics Palmisano, Grasso, Damato, Langone, Mozilo, Ranieri, Dioguardi, Palmieri destroyed American industry with their casuistrous ethics. Subprime construction mobsters had hookers deliver mortgages to banks. McCain’s Keeting started it all. Brzezinski set up Arab Spring and Zia, so why surprised bin Laden was in Sineurabia code? Pakistanis descend from weasels who sold their Hindu brothers into hundreds of years of islamic slavery. That is why FIAT supplied Iran and every Catholic is like a Manchurian Candidate programmed to kill their best friend of they felt the “Holy Father” required it. They find American cars too advanced to use or their mechanics to fix. Ellis Island Popecrawlers brought in FDR. Since Pio Nino banned voting they consider our Constitution and laws immoral and illegitimate and think nothing of violating them or passing legislation that undermine them. They believe that they can not be fully loyal to their superiors if they do not go the extra stretch and break the law intentionally. Their slovenly, anti-intellectual work ethic produces vacuous, casuistrous blather and a tangle of hypocritical, contradictory regulations. Their clubhouse purges provided praetorian training for corporate misgovernance. They sided with the enemy in both World Wars and now, too. Every American boom has been caused by an Evangelical Revival and every major Depression by the domination of new Catholic immigrants. NYC top drop outs: Hispanic 32%, Black 25%, Italian 20%. NYC top illegals: Ecuadorean, Italian, Polish. Ate glis-glis but blamed plague on others, now lettuce coli. Their bigotry most encouraged terror yet they reap most security funds. View this life as casuistry training to survive purgatory. Rabbi circumcises lower, Pope upper brain. Tort explosion by glib casuistry. Hollywood Joe Kennedy had Bing Crosby proselytize. Bazelya 1992 case proves PLO-IRA-KLA links. Our enemy is the Bru666elles Sineurabia feudal Axis and the only answer is alliance with Israel and India. They killed six million Jews, a million Serbs, half a million freemasons, a quarter million Gypsies, they guided the slaughter of Assyrians and Armenians, and promoted the art of genocide throughout the world now they are relentless in their year to canonize nazi pope. 9/11 was Yugo Crimean blowback: Napoleon started the crusade against the Photius Heresy to avenge his uncle, Clinton wanted to cover Pacelli’s war crimes. They had no qualms hijacking American policy in Vietnam or Balkans to papal ends, but when American interests opposed those of the papacy in Iraq and Iran, they showed their true fangs (Frum, Unpatriotic Conservatives).

  5. Reblogged this on NoWorksSalvationApocalypseNow and commented:
    Real non-Jesuit rewritten history that Bill O’Reilly can’t spin in his spin zone. Now that the world follows the Jesuits and their News presstitutes people will never know real history. Communist Core, the new globalist approved indoctrination system will make sure that tyrants won’t be challenged again as the Pope was in 1870.

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