Jewish Bloomberg might challenge Trump

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Sunday warmly welcomed a mooted run for the White House by Michael Bloomberg.

Michael Bloomberg might run for the Oval Office, to avoid Trump being elected.

Trump saying he would “love” to go up against the fellow billionaire and former New York mayor.

The New York Times, citing anonymous sources, said Saturday that the 73-year-old Bloomberg is mulling an independent bid for the presidency and is prepared to spend $1 billion of his personal fortune.

The Republican-turned-independent sees a potential opening should Trump and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders — who is surging in polls — win their parties’ nominations, the sources said.

Source: The Times of Israel.

Donald Trump is not political correct. And the political correctness of the Republican party leadership do simply not how to handle this man.

Therefore I will help them, by using direct language.

The possibility of getting an arrogant pimp and a gambler as the commander in chief of the US, has stirred up large parts of the business community.

Not every billionaire in America like the idea of a President who have made his money on extortion, prostitution and laundering of black money.

Michael Bloomberg is surely one of these business leaders. Brought up in the Jewish community, this New York City based billionaire can break up the two-party dominance, and possibly win the November election. Becoming the first US President from the Jewish community.

Not, that I think it will make any difference: But I will endorse Bloomberg, even before he launches his campaign. When semi-Muslim Barack Hussein Obama, in July 2014 enforced a 48 hours US cilvil flight ban on Tel Aviv, Bloomberg trashed Obamas order.

In this critical hour, the former mayor of NYC booked his ticket and flew El-Al from New York to Israel. Thats the kind of leadership America and the world need. A man who speaks tenderly to Jerusalem, and stand up for Zion.

Isaiah 40

Comfort, comfort my people,
 says your God.Speak tenderly to Jerusalem,
 and proclaim to her
that her hard service has been completed,
 that her sin has been paid for,
that she has received from the Lord’s hand
 double for all her sins.

I pray that Michael Bloomberg will have an encounter with the Messiah. Neither of us can expect anyone else than Yeshua!. Amen.

Written by Ivar

24 thoughts on “Jewish Bloomberg might challenge Trump

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  1. Michael Bloomberg’s father was William Henry a real estate agent and his father ‘Alexander’ was a COMMUNIST from Russia. Michael is a member of the fraternity Phi Kappa Psi which is a secret society with the ALL SEEING EYE of Horus in the coat of arms. Michael Bloomberg supports same sex marriage, abortion rights, strict gun control, citizenship of illegals, and embryonic stem cell research (you only get this from babies!). He believes in global warming. He also expanded the use of 14 year old girls use of the abortion pill WITHOUT THE PARENTS CONSENT. In 2012 the city he was Mayor of passed a law LIMITING CIRCUMCISN among Orthodox Jews. Michel Bloomberg is an elitist, communist, anti-Semite (self Jew hater), and part of the secret societies of the world. Just giving a heads up. Check out the coat of arms: you can check out more info on Wikipedia.

    1. Dear Nannette

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I welcome your comment. Let us have a reflective debate on Michael Bloomberg, as a candidate against Donald Trump. Anyone, seems to be better than Mr. Trump.

      I totally disagree with your branding of Michael Bloomberg as a “self hating Jew”. He is surely secular, but he is a committed Zionist.

      None, abosolutely non, raise more funds to the “Israel birthright program” than Michael Bloomberg. He is also a solid pillar behind the Prime Ministership of Benjamin Netanyahu.

  2. Ivar, you are deceived. Bloomberg denounced opponent’s of the mosque at ground zero, and appointed Omar Mohammedi to the general counsel to the New York chapter on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to his city’s human rights commission. Bloomberg is a deceiver! A liberal. People voted for Obama because he was black, people would vote for Bloomberg because he is a Jew. Never mind what they say, or what they are for! Trump is for Israel as well. I’m not saying I would vote for him, but your argument does not hold water. See this: See this, Bloomberg and the pope:

    1. Dear Nannette

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      The issue of who should be the President of the USA, is not a matter of a single political issue. If Bloomberg runs against Trump, the Casino billionair will not be elected. Non of the Republican candidates seems to be able to stop Trumps run for the White House. That was my point.

      As a politician, Bloomberg is like others. To win in liberal New York City, Bloomberg, supported a lot of liberal ideas. And won. After winning, he was critizised by liberals for saling under false flag, acting like a neo-Conservative. Not so strange. Bloomberg has also been a member of the Republican party, and shifted side to win elections.

      I do not support abortion. Neither do I support same sex marriage. But what I can say about conservative Evangelicals turned politicians, Is that they are not able to win elections. They do not understand the nature of politics, and would be better staying out of it. As an example: There was a pro-life, anti-gay marriage Christian political party who run for election in Norway. They managed to get 0,7 per cent of the votes.

      If you want to win an election, you need to get 50,1 per cent of the votes. Michael Bloomberg is both willing and able to do that.

      1. Dear Nannette

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        As President of the USA, Michael Bloomberg will have to relate to the Pope. The US has an embassy in the Vatican, and the Roman Catholics are the largest so-called “Christian faith society” in the US. There are 69 million of them, or 22 per cent of the population. What Michael Bloomberg can do as the President, is only to limit the powers of the Roman Catholics. Like not appointing Roman Catholics as judges of the Supreme Court.

  3. Your not listening Edward. Read what we have been talking about. Bloomberg is an EXTREME liberal and he is not for what we would call conservative values. He is for abortion, stem sell research (from babies), legalization of illegals, he is for gay marriage. He made it possible for the mosque to be built where the two trade towers fell. I don’t care what race he is, what does he believe?

  4. I don’t disagree with you Nannette, I’m just saying the president is usually “protestant”, at least in name, regardless of what they believe.

  5. Ivar, so you say unless a candidate is FOR killing babies and FOR homosexual marriage then he can’t win? I think it is already in the bag, watch and see Hillary win by deceit or theft. The more the republicans (in name only) split up the vote the more chances this would happen. Get this Ivar: Trump run for republican, Bloomberg run independent, then Hillary run Democrat. You see the republican vote has been split and Hillary will win, she has no one on the Democratic ticket doing the same. It is the same old trick the Elites pull.

    1. Dear Nannette.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Now, lets talk politics. If Bloomberg desire Hillary to win, He just needed to endorse Clinton. If Bloomberg stands for election, He belive he can win. And He can.

      The truth is that Bloomberg do not want neither Clinton, nor Trump to win. And tens of millions of Americans cant stand neither of them.

      So to realities in life:

      To be able to change the law of free abortion, the battle is not won by rallying Evangelicals. They are on our side. And you, will be in need of the votes of the Roman Catholics!….

      The battle will be in the camp of secular neo-Conservatives and liberals with a consious, men like Michael Bloomberg. To win a battle, you need to win over people who disagree with you. And you will be in need of 50,1 per cent of the votes. If you only get 49,9, you have lost.

  6. I think you underestimate the “elites”. You actually believe they count the votes. My belief is all the do is create the illusion of a somehow believable race, complete with polls, theories, scientific explanations and mathmatical probablities. But in actuality it’s less complicated, they just pick someone.

    1. Edward, like I said it is a “TRICK” in what the “Elites” play this game in which make people think they get leaders THEY CHOOSE. Bloomberg, Clinton, and Trump are all part of the Secret Society’s. Bloomberg would enter just to help Hillary instead of like he said, TO GIVE PEOPLE ANOTHER CHOICE. If he enters then the vote is split on the Republican side and Hillary will win. Don’t you see? The are all secular, working for the evil one. No only this people are focused on politics instead of Jesus Christ. It’s all over but the shout~if you get my meaning.

  7. Hello News That Matters,

    This is not a comment for posting.

    Just want to mention that I have tried several times to donate and always get the red-lettered message, “You have entered an invalid amount….” I tried inserting different numbers and the donation box always displays the correct intent, ($50.00 USD) but it disallows me to follow through with either Paypal or credit card.

    I read your site all the time and do see that it is news that matters!

    Perhaps I will call Paypal and see if they can assist.

    Thank you for your diligence in reporting.


    Sent from Windows Mail

  8. Yeah, you’re saying Hillary is the horse that will come in. You may be right. I was thinking Rubio might come from behind but I don’t see it now.

  9. Satan will flex his muscles on election day. Gods plagues; frogs, locusts? Ha, Satan will have Hillary rule over you joined by 10,000 x 10.000 screaming vegetarian atheists.

  10. Edward, according to the Bible we get the leaders we deserve. I like this scripture, “The wicked plots against the just, and gnashes at him with his teeth. The Lord laughs at him. For he sees that his day is coming.” Psalm 37:12&13.

  11. Dear Ivar:
    I attend a Fundamentalist Baptist church, and am an American Ex-Pat living in Australia. I still vote in US elections by Asentee ballot. I am both politically and theologically well informed and I don’t understand your hostility to Donald Trump. “The possibility of getting an arrogant pimp and a gambler as the commander in chief of the US, has stirred up large parts of the business community. Not every billionaire in America like the idea of a President who have made his money on extortion, prostitution and laundering of black money.” What balderdash! Some very harsh assertions, short on proof. Sometimes Christians come across as wowsers, to use an Aussie expression. It is public knowledge that Donald Trump has been involved in the Casino industry. So what? Even non-Christians are entitled to soul liberty. Donald Trump has never owned any brothels or banks, has never been charged with extortion, or with laundering black money.’

    Trump is popular because he takes on the political correctness that has been strangling America. He is not afraid of the media and is self funding his campaign, so he is not beholden to the donor class. he can’t be bought. All the NWO shills in the media and both parties hate him, and you an know a lot about someone by the enemies they make. George Soros hates him, for example.

    Trump is a generous loving man, loo at his great family. He has helped many people in need. His limmo broke down on the Turnpike a couple gave roadside
    assistance, and he thanked them by paying off their home mortgage. When a family in Georgia was about to lose their farm to debt, when the farmer had committed Suicide, Trump raised $100,000 to bail them out, and today the family is still farming and is mortgage free, thinks to Trump. No other candidate talks with such passion about helping veterans and wounded warriors. This fellow has heart.

    He is an old fashioned nationalist, more of a populist than a conservative, and wants to tear up all the trade deals that have emptied America of most of it’s manufacturing jobs. (if free trade is the bedrock of republican conservatism, then I don’t want that sort of conservatism. This has every blue collar person in America on his side. Blacks and Hispanics (the legal ones) like the idea of deporting 30 million illegals that are taking their jobs. Everyone except the “I am a citizen of a borderless world” loves the wall on the Mexican border. If the illegals, visa over-stayers, Syrian refugees are deported, we would have a white majority in America again. Ohh-Hah! And when the globalist elites are spreading chaos with Muslim terrorism funded by the CIA, he want to pause Muslim immigration. No more 300,000 Muslims a year being welcomed into America so they can go straight on welfare. He may not know the Bible in detail, but he goes to church, identifies as a Christian, and has promised to stand up for Christians at home and abroad. Also, he wants to protect the 2nd Amendment and will repeal all Obama’s gun grabbing executive orders. From a conservative viewpoint, what’s not to like?

    I don’t feel that America has the luxury of giving anyone a go who cannot beat Sanders or Hillary Clinton. Ted Cruz would probably please you more, but he is an ideologue who can’t get along with anyone in congress. Mike Huckabee is fine but won’t get the GOP nomination. Trump is respected on both sides of the asile as someone who negotiates and gets things done. All the other candidates will give amnesty to 3o million illegals, let in the hordes of Muslim rapefugees, and finish off the NWO project of collapsing America. Trump is giving Rupert Murdoch and George Soros fits, and that’s good enough for me.

    Short of Assisination, Trump will be the next president, and the best President since Ronald Reagan, if not better, given his stances on immigration, muslilm terrorism, and globalist building world government one Trade Pact at a time.

    1. Dear Thomas P. Fischer

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I still hope there are major differences between a “Fundamentalist Baptist Church”, and the casino businss of Donald Trump. Still the American’s can elect whoever they want for the Oval office. Also someone from the mafia, if they desire.

      The problem for the rest of us, who are not US born citizens, is that the President of the USA has a lot of powers that effect all of us.

      I do not want Donald Trump to sit in this chair. But I can not vote. But I can voice my opinion.

      The problem with the Casino business, is that is is completely ruled by the kingdom of darkness. Donald Trump is the dark horse that is about to destoy the moral imperatives of the Republican Party. The Casinos mint money on people’s sins. Like the love of money, the root of all kinds of evils. It is related to alcoholism and prostitution. Donald Trump has made his money by taking advantage of people sublime weaknesses. In his campaign for the Presidency of the USA, he keep on hitting people below the belt.

      1. Dear Ivar:

        Thanks for the reply, though you have ignored the bulk of what I said, preferring to double down on your assertion that Trump is somehow under satanic control by virtue of having owned some casinos. Well, Jimmy Carter was a southern Baptist Sunday school teacher, perfect etiquette, never swore, and before Obama most conservative Americans though he was the worst president ever. Since he has left the office he has been vitriolic enemy of Israel and supporter of a Palestinian State. But he never owned a Casino, thank God! Trump is not running to be the pastor of any church, but a secular office.
        By all economic and demographic indicators, the USA is dying. Hillary Clinton would not stop TPP, keep all the other trade pacts that have off-shored most of our industry, keep Obama care, continue to have open borders and ship hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the USA. In sum America would be a 3rd world country with a Mexican + Muslim majority, no middle class, and probably find itself at war with Russia over Syria She let the diplomats in Bengasi die to keep the Isis-gun running operation from Libya via Turkey out of the media. CIA support for Isis would continue, as would the depopulation of Christianity from the Middle East sans Israel. Oh yes, she is a lesbian, in a relationship with Muslim Huma Abideen, wife of ex-congressman Anthonty Weiner. Not to mention all the private detectives she hired with campaign funds to persecute into fearful silence all the women her husband Bill Clinton has raped, groped, etc. She would also confiscate all of American’s guns. In other words you are wiling to consign the USA to a NWO hellhole because you disapprove of Trump’s occasional swearing, and the fact that he had been involved with Casinos. A myopic view that misses the big picture. Trump delivers good nationalistic outcomes that will strengthen America’s industry,
        sovereignty, shut off the tidal wave of Islamic and other 3rd world illegal and legal immigration, and protect Christianity in America and abroad. Hilary Clinton will be an extention of Obama, a Stalinist gun confiscator, who will continue the endless wars and deficits that started with Bush 43. Once she has the guns, she will probably
        use some sort of crisis to put all the white Christians in Fema camps, and the church will be meeting in the sewers. But praise God, no angry swearing or gambling investment properties! Bu this Christian wants the best for his nation, and will vote for Trump to the white house and Hillary Clinton to the jail house!

        But we’re still friends and I will vote for Trump.

        Kind regards……………

        Tom Fischer

    2. Dear Thomas P. Fischer

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I feel; the pain of millions of Americans, who have lost hope in the “politcal system” of their nation. To chose beteween Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, is like being presented with two types of hamburgers you can not eat. Still you will have to face the trouble of eating one of them.

      If I was forced to vote either for Trump or Clinton, I am sad to say with a lot of Republicans: I will have to vote for Hillary!.

      This is the political reality on the ground. If Trump is given the ticket, it will give the Clinton’s the keys to the White House, for their third term in office.

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