Refused to fly Jew from New York

Iris Eliazarov was refused to fly with Kuwait Airway from New York to London because she has an Israeli passport.

Iris Eliazarov faced sharia at the airport in New York. Refused by an Islamic airliner to fly to London.
Iris Eliazarov faced sharia at the airport in New York. Refused by an Islamic airliner to fly to London.

This is a copy of a comment by Michael Freund in Jerusalem Post.

A seemingly minor incident at a New York airport has cast an ugly glare on the true nature of some of America’s so-called moderate Arab allies, raising serious questions about the type of company that Washington chooses to keep.

Iris Eliazarov and husband David Nektalov‬
Iris Eliazarov and husband David Nektalov‬

Last Friday, the New York Daily News broke the story of Iris Eliazarov, a 26-year-old pregnant mother of four, who was prevented by Kuwait Airways from boarding a flight from JFK Airport to London because she is an Israeli citizen.

Her husband, an American, was allowed on the flight, but when Eliazarov, who has a green card, took out her Israeli passport, airline officials would not permit her on the plane. She was forced to buy a ticket on a different flight.

The episode, which took place on November 1, came to light after Eliazarov filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing the Kuwaitis of discrimination.

Likening herself to Rosa Parks, the US black civil rights activist who launched the struggle against segregation on public transportation in 1955, Eliazarov said she was taking a “principled stand,” while her husband, David Nektalov, told the paper, “I didn’t think discrimination like this could exist in America, in JFK (Airport), in New York City.”

“If they want to operate here, they have to obey our laws,” he insisted.

But the US government apparently disagrees, as it resolutely turns a blind eye toward Kuwait’s scurrilous behavior and dubious record on human rights.

Just last month, for example, the Kuwaiti regime arrested a former member of parliament, Saleh al-Mulla, for “insulting” the country’s emir in a tweet.

In a separate incident, former Kuwaiti information minister Saad al-Ajmi was sentenced to prison for publishing an article about government corruption in a pro-opposition electronic newsletter.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Obama administration regularly present the Presidents lectures on freedom, democracy and liberty. But these kind of American values do not included Jews living in America. Neither Christians and Jews living in the Middle East.

The ugly truth about US foreign policy, is that uncle Sam are in bed with some of the most horrible Islamic dictatorships.  The whole US global oil dominion rests on military bases over seas. The most imortent of them is based on a corporate relationship with he Islamic Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.

From its airbases close to Riyad, the US can strike targets deep into Afghanistan. The US can also control the air space over Iran and Syria.  Not having to depend on the increasingly rebellious regime in Ankara, a member of NATO.

The Obama administration’s job number one, seems to be to end the civil war within Islam.  Al long as Sunni and Shia Muslims keep on fighting and killing each other in the name of “allah”, Obamas definition of Islam stand exposed as non sense.  The religion of the Muslims can be called anything but “the religion of peace”. Therefore Washington D.C struggle to enter into a “peace deal” with Iran. Only when Iran is presented as a suitable “peace partner”, and join the roundtable’s of global politics, the sons of Muhammad will be likely to cease fire.

“But now I will send for many fishermen,” declares the Lord, “and they will catch them. After that I will send for many hunters, and they will hunt them down on every mountain and hill and from the crevices of the rocks.

That a Jewish lady is refused to fly with Kuwait airways from New York to London, seems to be the last of Obamas concerns. But it should be an eye opener for all Jews and Evangelical Christians.  Yeshua the Messiah has not promised us an easy go. Rather opression and persecution.

The Jewish prophet Jeremiah  explained to us that that there will come hunters, who will drive all Jews back home to Zion. There are still six millions of them In America. With the reign of Obama and his blindfolded followers, we can only expect more evils. Till the day the last and final antichrist will managed to decieve the Jews, adn reign from Jerusalem . This global figure, the last man of lawlessness will be killed by the incoming and returning Messiah. Amen.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Refused to fly Jew from New York

    1. Dear Scarlett

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      The Muslims call Jews and Christians, “the people of the book”. They know that there is something particular about these two groups, that binds them togethter in the Jewish Bible. The Jews search for the Messiah. Christians who recognize the Jewish Messiah, is called to provoke their Jewish brethren to jalousie. Christians who do this have enlarged Israel. We are the new Israel of God, who have enlarged the number of His selected children.

      There will always be a remnant of God on the face of the Earth. Till the day the Messiah returns. Amen.

  1. America is up for judgement. Like the days of Noah were. G-d tore down the towel of babel because of lawlessness and violence and now gov’s are trying to build a one world rule again, repeating history. I read a article from Rick Warren’s perch who has take so many Chirsitans that have been ifested with satanic lies that the god of Islam is the same G-d of Israel..Time is up, HE is going to demanstrate HIS Word is truth. I also hear a revival is happening In Israel as G-d said when the gentile time is up , HE would open the Jewish eyes. Praise HIS NAME.. HE also said things would Happen fast so stay in the word so we do not become confused. Apostasy is full bloom. and after all the Islamic demonic killing, the pope goes to talk to Congress ..they all say, love covers all………… it doesn’t and Islam does not agree with the churches who say they do..they say that Allah will let them lie, to bring on the one world muslim terror world..and pray without ceasing.. the wicked will be more wicked as we see aound the world..but what has darkness have to do with love covers is one thing, to win souls but to join them..NO………..we know that we are to turn away from any other gospel that the L-rd gave us

  2. It would be more accurate to say they refused to fly an Israeli. If Israeli is synonymous with Jew perhaps it’s Israel who has a segregation problem.

  3. Will you blame the Pope for this?

    Only fools will ignore that Islam is taking over the world, politics, schools, laws NOT THE POPE.

    No matter how Islam takes over the world, idiots will still blame the Pope. Even if Islam beheads the Pope himself, they will still blame the Pope and claim he planned everything!


    ISLAM: The Beast of Revelation!

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