Iran nuke deal quietly collapses in the mother of all decptions

Obamas “peace agreement” with Iran seems to have fallen apart before the deal was done.

The Ayatollah of Iran has got his way with the Obama administration.
The Ayatollah of Iran has got his way with the Obama administration.

Less than a month after it was hailed as “a great diplomatic coup,” the Geneva accord to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions seems to have come unstuck.

The official narrative in Tehran is that Iran signed nothing. “There is no treaty and no pact,” says Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham, “only a statement of intent.”

Originally, Iran’s official media had presented the accord as a treaty (qarardad), but it now refers to a “letter of agreement” (tavafoq nameh).

On Sunday, an editorial in the daily Kayhan, published by the office of Supreme Guide Ali Khameini, claimed that the six-month period of the accord was meaningless and that a final agreement might “even take 20 years to negotiate.”

The new Iranian narrative is that talks about implementing an accord that is not legally binding have collapsed and that there is no change in the rhythm and tempo of Iran’s nuclear project.

“Our centrifuges are working full capacity,” the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency, Ali-Akbar Salehi, said last Thursday. If unable to impose its will on others, the Iranian regime will try to buy time through endless negotiations.

Source:  New York Post

My comment:

Now, who is fooling who here?

The publisher write “The Iranian regime will try to buy time through endless negotiations”.

That is the core issue.

The nuclear deal might fall apart, but Obama and his kinsmen will continue to pretend that Iran is a suitable “peace partner”.  

This is a gift to the Ayatollah of Iran. His totalitarian regime can continue to prepare for their maiden nuclear explosion.

When it finally take place, the World will express  utterly shock and amazement. Still unable to put the genie back in the bottle, they World will eventually submit to the demands of Sharia based Islam. For the sake of the new “universal brotherhood and peace”. A political correct replacement phrase for Islamic terror.

Written by Ivar.

4 thoughts on “Iran nuke deal quietly collapses in the mother of all decptions

  1. Iran is undoubtably the most dangerous regime in the world, more so than even North Korea. The accord reached in Geneva was nothing short of a capitulation to Iran’s agenda and constitutes appeasement on a scale not seen since Munich in 1938. This highly touted accord is just one more in a long line of Obama’s foreign policy failures, only this one is very dangerous to Israel and the world at large. Once Iran has nuclear weapons there will be nothing to stop it from providing them to the terrorist organizations that Iran has openly supported for years, and then America itself will be threatened. Obama and Kerry both should be removed from office and charged with treason.

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