Bible studies # 22: The claimed power of Pope is sin against the Holy Spirit

The Papal claim of Pope as «Vicar of Christ» replaces the Holy Spirit as the head of the Church on Earth. The Holy Spirit is equally available to all who surrender to Jesus of Nazareth as God the Son.

Who are the people who are subject to the Papal authority in Rome?
Who are the people who are subject to the Papal authority in Rome?

First, Christians should not be to occupied with what Satan and his children are doing. We are called to shine among men, reflect the light of Jesus and do the will of our Father in Heaven.

But we cant avoid encounter people who work for the devil, many out of ignorance but some knowingly, having been told the truth but rejected it.

When Paul met a false prophet named Bar-Jesus, He gave him this message:

Acts 13:10

«You are a child of the devil and an enemy of everything that is right! You are full of all kinds of deceit and trickery. Will you never stop perverting the right ways of the Lord?»

This Bar-Jesus claimed to know God, and he spoke about God, but his knowledge was not based on the truth. He had got power from the devil, but was in the eyes of God Most High worthless.

Where did the deception begin?

It all started in the Garden of Eden, with the devil taking the name of God, claiming to know the will of God. The result was Adam and Eve being lead into sin, by disobeying the Word of God.

Satan basically is a promoter of sin against the Word of God. Thats why Jesus the Messiah told us it would be better for people to have a milestone around their neck, and being thrown into the deep blue sea, than to lead people into sin.

Lets take a look of some major institutionalized sins, explained in the Bible:

The sin of holding the Jews back in Egypt:

Satan is the killer of the truth, the enemy of the Jewish people from the day of their election as God`s`chosen people.

The devil did his best to exterminate the Jews in Egypt, by telling the pharaoh to kill all the firstborn Jewish boys. Pharaoh did not fully know what Satan had in mind: «The moment there is no Jews on planet Earth, the God of Israel is a false God, and the Bible a false book».

The sin of trying to murder the new born Messiah:

When Jesus of Nazareth was born, the devil again used his children to try to block the will of God. This time it was the Messiah him self that was the target. King Herod sent out his soldiers to kill all boys in and around Bethlehem, under the age of two years. Satan knew that if he could kill the Messiah at birth, there would not be a needed redemption of man kind.

The sin of claiming global Papal authority:

In the early Church Satan operated through a man called Bar-Jesus. But this man copy-cat-Jesus was not the only one. When we reached 400 A.D, another copy-cat had become very powerful. He was promoted by the Pope in Rome, a «Jesus» claiming that God demanded the Church to be headed by one supreme Bishop, the Pontifex Maximus in Rome.

Pope Benedict is the present Pontifex Maximus, the ruler of pagan Rome
Pope Benedict is the present Pontifex Maximus, the ruler of pagan Rome

This pagan tittle was first held by Caesar in Rome, the head of the Roman religion.

When this tittle was introduced into claimed to be Christianity, true followers of the Messiah objected.

To have a Roman Pontiff would be against the teaching of the Apostles. Jesus of Nazareth had said that the Holy Spirit will come and be the «vicar of Christ», and would be equally available to all believers.

And there were many synods and Bishops who did not want to be ruled by the Emperor of Rome and his pope.

The pope is a man of sin. His throne is a lie and blunt blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, a sin that Jesus said never will be pardoned and forgiven.

The sin of banning people from reading the Bible:

The Papal system tried to take control over the Jewish scriptures, banning ordinary people from access to the Word of God. The Pope and his faithful followers claimed that the will of God, was meant only to be understood by Roman Catholic priests, who was learned men in Latin.

In several European countries, faithful Christians were burnt at stake for trying to translate the Latin Bible into their local languages. Martin Luther was a German Catholic priest who avoided being arrested by the Pope, protected by the Protestants, and therefor succeeded in giving his own people the Bible in the German language.

The sin of trying to get rid of the Jewish people:

In the 1940-ties Satan used two Roman Catholics as a tool to genocide the Jewish people. The Nazi-leader Adolf Hitler was baptized and confirmed in the Papal Church, and the Fascist leader in Italy, Benito Mussolini, converted to Catholicism as an adult. The Satanic motive was one and the same as in Egypt 3000 years earlier. «If we can get rid of all Jews, than Lucifer will be proven to the God Most High».

The sin of trying to demolish the restored Jewish homeland:

Today, the children of the devil work hard in a bid to demolish the Jewish state of Israel. Because, the existence of the restored Jewish homeland is the best proof there is, of a living God of Israel and a coming of His Messiah. The devil know that if he can manage to destroy Israel, the prophetic Word that foretold an end time restoration of the Jewish people in the homeland will be a bluff.

The Bible tells that Satan shall almost succsed. Like with Job, an image of the struggle of the Jewish people. Sin is the man of lawlessness.

1. John 3:4

Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness.

You can be sure that working against the will of God of the Bible, will put you in trouble for eternity. You have chosen to have the devil as you fauther, and you will surely end up in the lake of fire together with him and all his children.

Written by Ivar

32 thoughts on “Bible studies # 22: The claimed power of Pope is sin against the Holy Spirit

  1. I was present at an RCC Mass yesterday. In front of hundreds of Catholics, the priest said: “When I am in that chair up there, I am not actually Fr. Joe up there, I am Jesus.  I actually get to be Jesus.”. So this whole Vicar of Christ heresy is permeated through hierarchy to the parish level.

    1. Kay, if I was in that Roman Catholic “church” and heard that vile “priest” say what you just wrote about, I would stand up out start screaming on top of my lungs, “LIAR! BLASPHEMY! YOU HAVE DEFILED THE NAME OF MY FATHER JESUS CHRIST! YOU HAVE COMMITTED THE UNPARDONABLE SIN OF LYING AND BLASPHEMY! YOU ARE A DEPRAVED DEMON! GET BEHIND ME SATAN!”

      Then I would run out the door of that filthy “church” calling all the congregation to “GET OUT NOW!” as well.

      The Roman Catholic Church has rejected the true Gospel of the Most High God and those who ARE NOT IGNORANT of its crimes and continue to defend this “church” — the ones who know better — are in for a rude awakening when they stand before God and are required to give an account.

      Paul says, “I was a blasphemer and injurious, but I obtained mercy, because I did it IGNORANTLY and in unbelief.” There are many out there who are NOT ignorant and know exactly what is going on in the Roman Catholic church, yet defend it to the ends of the earth. They claim to be “Spirit filled” Christians, but make excuse after excuse about how this filthy, lying, pool of scum that teaches doctrines of demons is the true “Christian” church. They even go as far as to say that the Roman Catholic Church is “sacred.” The Bible says of these people, “Although they claimed to be wise, became FOOLS.”

      The lame excuses and justification that they have come up with in this world to defend and protect this lie will disintegrate before the King of Kings one day soon. WOE TO THEM, as our Holy Precious God, Jesus Christ, pronounces DESERVED judgment on those who refuse to take the blinders off their eyes and stop compromising the truth of the Gospel.

      Thank you for this article, Ivar.

      May Yeshua bless and protect you always.

    2. Why would you be at a mass? I’ve been an RC for 50 years and never heard a priest say that. I think you are a LIAR! In any case, reading this site I can see you people are lost and clueless about the Holy Spirit, the role of the Church Christ instituted on this earth until He returned, the role of the Jews in the divine plan, and just about everything else. I pity you and those lost like you.

      1. Kenny Mac,

        You pity what you do not know or understand. My salvation is in Jesus, my Lord & Savior, therefore I am not lost. I have great joy in Him alone, for it is written: “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9).


      2. Kenny

        It’s hard for you to see because it’s all you’ve known and been told. When you start investigating your own church you may be shocked. For instance the pope has called for a new world order ( world govt) and the head priest of the Vatican observatory says the church should baptize space aliens. He even said that Jesus probably became a space alien to save aliens on other planets. I’m not kidding. Google it. This began my research into my own church- which was catholic until I began my exodus from Catholicism. It’s in His word I will remain.

    3. WHAAAT???? Kay, please denounce your allegiance to the Vatican. If you were baptized and confirmed (confirmation), you have given your soul to this apostate “church”. I hope other catholics that heard that heresy will be awakened to the truth, the RCC has an antichrist spirit. Jesus is coming soon, you must turn to Jesus, ask for forgiveness (idolatry of saints and Mary), start reading your bible, begin with John and read to the end. You will see that catholic doctrine does not follow the teachings in the Bible, the Holy Word of God. Please visit my YouTube channel, it is called prayntongues, the same as my username here. Inbox me at YT if you need answers. I am an ex-RC for 2 yrs. My family is still RC, i’m praying for them to pick up their bible and read it because they will not listen to me. Please everyone here, pray for all catholics, that they will feel a need to read their bible, may the the Holy Spirit remove the scales from their eyes to SEE THE TRUTH!

      1. Prayntongues:

        I do denounce the catholic faith. My above post (about how i was at the RCC church & heard that priest say that) was written 1 year ago at approximately 1 month after I accepted Jesus as my Savior and I was working my way “out of her”.


  2. Volumes could be written about why many, if not most or almost all, Catholics will have their faith counted NOT WORTHY in the end, because of the bastardized version of Christianity they believed in that has been perpetuated for centuries by the Roman Catholic Church. If Catholics simply did a minimal amount of research online about the RCC they would discover this, but their allegiance to Catholicism and defensiveness to any criticism of it, have blinded them. If salvation is by faith only and you can’t get that one thing right, then you are “dead man walking”. Obviously, it’s just my opinion, but I don’t think there will be any Catholics in heaven. That means over a billion people who thought they were Christian and saved, won’t be. That’s a shuddering thought to consider.

  3. God didn’t tell us in the Bible that He was sending the pope as the Vicar of Christ. The Bible does insist that Jesus is the head of the church.The pope gladly welcomes the praise of men, but Jesus directed all worship to the Father, and said of Himself:
    “Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.” Mark 10:18 __ Isaiah 42:8 Looking up!

    1. And dont forget what Peter the JEWISH fisherman/apostle said to Cornelius
      “And as Peter was coming in, Cornelius met him, and fell down at his feet, and worshipped him. But Peter took him up, saying, Stand up; I myself also am a man…”
      Shalom, Jonathan

  4. Shalom

    Pope’s claim to be Jesus is a deception Jesus warn us not to believe in this damnable heresy, Surely if this Hitler youth was indeed a true born again I don’t think he will make sure claim to be Vicar of Christ

  5. I just posted this article on my facebook page, I hope my RC friends and family will read it and the message I posted with it. Let us all pray for the RCs, ask the Holy Spirit to press in on them to pick up their Bible and read the TRUTH and remove the scales from their eyes so they can SEE that all RCC doctrine is anti-Christ. I’ve been an ex-RC for almost 2 yrs. I heard the unmistakeable voice of Jesus, telling me that I “must be baptized”, I questioned why? He answered, “you have a black stain from your first baptism”. I’ve been following Jesus ever since and when I got baptized, I felt so alive! I love Him for bringing me back to him and saving me from that evil religion. RCs, I invite you to visit my youtube channel, it is the same name as my username here. God Bless! The King is coming!! are you ready??

  6. Catholic Cardinal Martini worked on the NIV bible, Satan’s perversion. Strange that “news that matters” uses this version, isn’t it?

    1. Strange but curiously true , whats also odd is the fact that catholics hold dear the same pagan symbolisms as freemasons and both these satanic brotherhoods are under the control/ownership of the elite/alluminati who established zionism to bring about there anti-christ! “news that matters” are passionate suporters of zionism ? and when one tells of these truths you get spamed and falsely accused of hateing Jewish people ???

      1. Dear truth verses lies


        You wrote:

        Zionism to bring about there anti-christ! “news that matters” are passionate suporters of zionism ?

        My comment:

        There is a lot of ignorance in regards to Zionism, all over the World.

        First: Zionism can be many things, and Zionists are not one group of people. We can be both secular, religious and Messianic.

        But to make this simple:

        Biblical Zionism is about God being the owner of the city of Jerusalem, and the cities and tows around it. An area a little bit larger then Greater New York City.

        God of the Bible chose the Jewish people to look after this city and this land. A covenant was made, where God promised to be their God forever, and that they would be the only true caretakers. Both the good the bad and the ugly.

        Pagans of different kinds, can not delete God’s promises. We can only make a mockery out of them, and accuse God of being a liar. Please do not do that.

  7. The whole of the roman catholic religious system is actually the whore of Babylon, in Revelation17.
    You cannot point out the false teachings of roman catholicism to catholics, without them accusing you of being a hater.

    And I have realized that there is little point in quoting scripture to them, as they just trot out more and more false teachings..

    The worst thing about it is that these people are going to end up in hell, because of there false teaching and demonic practices, and that they are deceiving others into believing that catholicism is christian.

    1. Hi spookchristian,

      When a mission, which professes to speak the Word of God, is false there will be no hatred shown towards it.

      But do not follow PF-I for he is the false prophet of the Book of Revelation.

      1. Dear Oldman


        You might be right on this.

        If Pope Francis is the false prophet, than surely, the Cardinals who elected Him are the wolfs in sheep’s clothing. Jesus the Messiah called such religious people, brood of wipers.

        And were did all these cardinals come from? They were first trained in the service of religious fraud by their parish priests, serving as alter boys.

  8. I know what you mean,,,Jesus did tell us about false christs etc,,,the whole world system, is run by satan, as he has dominion at the moment, and so anyone not in Christ,
    will be deceived..
    it does not matter whether it is islam,buddhism, catholicism,atheism, evolution,, it is all run by demonic spirits/entities …

  9. The book of Daniel, is now open, the book G-d had sealed for some time but said it would be open and is. the pope standing with the PLO those against the gospel, Christ and the Jewish people is going to sign the seven yr peace and put a plo state in G-d’s land. all that is said in the bible is in place. G-d let us know that the Jews would win these last wars. When Damascus turns to rubble Isaiah 17, the Plslms 83 of the nations about to attack and how the nuke plant in Iran would be blown up and G-d said HE would destroy the enemies of HIS and the Jews. G-d is never early but also never late. HE is fulfilling the last fall feasts..HE is coming very soon..HE says HE is not coming to destroy Israel, as the Jews have received double for their sins. right now a revival is going on in Israel, even rabbi’s are seeing the truth of Messiah having came. It is the gentiles who are or have been turning from truth. We see the lust of the flesh world wide, like in the days of Noah, same thing, the ones kicked out of heaven seen the women on earth an saw they were fair and lust took over. like in Sodom and now the world.. none of these will ever see the Kingom..they think if they do good deeds that G-d wil lexcept them, but what HE says to them on the judgment seat is I never knew you, you men of lawlessness. lawlessness is world wide and so is sodomy. People need to read what G-d says, it is clear. not to the false propets in the world who G-d said has double is will be a terrible day as the liar pope uses the lie of climate change which G-d disputes in genesis thousands more wil starve and more evil as all will fight for food and kill all to get it.. what a day we live in as all has been fulfilled so far as we can see iit is time our is coming. HE told the diciples HE had to go so HE could send HIS HOLY Spirit to us. when we except our L-rd His Holy Spirit fills us , seals us forever ..HE died for our sins as HE knew it was the only way of the cross that we cold be saved. How preious is our G-d..Shalom

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