West should have talked to Taliban 11 years ago

The West should have tried talking to the Taliban a decade ago, the UK’s top general in Afghanistan has said.

Genral Nick Carter should send the bill for the failed war in Afghanistan to Pentagon.
General Nick Carter should send the bill for the failed war in Afghanistan to the Pentagon.

Gen Nick Carter told the Guardian it would have been easier to find a political solution when they were on the run in 2002.

Prime Minister David Cameron acknowledged that the original settlement for Afghanistan “could have been better arranged”.

His comments come days after planned negotiations with the Taliban stalled. Gen Carter also warned Afghan forces would need military and financial support after troops leave in 2014.

The Kabul government would have only shaky control over some areas, he said.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

When the first US bombs were dropped over Afghanistan in 2001, I immediately said the revengeful Americans are making a huge mistake.The multibillion weapon industry is making money again.

You simply do not win the heart of a people, by bombing them.

If the US had just invested 10 billion US dollars in new schools, better sanitation, water irrigation projects and infrastructure in Afghanistan, the Afghan’s would not have supported the Taliban. Or even better: The Taliban leaders would have seen something much better than to make war.

The Bible is clear. When someone tries to curse you, return the bid with a blessing.

The deceived Muslims in Afghanistan have now been radicalized to hate the west. It took over a trillion USD to destroy all hope of peace and reconciliation between our two very different cultures and civilizations.

But some people have made a lot of money.

 Matthew 5:44

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

The first person to die in all “war theater’s”  are the truth.  The next to die is all decency.  Put a young man into a uniform, and give him a gun, and he quickly become a wild beast. He takes orders from “whoeverknows”, and kill for a penny.

Jesus the Messiah told us to bless our enemy. Not to rape and kill them.  Let anyone come and try to force me into a uniform, and I will bow down and tell them to rather cut my head off.  I would rather enter heaven today, than to have innocent blood on my hands.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “West should have talked to Taliban 11 years ago

  1. US, UK and all its allies had great confidence.They thought themselves as winners in every-field; but check-out the mess they have made, and the mess they are slipping into.

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