Russian warships dock in Israel for the first time

For the first time since the establishment of the State of Israel, a Russian warship docked at the port city of Haifa earlier this month.

Tzar Vladimir Putin have suddenly become a "friend of Israel".
Tzar Vladimir Putin have suddenly become a “friend of Israel”.

The “Azov” of Russian’s Black Sea Fleet came to Israel at the request of the Association of Russian War Veterans to help celebrate the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany.

Jewish veterans of the Red Army who later immigrated to Israel were invited to participate in a ceremony aboard the massive ship.

A new unholy alliance seems to be in the pipeline.
A new unholy alliance seems to be in the pipeline.

However, there was another even more important, even historical, reason for the visit – with the looming collapse of the Assad regime in Syria, Russia is on the lookout for new Middle East alliances.

Russia has long maintained a large naval base in Tartus, the second largest port city in Syria. But with Syria’s ongoing civil war likely to end in that country descending into factional warfare and chaos, Russia is concerned for its interests in the region.

Source: Israel Today

My comment:

You can not be betrayed by an enemy. You can only be betrayed by a false friend.

When Israel have found oil and gas, everyone will claim to be her friend. Driven by the love for Mammon, the Jews will be befriended by those who will never stand with her in her time of need.

Evangelical Friends of Israel must be aware, that Jerusalem for a brief period shall be ruled by wicked men.

The last and final antichrist shall be hailed as a “price of peace” in Jerusalem. Russia, China, the EU, USA, the UN and the Pope will all be given a red carpet welcome to the inauguration of a “special regime” in Jerusalem, where a “peace treaty” will be signed based on a huge compromise.

Not unlike the Munich accord, signed by Chamberline and Hitler in 1938.

And the world will copy the message and say: “peace in our time”.

You can not be betrayed by an enemy.  Only by someone your considered to be a close friend. “False friends of Israel” will betray the Jewish people, and bring a brutal end to the only Jewish state on the face of the Earth.

 Luke 21:20

“When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that its desolation is near.

Do not submit to this falsehood. Do not support this false “peace movement”. There will not be true peace before the “prince of peace” returns. Jesus of Nazareth. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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  1. So much ”production of peace…so much production of a ”cross” worn by so many no matter what people sing, wear, act like, talk like, look like, believe, they wear ‘a cross’…like in the ‘1960’s and 1970’s the sign of peace now it’s the ”peace talk”….”Let’s all get into Unity”….”All religions come together like Jesus said..let’s love one another…WWJD….Oh Lord so many sheep herded to the ‘greener pasture (gas chambers for a better job, set your luggage here it will be safe, women, children here, men boys there…Oh God it’s repeating all over again Sold out…right before our eyes…and the leaders of the Nations again with the church leaders at the head of the Parade….marching the sheep to the Dung Gate of Hell! But this is God’s plan…we are to bless him and stay faithful to the end…or we will follow the ones in the parade …pray for Israel, pray for Jerusalem…pray your flight will not be on the Sabbath ..pray your flight will not be in the winter…pray Jesus will find faith on the Earth when he returns…pray we ( will be faithful to Him who is faithful in all things!!

  2. Ivan Maknay is my christian name, it was given to me by a russian pastor in that very day I have converted to christianity , leaving my muslim name for ever . In my heart I believe in judaio-christian herritage . I am a lover of Israel , and I could give the rest of my life for jewish people . It is true , we couldnt be betrayed

  3. A hook has been put into Gog’s jaw. He has been turned around, and is marching to his appointment with the God of Israel on the hills of Judea.

  4. putin is not really the man loking for peace–iran dreams of persia–putin dreams of the gone sowjet time and empire–take cae ISRAEL and remember ADONAI AMEN!!!

  5. The end is near…it was written in the scripture…let us pray that God will protect those believers in Christ and to God the Creator of Heaven and Earth….

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