Washington and Arab League agree on Auschwitz lines

Qatari FM al-Thani says delegation to John Kerry’s office agrees to solution based on 1967 lines with “mutually agreed upon minor land swaps.”.

    John Kerry seems to be disconnected. He bows before the Islamic plan to destroy Israel. Here with Qatari PM Hamas bin Jassim al Thani.
John Kerry seems to be connected to “allah”. He bows before the Islamic plan to destroy Israel. Here with Qatari FM Hamas bin Jassim al Thani.

Arab states appeared to soften their 2002 peace plan on Monday when a top Qatari official said Israel and the Palestinians could trade land rather than conform exactly to their 1967 borders.

Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani, Qatar’s prime minister and foreign minister, made the comment after he and a group of Arab officials met US Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss how to promote Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Speaking on behalf of an Arab League delegation, Sheikh Hamad appeared to make a concession to Israel by explicitly raising the possibility of land swaps, although it has long been assumed that these would be part of any peace agreement.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni referred to al-Thani’s comments as “very positive news” in an interview with Army Radio on Tuesday morning.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

John Kerry’s way forward, is basically a huge step backwards. Back to the Auschwitz lines.

If Israel is forced to pull out of Samaria, it will become impossible for the IDF to prevent the State of Israel from being destroyed.

Israel will be hardly 14 kilometers wide just north of the city of Netanya. Islam will finally be in position to drive all Jews into an area, a little bit bigger than the fields that surrounded Auschwitz in Poland.

Even religious Jews will support this evil plan, feeling that Israel is strong enough to defend her self living inside an area a little bit bigger than Greater New York city. Secular Jews will put their faith in Muslims, and trust their promise to finally recognize “Mini-Israels” right to exist. Never being able to learn from the past, and not understanding spiritual realities.

Since the Americans have embraced a semi-Muslim as their President, it is fully understandable that Washington now work in alignment with the Arab League.

I can only say: Let us get it all over and done with. Even when it pains to see the Jewish people doubting their God, and walking into the ultimate deception.

Malachi 1:2

[ Israel Doubts God’s Love ] “I have loved you,” says the Lord. “But you ask, ‘How have you loved us?’ “Was not Esau Jacob’s brother?” declares the Lord. “Yet I have loved Jacob,

The forces of Cairo and Washington shall face an iron fist in Zion. God of Israel has promised to draw all his enemies towards the final battle, and into the place of the final judgment. The Messiah is soon to return to the city of Jerusalem.

 Joel 3:2

I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.

Why should we not desire His sudden return, so we can get this done?

All people shall ripe what they have sown, and will eventually pay for eternity for their foolishness.  Those who curse Israel and ploy for her destruction, are destined for eternity in Hell. No injustice will be done to anyone. They fully deserve what they will get.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Washington and Arab League agree on Auschwitz lines

  1. Definitely John Kerry is not fit for the post of antichrist as this message of MDM from Jesus states ” The antichrist will be from the East, not the West “ but will be loved, honoured and revered by both and in every corner of the Earth. It will start as follows.

    the world is being prepared for the entrance of the antichrist. He has been groomed by a number of powerful political forces to make his grand entrance…

    The antichrist will be from the East, not the West, but will be loved, honoured and revered by both and in every corner of the Earth. It will start as follows.

    The antichrist will quickly bring about, with the help of the enemies of God, a war between two nations headed by two stubborn and powerful leaders. These wars will escalate and then will spill into other countries. When the threat becomes so serious that it begins to affect the most powerful nations, then peace negotiations will begin.

    Out of nowhere, will step the beast. And with a skill that will impress the world, he will bring to an end the wars. He will have a powerful voice. He will be highly intelligent and will create an impressive charismatic image. His handsome good looks, charm and sense of humour, will be like a powerful hypnotic magnet. He will draw great praise from well-known world leaders and the media, and he will become a celebrity. His demeanour will appeal to business leaders, who will see him as being instrumental in creating wealth, as the economies will begin to grow.

    So special will the antichrist appear, that nations will clamour over themselves to encourage him to visit their countries. He will be loved and will copy the last detail, every moment of My Mission, when I walked the Earth. Preaching of the importance of love, peace and the importance of unity among nations, he will be seen to create great wonders, wherever he goes. This is not a man like any other. This is not a man like any other charismatic figurehead. His star will shine and glitter, like no other before him. He will be seen as a figurehead of the one world humanitarian religion. The so-called success of this abomination will be attributed to him. Everyone will drop at his feet. Images of his face will be everywhere. He will be seen with the heads of many religious denominations. It will soon be said that people will be healed spontaneously in his presence. Through the power of Satan, he will be able to create acts, which will shock many and these will be deemed to be miraculous….

    1. Oldman,

      You clearly have the Word of God, and can compare it to MDM’s lying messages, and yet you choose to believe her over the Word.

      It is odd and frightening for you that you wish to believe a sinner who says she’s received messages from the virgin mary, and wishes to be known as mother of salvation.

      That name alone is an insult to the Salvation Only Jesus Christ can offer us.

      Be careful. Because if the devil can cast himself as an angel of light, it isn’t too far fetched that mdm is deceiving you and many more.

  2. Anyone who tries to divide Israel and Jerusalem again, is on a fool’s errand. They are clueless as to what the God of the Bible said about the land of Israel once He’s restored the people to it. The follow is just one passage of Scripture and there are many more. It says:
    “I will bring back the captives of My people Israel;
    They shall build the waste cities and inhabit them;
    They shall plant vineyards and drink wine from them;
    They shall also make gardens and eat fruit from them.
    I will plant them in their land,
    And no longer shall they be pulled up
    From the land I have given them,
    Says the Lord your God.” (Amos 9:14-15)
    All who defy God’s Word will paid the price. God bless you all.

  3. Do we realize what is taking place? On April 18 2013 John Kerry says Israel, Palestine Have two years left for peace ‘ or it’s over’ time is ticking. The hour glass is almost full! Praise God. JESUS CHRIST the only begotten son of GOD is soon to return. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

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