Blair: Iraq uprising would have been ‘worse than Syria’.

Blair and Bush has blood of innocent Iraqis on their hands.
Blair and Bush has blood of innocent Iraqis on their hands.

Iraqis would have rebelled against Saddam Hussein if there had been no invasion and it would have been “a lot worse than Syria”, Tony Blair has said.

Iraqis previously “rose up in large numbers and were killed in very large numbers”, the former UK PM said.
Mr Blair also warned the West could pay a high price if it decided not to intervene in Syria.

He spoke to the BBC ahead of the 10th anniversary of the invasion, led by the US in coalition with the UK and others.

The invasion, which started the Iraq War, began on 20 March 2003.

The UK lost 179 servicemen and women, of which 136 were killed in action, before the last British troops were withdrawn in April 2009.

Conservative estimates put the number of Iraqis killed in the invasion and ensuing sectarian violence at about 100,000.

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

Winners of wars are seldom arrested and put for trial for war crimes. Examples of such a war criminal in Tony Blair.

What makes him different from Basher al-Assad in Syria?

The former Prime Minister of United Kingdom did not only mislead his nation to go to war based on false and fabricated intelligence. He has also lied about this through his teeth, in the years after his exit as PM.

Today, Blair is a Papist who now work for the Jesuit Pope in Rome. Blair is the leader of Faith Foundation, a religious entry who works for the merger of all religions into One.

Both Blair and the Jesuit Pope will lift up the last and final antichrist.  All, whose name are not written in the book of life, will participate and bless this falsehood.

Not you, I presume. Stay faithful to Jesus of the Bible, and show the fake “Christians” the door.

Written by Ivar