Book: Utoya: The Red Terror Island in Norway

Years before the Utoya terrorist killed 69 youth, money were collected on this island to support the PFLP.

These men was included on the political workshops on Utoya in Norway.
These men was included on the political workshops on Utoya in Norway.

In 2009, on the island of Utoya, the youth wing of a political party in Norway collected money for the terrorist organization Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. (PFLP).

This book is about Norwegian support of Arabian terrorism.
Click on the image, and you will get to the book-store.

This terror-organization is banned in the USA, The European Union, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Two years later the Fascist terrorist Anders Behring Breivik killed 69 Labour party youth on the same island.

The truth about this massacre in Norway is painful.

This island was used as an educational base for Arabian terrorists who work for the full destruction of the state of Israel.

This book is a documentary of the activities that took place on Utoya, years before the worst terror-strike on Norwegian soil after World War II.

You can buy the English e-book (PDF-file) for 5 USD at

Link to the present book at the bookstore.

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “Book: Utoya: The Red Terror Island in Norway

  1. No difference between this scum and Hitlerjugend with only one exeption: the children in the Hitlerjugend were obliged, but those on Utoyo chose to be antisemitic and to hate Israel, that means to be racists, jewhaters. They, and their parents, don’t deserve one tear shed.

    1. Mirjam,

      It hurts me a great deal when a muslim, jindu, catholic etc. do not accept the Word of God, knowing that if they and all do not repent from their sins, they will die in them.

  2. Kære Ivar.

    Modigt, at udgive denne bog.
    Jeg beder om, at Gud må tage vare på dig, mens du er i Norge. Jeg så dig i

    Bh. Lis Jensen.

  3. Dear Ivar

    Congratulations with new book!

    I agree with Lis; It was brave of you to release this book! I guess you expected that many would be quite angry about it… I am quite disappointed about how the Norwegian Christian Newspaper”Dagen” reacted… They don`t seem to stick to the point about money having been collected for a terrorist organization on Utöya. This is quite serious stuff! Why should such facts be hidden? It was brave and right of you bring this into the light! If this is illegal in the USA, the EU,Canada and the UK, why do even Christian leaders in Norway react by attacking you instead of discussing the matter? Sometimes I don`t understand this world anymore… But I guess this is just another sign that we are getting closer to Jesus return:-)

    I am praying for you and your family, Ivar, that the Lord may protect you and give you peace! I hope you can recover this weekend after a tough week!

    If you want to, you can listen to one of my newest songs, which is an encouragement from God`s Word when the road ahead gets tough:

      1. Hei Lis

        Takk for linken! Det var en veldig bra side! Veldig oversiktlig og interresant! Jeg skal ta meg tid til å lese den. Det er så viktig å lese Bibelen for å forstå Guds plan med Israel og Jødene. I det hele tatt er Bibelen, som er Guds Ord så kostbar! Vi trenger mer enn noe annet å holde fast på Guds Ord og å be og holde oss nær til Herren i en tid med så mange forskjellige røster.

        Takk for at du hørte på sangen!:-)

        Ha en velsignet helg!

        Vennlig hilsen Hildegunn (Hildi på Engelsk)

      2. Hej Hildegunn.

        Tak og i lige måde.

        Du kan bestille nyhedsmail fra siden, hvis det har interesse.


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