Arctic sea ice reaches record low, Nasa says

The Arctic has lost more sea ice this year than at any time since satellite records began in 1979, Nasa says.

The ice cap is melting around the North pole, a sign of a climate out of balance.

Scientists involved in the calculations say it is part of a fundamental change.

What is more, sea ice normally reaches its low point in September so it is thought likely that this year’s melt will continue to grow.

Nasa says the extent of sea ice was 1.58m sq miles (4.1m sq km) compared with a previous low of 1.61m sq miles (4.17m sq km) on 18 September 2007.

The sea ice extent at 26 August (white) is markedly different from the 1979-2000 average (orange line)

The sea ice cap grows during the cold Arctic winters and shrinks when temperatures climb again.

But over the last three decades, satellites have observed a 13 per cent decline per decade in the summertime minimum.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

Isolated, the reduction of the ice cap in not the only solid sign of the end of the age.

The climate is extreme on large part of the earth. Either is is draught, or it is to much wind and water.

There have never been more merciless violence spread out globally.  Israel is surrounded by violent enemies, and the Jewish people face a nuclear threat of extinction.

There level of earthquakes are at record high, and pesticides and the level of cancer and not curable diseases are common.

Around the planet, children in their millions are killed in their mother wombs. Others are starving to death.

ALL of this, at the same time. That has never happen before in the history of mankind.

You must be totally disconnected if you can not see the writing on the wall. Open your Bible, and start by reading Matthew 24 and Luke 21.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “Arctic sea ice reaches record low, Nasa says

  1. There are so many geo-political events on the horizon that spell a certain ending of our present living conditions. In the not-so-distant future, crisis will pile upon crisis while our elected representatives bicker their time away. The Four Horseman are saddling up and the Whore of Babylon is collecting “her” daughters to herself, as she plies her whiles on the nations and seeks to install the Antichrist—the rider on the white horse.

    We are obviously on the cusp of widespread war. The rider on the red horse will bring great slaughter. And, of course, terrifying famine always follows war as it diverts resources away from food growing—famine is the rider on the black horse. And with famine comes a fight-to-the death over dwindling resources and widespread terrible pestilence. This is the rider on the pale green horse—the color of a corpse. I just read an article today that speaks of Big Pharma having given up the fight against pathogenic microbes. The world will be defenseless in the face of that future pestilence. In addition, if the theory of genetic entropy is correct, we have few generations left in the human genome without an act from the Creator. All so-called medical miracles that wealthy men are counting on will come to nothing—the Lord, who has always known the end from the beginning, has made certain that man will not live in sin forever. Even so, come Lord Jesus. Amen.

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