German radio presenter fired over Nazi slogan

A German radio presenter has been fired after saying “Work Sets You Free”, a slogan used at some Nazi concentration camps.

There is nothing smart nor noble about people who bring the curses of Adolf Hitler down on their own head.

These phrase was a symbol of atrocities committed by the Nazi regime, to listeners who had to work at the weekend, a Berlin newspaper said Thursday.

Several listeners of the Munich-based Radio Gong 96.3 complained during the July 28 programme when the 39-year-old female freelance presenter made the remark, according to the BZ paper.

One couple filed charges after having reportedly been told by another radio employee to take the comment as a joke. . “Take it easy but with humor,” the 19-year-old assistant was reported to have said on the phone.

Munich public prosecutors have opened preliminary proceedings on suspicion of inciting racial hatred, the paper said.
It quoted the radio station’s head Georg Dingler as saying both women had been dismissed “even if they have acknowledged their mistake.”

“The station has long been committed to fighting the far right,” Dingler told BZ.


My comment:

One of the positive sides of the German society, are their stern treatment of Nazis. To deny the holocaust or spread neo-Nazi propaganda is a criminal offense in Germany.

The German police is quick to arrest such enemies of mankind.

The leaders of post war Germany knew hay had to ask the Jewish people for forgiveness. If not the curse they had put on their own head, would not be removed.

Today, most of the people in Europe display that they have not learnt anything from our modern history. The schools do hardly teach about Nazism, and plenty of teachers and professors bring the same curse down on their heads as Hitler did.

Renounce Jew-hate today. Bless the state of Israel. If you get a chance to witness to a Jew, tell him that all the blessings in your life have come from the Jewish people. Give him or her the gospel, and tell them about the death and resurrection of Yeshua. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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