Cartoon of the day # 191


A good Cartoon often tells the story in a better way than 1000 words.

One thought on “Cartoon of the day # 191

  1. Yes it does. Take their lives since they are of no consequence. That is what the muslim jihadists message seems to be. They send out killers to die by killing themselves and those around them with fire, yet have no true fire of their own. I can only hope that the true WORD of GOD is revealed to them before they die themselves, so they will stop sending out young innocents to do a carnage that they themselves have not the stomach for. Let me be courageous in thee my GOD. Let me hand thee my life in exchange for thy will being done. Take my life and use it to save some poor soul in need of thee God and bless and guide me as I go forth to the world that condemns us all! God bless you!

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