Skull of Timothy to travel from Italy to Russia

Bishop De Luca to take the saint’s skull to Russia for Orthodox Lent.

The skull of "Timothy" is held in this metal box inside a Church in Termoli in Southern Italy.

The Roman Catholic News agency Zenit has a report about an Italian skull traveling to Russia.

This is what is recorded:

Paul’s beloved disciple was a source of unity for Catholics and Russian Orthodox last Friday, as representatives from both Churches gathered around St. Timothy’s relics in Termoli, Italy.

The Orthodox delegation included Archbishop Zosimo of Elista and Bishop Aristarh of Kemerovo.

The delegations are developing a plan for Bishop De Luca to take the saint’s skull to Russia for Orthodox Lent, while an Orthodox bishop will lead the delegation that will return the relic to Termoli. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow will finalize the plan.

(end of quotes)

I must say, that the Bishops will take on them selves a huge responsibility.  What if the skull is stolen?

Would it not be better, if some armed security guards too the skull to Moscow?

There is more recorded in Zenit:

Bishop De Luca gave the Orthodox bishops two small relics of St. Timothy, while his Orthodox guests presented him with an icon and a relic of St. Seraphim.

St. Timothy’s relics were discovered in 1945 during restoration to the Basilica Cathedral of Termoli.
For many years, the relics had been concealed to keep them safe, so much so that awareness of the saint’s resting place was forgotten, even by local residents.

The small niche was discovered with a marble tile, reading “Here rests Blessed Timothy disciple of the Apostle Paul.”
His skull had always been kept in a private chapel apart.

Some parts of the skull can be viewed inside the metal box through the small window.
The skull of claimed to be "Timothy" is about to travel from this Church in Italy to Russia.

A 1977 book on the Diocese of Termoli relates that Timothy’s relics were taken to the city by a count returning from the crusades. This information is not corroborated in historical texts, but what is known is that the relics were hidden in 1239 about three feet from the cathedral floor.

There are no documents that attest explicitly to the translation of the relics from the East to the Adriatic city, but it has not been disputed. In 1947, this account was upheld by the Historical Commission of the Sacred Congregation of Rites.


My comment:

Zentit records:
“Paul’s beloved disciple was a source of unity for Catholics and Russian Orthodox last Friday”.

It is rather bizarre that religious people “unity” around a skull.

The Pope and his faithful are willing to do anything to get the Russian Orthodox Church back to the Papal fold. Even sending a skull to Moscow, so that people in the Orthodox  movement can adore and venerate the remains of a dead person.

Not all religious Russians have enough money to go for a holiday to Italy, to pray in front of the skull. So stead of the people coming to the skull, the skull comes to them.


Written by Ivar

29 thoughts on “Skull of Timothy to travel from Italy to Russia

  1. Thanks for heading me in that direction; I am new to your site & trying to take it all in! These skull photos help solidify in my heart what I know to be true in my heart, that Jesus alone is to be worshiped!

  2. […] Skull of Timothy to travel from Italy to Russia (via News that matters) 21 09 2011 Bishop De Luca to take the saint's skull to Russia for Orthodox Lent. The Roman Catholic News agency Zenit has a report about an Italian skull traveling to Russia. This is what is recorded: Paul's beloved disciple was a source of unity for Catholics and Russian Orthodox last Friday, as representatives from both Churches gathered around St. Timothy's relics in Termoli, Italy. The Orthodox delegation included Archbishop Zosimo of Elista and Bishop … Read More […]

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