“No place for Israel in the Middle East”

The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt says there can not be a Jewish state in the Arab world, nor on planet Earth.

The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Essam el-Erian.

James Kirchick form Radio Free Europe sat down with Brotherhood leader Essam el-Erian in Cairo to discuss many topics, including post-Mubarak Egypt and Israel.

Do you believe that Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state?

All Jewish individuals have the right to live among Arab countries. And they lived for decades and centuries in safety in our countries.

Existence of a state for Jews is against all rules of states all over the world. Any state is a state of all citizens, as Egypt is a state for Muslims, Christians, and Jewish.

As Morocco is for Jewish, Christians, and Muslims. There aren’t many Jews here in Egypt.

To push emigration from Russia, from Poland, from everywhere to be concentrated in one [state] is against any rules of any state.

So you believe in a single Palestine for everyone, not as a Jewish Israel?

I hope it can be again the big Assyria. For all individuals, for Jordanians, for Palestinians, for Syrians, for Lebanese.

You know this was before the Second World War, one state. This region, under the British. Two states were born after the war.

Jordan and Palestine and Israel. And both are still unstable. I hope the revolutions in the Arab world can change the map. All the maps can be changed. Since the Sykes-Picot [Agreement] in 1916, this map was the false one. It is not the one

Source: Radio Free Europe.

My comment:

Hitler would have voted for the Muslims Brotherhood. He was convinced that Jews were better of in ghetto’s that as free men.

The state of Israel is a thorn in the eye of Satan.  As long as there is a single Jew who live in Zion, the Bible is a true book. God of the Bible is the living god, and his plans can not be stopped.

The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is doing the devils work, in the name of “allah”. If he do not repent, He will be judged for his antisemitism.

 Jeremiah 31:35-37
 This is what the LORD says,he who appoints the sun 
to shine by day, 
who decrees the moon and stars 
 to shine by night, 
who stirs up the sea 
so that its waves roar the LORD Almighty is his name: 

  “Only if these decrees vanish from my sight,” 
  declares the LORD, 
“will Israel ever cease 
being a nation before me.”

Jesus the Messiah loves the Jews. He is their king. He said through His prophets that Israel should never cease to be a nation before Him.

The Muslim Brotherhood and all its wicked supporters are doomed because of their hate for the Jews and God of Israel.

7 thoughts on ““No place for Israel in the Middle East”

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  1. Dear Denise.


    Jesus the Messiah called men many things. But the word “bas….” is not on His mouth. Be careful. Even in your expressions of anger or disappointment.

  2. The USA will be judged for their mistreatment of Israel by obama, I don’t know about the ones that voted that degenerate into office..obama has come to kill and destroy what is a Christ loving nation.. and he is doing a good job with that soooo far. the pres also has several muslem brootherhood advisors on his help list…

    Jerusalem will always be Israel…

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