Superman to protect the new Islamic Revolution

Did you know that Superman has given back His US Citizenship?

If not: Watch this video:

In the latest comic magazine, Superman renounce American foreign policy, and flies to Teheran to protect people who oppose the Iranian regime. He rescues people who are shouting “allah is great”.

Do be alarmed.

Was Superman ever a Christian?

Or was he always a “Muslim”?

Is He like Obama, calling Islam a great religion of peace?

Superman might very well be the man who will unite all the World religions, and bring a lasting peace.

To be able to do that, He must destroy the evil in the World. And I guess the most evil men on Earth, are true Christians who claims “superman” can not save anyone….

New Super revelations from Superman, that will shock some Americans.
A New Globalist, who will unite all men.

Read more about this new Universal Global cartoon hero, coming to the rescue of Islam.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Superman to protect the new Islamic Revolution

  1. I saw this and couldn’t believe it. Superman not American??? Superman wants to be apart of the NWO and represent world government. This is SICKENING. Shame on you comic writers. Superman will “still be American as apple pie”…that is what they will tell America when she gives up her sovereignty to join world govt. They will make Americans feel the nation is sovereign while selling them out!! And how many of the sleepers will believe it??

  2. The objects of popular culture are society’s “canary in the coal mine”, so this says much about how spiritually blinded our country has become.

    Notice how almost daily there seems to be an increasing separation taking place, as if everyone is taking their position on which side they want to play for, Christ or against Christ. You can see it at work, in the media, in public, etc.

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