The US must go bankrupt and be ruled by One World Government

14,3 Trillion USD. That is what the US Government owe creditors. Without borrowing more money, the US will become a defaulter, explains Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

The Chairman of the Fedreal Reserve and the President must bankrupt the USA, so it can be handed over to the One World Gonvernment.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Thursday issued a stern warning to Republican lawmakers that delays in raising the United States USD 14.3 trillion debt limit could have “catastrophic” consequences.

“Beyond a certain point … the United States would be forced into a position of defaulting on its debt. And the implications of that on our financial system, our fiscal policy and our economy would be catastrophic,” he told the National Press Club.

Bernanke coupled his warning with a call for the Obama administration and Congress to put in place a credible plan to curb future budget deficits.

Source: Reuters

My comment:

You do not need to be a doctor economics, to understand that the US Government already is a defaulter.

The worst thing a man who can not pay his runaway debt can do, is to borrow more money. That is supposed to be ABC.

The problem any money lender might face, is how to attach the securities or properties made available when the borrower defaults. Saudi Arabia can not simply take over the ownership of Manhattan. China can not take the US Navy is a debt swap deal with the Federal Reserve.

Or can they?

Saudi Arabia basically do not demand any Governmental land in the US, in exchange for the US runaway debts.  The Saudis have asked for the state of Israel.  That is a piece of land, the Lawmakers in the US will be giving away without shedding to many tears. China has asked for Africa and Iran. No issues for Washington.

When the US Senate approve to raise the  “debt ratio”, they hand the US Economy into the hands of the One World Government camp. One day, the Global Regime promoted by men like Obama will be invited to come and rescue the overspending Americans from them selves. Than the Americans will finally be inside the pockets of the regime of the Anti-Christ.

Proverbs 22:7
The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.

Deuteronomy 28:44

They will lend to you, but you will not lend to them. They will be the head, but you will be the tail.

Written by Ivar

10 thoughts on “The US must go bankrupt and be ruled by One World Government

  1. With respect, I think you’re being paranoid.

    The US cannot “give away” Israel, or any other sovereign nation. You can’t give away something that isn’t yours!!! It could stop supporting Israel, but that’s another thing entirely.

    And plenty of developing countries have defaulted on their debts so far. That’s why there’s a campaign to write these debts off. But these countries haven’t been taken over by some new world order.

    I do wonder why people focus on the US as if it has some special place in God’s plan. I’m not at all convinced that it does. The attitude is basically an updated form of imperialism.

    1. Dear Anastasis.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      I do not feel this is a matter of being paranoid. Its a matter of basic mathematics.

      In regards to Israel, the US has not only been a key ally. The US has been THE ally.

      When Obama stops using the UN veto, all nations will come against Israel. 200 million soldiers, a number from the Book of Revelations. If you count today, this is more or less all the soldiers found in all nations on the face of the Earth today.

  2. Again, you focus on the US. In less than two years, Obama’s term will be up. There’s no guarantee he’ll be re-elected. Things could be completely different in 2013.

    As for 200 million soldiers, well, I don’t know where you get your numbers from. The world population is about 7 billion, so by your count 1 in 35 (about 3%) are soldiers. That is far too high – the US has about 2 million people in the armed forces (army, navy, air force, including reservists), about 0.65% of its population. I doubt any other country comes anywhere close to that figure.

    1. “The PLA is the world’s largest military force, with approximately 3 million members, and has the world’s largest (active) standing army, with approximately 2.25 million members.” – wikipedia

      1. I think you misunderstand my reasoning, DeanH. Ivar is suggesting that about 3% of the world’s population are soldiers. The figure for the USA is 0.65% (all armed forces, not just army). As for what you said, the China may have 3 million in the PLA, but that’s drawn from a population of 1.3 billion! So just 0.23% of their population are in the army. And given that approx 20% of the world’s population live in China, that makes it very unlikely that Ivar’s figure is true.

        Since you mentioned wikipedia, why not go to and add all the numbers up!

      2. Dear anastasis.


        There is no doubt that 200 million soldiers is mentioned in the book of Revelation.

        “Soldiers” are not not only regular army unites, declared by the Governments. In nations like India and China the governments also use the ordinary police, special police forces of various kinds, secret police and paramilitary forces. The number of combatants that are at the disposal of the World Governments, will eventually be….Do not be surprised: 200 million.

      3. Dear anastasis


        There are a lot of strange paramilitary forces used by the USA also. The day the US needed to arrest, detain and torture accused to be Al-Quada members, these kind of US combatants came out of the closets in many nations. CIA flew Muslims to locations like Romania, where US paid torture experts had free hands for some time. In Latin America the US has used “not regular army units” to overthrow governments, that did not jump when Washington said jump.

  3. Let’s get to the bottom line here, eh?

    The U.S. government has simply become a collection of poser puppets for the banking family of the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds have been in enslaving the People of the US via the fraudulent criminal conspiracy known as the illegal, unConstitutional Federal Reserve. The entire US government is now simply a puppet of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

    All I want to hear are three magic three letter words,

    “End the Fed”

    Every political candidate must be evaluated based upon this single all telling crucial issue. You are either with the People or you are with the Rothschilds and their agents, the international bankers.

    This is the new American litmus test.

  4. you are correct if some one has a true undrestanding to revelation, 2 thessalonians, matt 24, and mark 13 they would understand. buy many eyes are closed and yes luke 21 ; 20 says; and when ye shall see jeruselem compassed with armies then know that the desolation is nigh. well they are surrounded and obama said pretty clear he [the usa] is not getting involved the prophecy of the bible is comming to pass karen crockett

  5. They are Two ways to Conquer and Enslave a Nation, One by the Sword The other is by Debt, None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free, If there were no Debts in our Money System there wouldn’t be any Money There is not a government on earth today that satisfies any reasonable proportion of the world. Many of the nations are ruled by dictators The whole world is practically bankrupt.

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