Prince Albert skips Israel to safeguards Islamic bank accounts

“Many people from the Gulf States have their bank accounts in Monte Carlo and they might not have approved of him coming to a festival in west Jerusalem.”

Prince Albert of Monaco feels Muslims might punish Monaco if he travels to Jerusalem.

This is a statement of Yigal Molad Hayo, the associate director Cinematheque in Jerusalem Post. Hayo tries to explain that Price Albert of Monaco has cancels his planned visit to The Jerusalem Film festival.

“I’d already made arrangements for a tribute to Grace Kelly to appear in the festival program,” said Molad Hayo, adding that he believed Prince Albert’s cancellation could have come from pressure in his own country not to make an official visit to Israel at this time.

“I think they believed it could have been very negative for him and even dangerous,” he said.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

It is not so dangerous to pay the Pope in Rome a visit now a days.

The Pope has told his freemasons not to support Israeli culture events in Jerusalem. Its an obvious Papal order.

Because the Pontiff has embraced Islam as a religion of peace, and have many Muslim Imams as Interfaith colleagues.

Albert staying put with the Pope, will not make any Gulf Nation close down their bank accounts in Monaco.

Prince Rainer of Monaco was a freemason. The Pope made him a Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. This order has a military function in the planned future take back of Jerusalem. They will probably provide support for the security force that will rule in the Old city of Jerusalem, to protect the final anti-Christ.

Prince Albert bowing down and kissing the hand of the Pope.

Prince Albert has not yet reached to this level of the Papal system of freemasons. But in 1989 the Pontiff made Albert a Knight in the order of Malta. His medal can been seen on at the center of his uniform.

Read more about the Vatican order of Malta.

Read more about the people who kiss the gold idol, on the ring of the Fisherman.

3 thoughts on “Prince Albert skips Israel to safeguards Islamic bank accounts

  1. a tribute is being given for your mother & you love the muslims so much you don’t want to hurt their feelings by going to a tribute for your mother in Israel. On 9/11 were you dancing on the roofs with the Palestinians. When they start to take over Monaco will your family be wearing burkas

  2. Absolutely nothing better than a fishing joke. My step father just shared this joke with me:Mother to daughter advice: Cook a man a fish and you feed him for a day. But teach a man to fish and you get rid of him for the whole weekend.

  3. Catholics, a billion.
    Muslims, at least a billion.
    Chinese, a billion.
    Latin America 700,000 million
    India a billion
    Israel, 6 million.
    Whose insignificant?
    WWIII over single digit millions?
    I doubt it.

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