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Norway first to betray Israel

Norway first to betray Israel

The Norwegian Government is proud it has “normalized” the relations with the Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. This is not fiction. This is written in Norwegian on the official website of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Norwegian strategy in the Middle East has been updated on 13th of March 2012. The deputy Minister … Continue reading

Back to the Bill Clinton plan

Back to the Bill Clinton plan

Barack Hussein wants Israel to surrender the control of East Jerusalem. A special regime shall bring forth a false “peace”, governed by a false-Messiah. When the second intifada started, Israel was in principle ready to accept the so called “Clinton parameters”. This was a set of rules and regulations for a “pace deal”, believed to … Continue reading

Remember Gush Katif

Nine years after the Disengagement, two thirds of former Gush Katif residents are still looking for permanent homes. Nine years after 10,000 Jews were thrown out of their homes in Gush Katif in Gaza and in northern Samaria as part of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s Disengagement plan, barely one third of Gush Katif refugees … Continue reading

The Bishops of Dagon display skulls

The Bishops of Dagon display skulls

The Philistines cut the head of dead King Saul, and kept his skull hanging in the temple of Dagon. The mourning Jews buried the rest of his bones. I have for a long time claimed that the adoration of corpses, skulls and bones is wicked and tasteless.  In particular in the Roman Catholic Church, who … Continue reading

Kerry demands “peace agreement” that cripples Israel

“The historic hatred of the Jews, has now been transferred into a hatred of the Jewish state”. These are the words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  He takes a tough stand on the present “pre-pre-peace talks” with the Arab enemies of Israel. “Israel is not interested in becoming a “bi-national country,” but must ensure … Continue reading

Daily bread from the life of Y´shua

John 4:5 So he came to a town in Samaria called Sychar, near the plot of ground Jacob had given to his son Joseph. The Messiah had to travel through Samaria on his way from Galilee to Jerusalem. In Sychar, there was a plot owned by the Jewish forefather Joseph. When did this piece of … Continue reading

Jews might be exiled to new Islamic Nazi-state

A source from the Prime Minister’s Office said that Palestinians should accept Jewish settlers as residents in a future Palestinian state, causing a massive storm. ‬‬ The idea has a long history, and some settlers, as well as some Palestinians, are not so sure it’s a bad one‬‬ The right flank of the Likud and … Continue reading

Netanyahu promise to “teach Hamas a lesson”

Benjamin Netanyahu promises stern response to ‪‪intensified rocket fire from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.‬‬ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tuesday that Israel would teach Hamas a “lesson” and “very soon” over increased rocket fire from the Gaza Strip on Israel’s southern communities. Speaking at a joint press conference with his visiting Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper, … Continue reading

Norway claims end to boycott of Israel

Norwegian PM says she will not boycott Israel, but rather normalize the bilateral trade relations. The new Norwegian government, which so far was considered one of the most hostile administrations facing Israel, is working towards bracing the ties between the two countries and enhancing mutual cooperation in an array of fields. The conservative-progressive minority government, … Continue reading

Persecuted for speaking the truth

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon apologized. He had to. OP-ED by  Gonen Ginat, in Israel Hayom. Regular Israelis, however, are exempt from such diplomatic etiquette, free to clarify to the Americans what they know anyway, as anybody who regularly deals with Israeli popular opinion polls knows: namely, that the vast majority of Israelis believe that Ya’alon, … Continue reading

70 per of Jews refuse to surrender the Jordan Valley

Poll: 53.5 per cent mistrust Kerry as impartial peace talks’ mediator. Almost 70 per cent of Jewish public believes Israel should not forfeit Jordan Valley security presence in peace deal. “Kerry has to understand that we won’t trust Israel’s security to foreign troops,” Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon says. Over half of the Israeli public … Continue reading

Kerry wants to flush Israel with “Arab refugees”

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry proposed to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas the return of 80,000 Palestinian refugees to Israel. This is acceding to a senior official of the Palestinian government, who told this to Xinhua on Monday. Kerry’s proposal was part of his ideas presented to the Palestinian side to reach a framework peace … Continue reading

Main sticking point in “framework deal”: 1967 borders

Framework deal could refer to “1967” without the word “borders”. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry expected to return to Israel next week. U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro: Nine-month negotiating window could be extended. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry may have just left Israel this past Monday, but it is already expected that … Continue reading

The “Palestinian” refugee fraud exposed

750.000 Jews were exiled from Arab nations and Persia.  Arabs use their “refugees” as a weapon against Israel. In the shadow of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s theatrics at the United Nations recently, armed with his cartoon Iranian bomb, Israeli officials launched a quieter, but equally combative, initiative to extinguish whatever hopes have survived of reviving … Continue reading

Kerry seeks wisdom and spiritual support from Saudis

Fatah official says Kerry proposed the idea of a “greater Jerusalem” as a capital for two states. Saudi Arabia and the Arab League will be involved in building support for an Israeli-Palestinian agreement, US Secretary of State John Kerry said before leaving Riyadh and returning to Jerusalem Sunday night. “Today his majesty was not just … Continue reading

Likud No. 2: Israel will not surrender Jordan Valley

“If we end up without the Jordan Valley, we will be a country without any strategic depth.” During a tour with lawmakers through the Jordan Valley on Thursday, Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar said that “only [an Israeli presence] here will ensure strategic depth.” At a ceremony unveiling the cornerstone for a new neighborhood in the … Continue reading

Kerry backed by anti-Zionist winds in Israel

Hours before Kerry arrives in Israel new poll suggests solid majority of Israelis, Palestinians back two-state solution. ‬‬ A poll suggests a majority of Israelis and Palestinians supports the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, but remains suspicious of the other side. The survey was released Wednesday, hours before US Secretary of State John … Continue reading

PLO-Abbas only wants boycott of Jewish settlers

“Palestinians” do not support a boycott of Israel, claims Mahmound Abbas. PA President Mahmoud Abbas stunned reporters and Palestinian activists in South Africa last week when he stated that the Palestinians do not support a boycott of Israel. Abbas did advocate boycotting Israeli products made in the West Bank, “but we do not ask anyone … Continue reading

Americans mourns the departure of a Nazi

Americans are bemoaning the resignation of the unelected Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, and insisting that he was a true partner for Israel. This is reported by the well known Israeli columnist Caroline Glick. They just couldn’t make a go of it due to forces beyond his control. While most recognize Fayyad’s departure has nothing … Continue reading

Israel transfers water pumps to Gaza due to flooding

Coordinator of Government Activities in Territories authorizes transfer of water pumps to Gaza Strip due to heavy flooding. State sets up joint command center with Palestinian security in West Bank‬‬ Israel set up a joint command center with Palestinian security in the West Bank to handle storm-related traffic and electricity problems. Coordinator of Government Activities … Continue reading

Todays Christmas message from Bethlehem is Jew-hate

The Christmas message according to Islam, is “boycott Israel”. The Vatican use midnight mass to bless terrorists. Every year the mayor of Bethlehem, Victor Batarseh, invited the international press and any Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land. Also this year he lighted the massive Christmas tree in Manger Square, the traditional location of Jesus’ birth. … Continue reading

Audit: EU pays “Palestinians” in Gaza to not work

61.000 PLO members are on the payroll of the European Union. Basically paid for doing nothing. EU should stop paying salaries of Fatah civil servants in Gaza, EU auditors said after learning that majority have stopped working since Hamas violently took control of Strip in 2006. Auditors further call for ‘overhaul’ of current EU aid‬‬. … Continue reading

Report: Kerry offers Israel ten more years

The US is ready to permit Israeli presence in the Jordan Valley for ten years, following the signing of an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord. Palestinian official tells ‘Al-Ayyam’ US secretary of state offered Abbas Israeli presence that would focus on border passes and mountain tops; Palestinians reject proposal, accuse US of adopting Israeli viewpoint. Palestinian Authority … Continue reading

The grand betrayal of Israel and rebellion against God

The Arabs and Kerry blame Israel for unwillingness or inability to delineate final-status borders at the root of the problem. OP-ED in Israel Hayom, by Ruthie Blum On the heels of the disastrous deal with Iran that could not have been achieved without Western appeasement and capitulation, Kerry’s current visit is especially significant. What he … Continue reading

Muslims honor Virgin Mary, mother of «Palestinian Jesus»

In its official statement in honor of International Women’s Day, the Fatah movement listed a group of «Palestinian» women of whom it is proud: Martyrs, fighters, prisoners and the Virgin Mary. Turning Virgin Mary and Jesus from Judeans (Jews) into «Palestinians» is a basic part of the Palestinian Authority’s revision of history. The PA leadership … Continue reading

Al-Qaeda group has dug into the “West Bank”

An al-Qaeda-linked group said three militants killed in the West Bank by Israeli forces last week were its members. An Islamic grope linked to al-Qaeda slam the Islamist network had taken root in the Palestinian territory. Al-Qaeda has struggled to build up significant support in the West Bank, analysts say, and the Palestinian Authority that … Continue reading

Breiman: Both PLO and Iran are successors of the Nazis

Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian education system towards Israel and the Jews are no different than Iran’s. OP-ED by Ron Breiman, Israel Hayom. Last week, in his article “Iran has all but become Nazi” (Israel Hayom, Nov. 21), Dan Margalit commented on Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s belligerent statements against the Jews. To underscore his point, he … Continue reading