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PLO-Abbas only wants boycott of Jewish settlers

“Palestinians” do not support a boycott of Israel, claims Mahmound Abbas. PA President Mahmoud Abbas stunned reporters and Palestinian activists in South Africa last week when he stated that the Palestinians do not support a boycott of Israel. Abbas did advocate boycotting Israeli products made in the West Bank, “but we do not ask anyone … Continue reading

Arabic Bibles have been falsified to please Muslim converts

Some Muslims supposed to have converted to faith in “Jesus”, still use the word “allah” for God, and ”Isa” for Jesus. A doctrinal clarification is needed. Most of the Christian media have been silent in regards to new “Muslim-friendly Bibles”. But one American media has sounded the alarm about the corrupt modern “bible translations”. This … Continue reading

Arab leader in Canada wants to shoot Jews

A Palestinian community leader in Toronto said Israelis should be given a two-minute warning before being shot. Addressing the annual Al-Quds Day rally on Saturday, Elias Hazineh, the former president of Palestine House in suburban Toronto, called for “an ultimatum” to Israelis: “You have to leave Jerusalem. You have to leave Palestine. “We say get … Continue reading

Exchange of Arab gangsters for “peace talks”

Israel is the only civilized country, that must deny its juridical system if it wants “peace talks”. A US demand to please the Arabs. Tourism Minister Uzi Landau (Yisrael Beitenu) told Ynet that “the Israeli consent to release prisoners is a mistake. We must learn from past mistakes and not make any gestures before negotiations … Continue reading

Arabs treat small kids like their Hitler-jugend

Little girls on PA TV: Jews are the “most evil among creations, barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs,” condemned to “humiliation and hardship” Palestinian Media Watch uncovers footage from Palestinian Authority television showing two young sisters reciting a poem that demonizes Jews • Jews are “most evil among creations, barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs,” the girls say. The … Continue reading

Kuwait will never trade with Israel: MP

Kuwaiti MP Saleh Ahsour has stated that Kuwait will never establish trade and diplomatic relations with Israel. In an interview with the local Al-Watan newspaper, Ashour stated: ”There is no way that Kuwait will ever establish trade relations with Israel. It is illegal to trade with Israel in Kuwait and whoever breaks the trade law … Continue reading

– Israel should reoccupy Gaza and remove Hamas

Former Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman says Israel should seriously consider the reoccupation of the Gaza strip. Earlier on Monday, former foreign minister Avigdor Liberman told Israel Radio that the government should seriously consider the reoccupation of the Gaza Strip in response to Palestinian rocket fire on the western Negev. Liberman, who currently heads the … Continue reading

Netanyahu demand arms free “Palestine” state

The Prime Minister of Israel feel the “Palestinians” can have a state, if the PLO turn in all their weapons. I will seek a demilitarized Palestinian state, says Netanyahu. Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett’s remarks that the two-state solution has reached a “dead end” prompts angry responses from both the Palestinian Authority and the … Continue reading

Arabs set preconditions to avoid “peace talks”

Netanyahu says he told Kerry that Palestinians are “intentionally insisting on preconditions” to prevent peace negotiations. The Palestinians are setting preconditions to avoid talks, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Monday. Netanyahu explained that he told US Secretary of State John Kerry several times that nothing is stopping him … Continue reading

Arabs: Stop Israel targeting terrorists inside Syria

Arab League wants Israel to stay out of Syria, and ignores that Iranian backed terrorists gets their hands on advanced weapons. Egypt on Sunday condemned Israeli air strikes on Syria, with the Arab League also demanding that the UN Security Council act to stop what it called “Israeli attacks” against the war-torn country. The Egyptian … Continue reading

Washington and Arab League agree on Auschwitz lines

Qatari FM al-Thani says delegation to John Kerry’s office agrees to solution based on 1967 lines with “mutually agreed upon minor land swaps.”. Arab states appeared to soften their 2002 peace plan on Monday when a top Qatari official said Israel and the Palestinians could trade land rather than conform exactly to their 1967 borders. … Continue reading

Ramallah rule based on American military ordinance

PLO-leder Abu Mazen rule in Ramallah based on US Military ordinance. The last “election” was held in january 2006. It is amazing how an Islamic terror regime can rule on the Mountains of Zion, beyond the borders of International law, human rights and basic rules of democracy. The PLO-rule in Ramallah was supposed to expire … Continue reading

Jews live with constant state of national emergency

Number of emergency orders reduced by two-thirds in recent years. The state of emergency has existed since 1948. Israel will continue to be in a national state of emergency for at least three months, as the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee approved the extension of that state on Tuesday. All of the committee’s members, … Continue reading

Tunisian “Arab Spring” leader support the Hamas

Moncef Marzouki to make his first visit to Gaza next month. Hamas: Visit to boost Arab solidarity with Palestinians‬‬. Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki will make his first visit to the Gaza Strip on February 9, officials from the Hamas government told AFP on Sunday.  “Tunisia President Marzouki will carry out a very important visit to … Continue reading

Arabs copies Hitler-jugend in Jerusalem

It is difficult to find a proper penalty for these Arabian youth. But I hope they will not be sent for a couple of weeks to Syria. Spend a minute watching this video. If these young Arab men are not slaughtered by their own Muslim brethren, they might be able to live in peace inside … Continue reading

The Arabs unite on agenda to destroy Israel

88 per cent of Arab Palestinians wants to use arms to “remove” Israel from Arab soil. But they are divided on issues on what comes next.  A poll by the Arab World Research and Development (AWRAD) in Ramallah shows that 88 per cent of Arab Palestinians believe that the results of the latest Hamas-Israel escalation … Continue reading

Islam to make Arafat new blood libel against Jews

Islamic terrorists will claim Jews poisoned PLO-leader Yasser Arafat. Palestinians will likely have access to international courts following UN statehood status upgrade this week. The Palestinian Authority indicated it would take Israel to the International Criminal Court if it uncovers evidence Israel assassinated former PLO chairman Yasser Arafat, something that could become possible if the … Continue reading

End time unity around butchers of the saints

Look at these butchers. During the reformation the Catholic butchers massacred tens of thousands of saints of the Messiah. The above picture  is from the “good friday” celebrations outside Nuestra Señora de Dolores in Morelia in Mexico. Let us also take a look at the picture is of member of the Arabic terror-organisation  PFLP, who … Continue reading

Pakistani girl face death accused of burning Koran

Three witnesses whose testimony could absolve a 14-year-old Pakistani girl facing life in prison have changed their statements. It’s the latest twist in the case of Rimsha Masih, a Christian teenager who was charged more than a month ago under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws for allegedly burning pages of Islam’s holy book for cooking fuel. She … Continue reading

Jew-hate main reason for Arabs endless poverty

One reason Arab Palestinian economic growth has been so disastrously slow is the terror war that Yasser Arafat launched against Israel in 2000. The Second Intifada shattered Israeli hopes for peaceful concert with a new neighboring country, and led to an economic estrangement that proved horribly costly to Arabs, claimed to be “Palestinians”. Israelis stopped … Continue reading

Israeli play on London theater goes on despite protests

Pro-Palestinian activists have disrupted the UK debut of Israel’s Habima theatre company in London. About 10 minutes into the play, a banner reading “Israel Apartheid leave the stage” was unfurled from the first-floor balcony accompanied by several Palestinian flags. Around 15 people were carried or led out of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre after unfurling banners or … Continue reading

Egyptian war: The Empire strikes back

Egypt panel definitively bars top 3 presidential candidates from elections. Egypt’s election commission rejected the appeals of three main contenders for president Tuesday, definitively removing the most polarizing candidates from the race to become the country’s first elected leader since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak. The commission’s decision removes the top contenders in the race … Continue reading

Muslims in Israel proud of Zionist state

Nearly 53 percent of Israeli Arabs are “proud to be Israelis.” If one were to listen only to the mainstream media and Israel’s many antagonists, one would be led to believe that the Jewish state is a horrible and oppressive place for Arabs to live, and that said Arabs desire nothing more than to replace … Continue reading

Knesset decries Jerusalem’s de facto division

1.000 new illegal Arab constructions in East Jerusalem is added every year. There are 20,000-30,000 unauthorized buildings in eastern Jerusalem, with another 1,000 being added every year. The is the estimate from the aState Comptroller’s Report last year. Members of Israel’s Knesset on Monday harshly criticized the government and the Jerusalem Municipality for allowing the … Continue reading

Hamas denounces Israel in mass rally in Gaza

Hamas’s Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh says resistance is both the way and strategic choice to ‘liberate Palestine’, vows to never recognize Israel. Tens of thousands of Hamas supporters rallied in Gaza on Wednesday to celebrate the Palestinian group’s 24th anniversary and the strengthening of fellow Islamists in Egypt. “We hope all Arab countries will come … Continue reading

Suspended for sailing with the enemies of Israel

Hanin Zoabi was suspended from parliamentary debates for the rest of the term for sailing with last year’s flotilla to Gaza. Hanin Zoabi of the Balad Party was stripped of her parliamentary benefits by the Knesset Ethics Committee on Monday. Three other lawmakers filed complaints against her participation last year in the flotilla on board … Continue reading

US might not support Arab Palestinian UN state bid

Erekat: US made it clear it would veto resolution. Arab Palestinians also face treat of economic cuts. Signs of tensions between the Palestinian Authority and the US surfaced over the weekend following a visit to Washington by two senior Palestinian envoys, Saeb Erekat and Nabil Abu Rudaineh. The two men went to Washington last week … Continue reading