Some Muslims supposed to have converted to faith in “Jesus”, still use the word “allah” for God, and ”Isa” for Jesus. A doctrinal clarification is needed.

Neither the name of the sun, nor the moon-god, shall be used by true followers of the Messiah.
Neither the name of the sun, nor the moon-god, should be used. Elohim Israel is a plural God, The God of the Hebrews.

Most of the Christian media have been silent in regards to new “Muslim-friendly Bibles”. But one American media has sounded the alarm about the corrupt modern “bible translations”.

This is what has been reported:

It includes the controversial development is the removal of any references to God as “Father,” to Jesus as the “Son” or “the Son of God.” One example of such a change can be seen in an Arabic version of the Gospel of Matthew produced and promoted by Frontiers and SIL. It changes Matthew 28:19 from this:

“baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”

to this:

“cleanse them by water in the name of Allah, his Messiah and his Holy Spirit.”

A large number of such Muslim-sensitive translations already are published and well-circulated in several Muslim-majority nations such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia.

According to Joshua Lingel of i2 Ministries,

“Even more dramatic a change is the Arabic and Bangla (Bangladesh) translations. In Arabic, Bible translations err by translating ‘Father’ as ‘Lord.’ ‘Guardian.’ ‘Most High’ and ‘God.” In Bangla, ‘Son of God’ is mistranslated ‘Messiah of God’ consistent with the Quran’s Isa al-Masih (Jesus the Messiah), which references the merely human Jesus.”


My comment:

The word “god” could mean anything and everything. So do the word ‘allah”, an Arabic word for “god”.

1,2 billion Muslims use the singular word “allah” for “god”. This word has its origin in pre-Islamic  Saudi Arabia as the expression of the Arabian “moon god”.

Now, the word “allah” has entered into claimed to be “Christian” bibles. Under the pretext that ‘allah” is the unified Arabian word for God.  Such Bibles has been made to make it easier for Arabs, in particular Muslims, to understand who “god” is.

Not true.

The word “allah” is singular. The Hebraic word “Elohim” is plural. Even linguistic, these “gods” are not the same deity.

When you mix “allah” with the Arabian word for the Messiah, “Esa” or “Isa”, the falsehood becomes more obvious. Because “Esa” is a created being, and has never been divine. He is not the Son of God, but a prophet.

Arab Christians tries to explain to Arabs, that using the word “allah” for God, must lead to an understanding of this “god” to be the God of the Hebrews, who has a begotten Son.

The truth is that the Pre-Islamic Arab cultures never had a unified word for “god”.  The first Christian Church in Arabia, was the Coptic Church in Egypt, established 500 years before the birth of Muhammed. The Coptic word for God, is “papnoute”. Or simply “noute”. The Berber community in Libya, used the word “Amanai” for God.

In ancient Yemen, 700 B.C, the moon-god was named Almaqah. A stone tablet found, is mentioning five South Arabian “gods”. So “allah” must have entered this area later, as “the god”. A New Age “god”. Neither the God of the Hebrews, nor the ancient “god” of the Arabs. The Arabs were forced into submission, and a Pro-Islamic, Pan-Arabic use of the word “allah”.

There were no unified Arabian use of a Word for “God”, prior to the Islamic area, that started 620 A.D. It looks like it was Islam that forcefully united Arab merchants, Arab tribal people and Assyrians around the use of “allah”. By the use of the sword.

Do not accept this modern falsehood, a bid to make “peace” with Arabs in the name of “allah”.  

Written by Ivar