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Norway first to betray Israel

Norway first to betray Israel

The Norwegian Government is proud it has “normalized” the relations with the Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. This is not fiction. This is written in Norwegian on the official website of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Norwegian strategy in the Middle East has been updated on 13th of March 2012. The deputy Minister … Continue reading

Norway promote terrorist

Lars Gule was jailed in Beirut in 1977 for planning a bomb explosion in Israel. Two Norwegian Lutheran mission associations have invited Lars Gule to a panel debate during a Christian youth camp in the city of Bergen 26th -28th of August 2011. Many Norwegian media promote Mr. Lars Gule as “a scientist on the … Continue reading

When the power of the holy people is broken

The end will come at the time when the power of the holy people is completely broken. Abraham was not able to confirm the existence of 10 righteous men. Will there be a massive revival just before the return of the Messiah? Some preachers tries to convince us that the end time revival  is “just … Continue reading

Rotten man and child in chains

Rotten man and child in chains

Vatican priests who have done this have blood on their hands and a heart of stone. This image is taken from Capela dos Ossos in Portugal. This Holy Roman Catholic site is located in the city of Évora 130 kilometer south of Lisbon. In plain English “Capela dos Ossos”  should be translated Chapel of Bones.  … Continue reading

Remember Gush Katif

Nine years after the Disengagement, two thirds of former Gush Katif residents are still looking for permanent homes. Nine years after 10,000 Jews were thrown out of their homes in Gush Katif in Gaza and in northern Samaria as part of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s Disengagement plan, barely one third of Gush Katif refugees … Continue reading

Cannibals operate in Syria

They are saying; “We swear to god that we will eat your hearts and livers you soldiers or Bashar the dog.. We are the heroes of Baba Amr” There is a historical connection to eating heart and livers of men when it comes to the history of Islam; Source: Wikipedia. “Her status as a Sahaba … Continue reading

Italian Magazine: 98 per cent of priests are gays

Panorama is owned by Silvio Berlusconi and claims the Vatican is full of homosexual priests. A preview of the article sent out by Panorama said: “By day they are regular priests, complete with dog collar, but at night, it’s off with the cassock as they take their place as perfectly integrated members of the Italian … Continue reading

Pope promise atheists heaven

Pope promise atheists heaven

Just do good, and we’ll find a meeting point, says Francis in marked departure from Benedict’s line on non-Catholics. Atheists should be seen as good people if they do good, Pope Francis has said in his latest urging that people of all religions, and none, work together. The leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman … Continue reading

The glossy beauty parlor gospel

Some teachers claim the bride of Christ will be taken away before the trouble of the Great tribulation. The Prosperity gospel claims the Church will not suffer agony and pain, but walk in victory and always be successful. Many teachers tell us that there are new seasons coming, and everyone with perfect faith can enjoy … Continue reading

Sound the shofar on sleepers

Sound the shofar on sleepers

To remove the active “saints”, who have identified the antichrist, if possible, seems to be a huge contradiction to our calling of being a true and trustworthy witness. Her are some points you can use to defend your faith in the written Word of God. The last battle will stand in Zion, and the true … Continue reading

Enemies of the cross missuse “Jesus”

Enemies of the cross missuse “Jesus”

They claim to know “Jesus”, but rejects the true Messiah who won victory at the cross of Calvary in Jerusalem. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the Ministry Christ Embassy is one of the master deceivers who have entered into Christianity. He presents one of the most occult teachings on claimed to be Christian TV. He boldly … Continue reading

The perverts will rule Europe

The perverts will rule Europe

Drag artist (25) gave a clear message to Russian President, Vladimir Putin, at the press conference after the victory: We are unstoppable. In this year’s Eurovision final thrust Austria’s finalist, drag artist Conchita Wurst (25), with the win after delivered a tremendous show. Source: Norwegian Dagbladet My comment: After seeing perversion and sodomy being honored … Continue reading

The Bishops of Dagon display skulls

The Bishops of Dagon display skulls

The Philistines cut the head of dead King Saul, and kept his skull hanging in the temple of Dagon. The mourning Jews buried the rest of his bones. I have for a long time claimed that the adoration of corpses, skulls and bones is wicked and tasteless.  In particular in the Roman Catholic Church, who … Continue reading

The age of false teachers and deception

Jesus the Messiah has warned us about impostors. But how to discern a false teacher and a false prophet? Paul the Apostle has a simple advice. Stay put in solid Bible teaching. Old is gold. The new kids of the block are often those who have come to lead you astray.  2 Timothy 3:12-14 In … Continue reading

Israel falsely accused of being Apartheid state

Jewish students are this week facing a coordinated, vitriolic campaign to demonize Israel. Israeli Apartheid Week is an effort by groups and activists supporting boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel to discredit it and label it an “apartheid state. This campaign was kicked off Monday in many cities and college campuses worldwide. “Students and faculty … Continue reading

Pope kisses tapped blood of late pope John Paul II

Pope Benedict XVI kisses the glass reliquary containing the blood of late Pope John Paul II. This act took place during the beatification ceremony in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, Sunday, May 1, 2011, in the fastest beatification in modern times Source: Multiple Media My comment: To worship blood is basically a central doctrine … Continue reading

Kerry demands “peace agreement” that cripples Israel

“The historic hatred of the Jews, has now been transferred into a hatred of the Jewish state”. These are the words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  He takes a tough stand on the present “pre-pre-peace talks” with the Arab enemies of Israel. “Israel is not interested in becoming a “bi-national country,” but must ensure … Continue reading

Jews might be exiled to new Islamic Nazi-state

A source from the Prime Minister’s Office said that Palestinians should accept Jewish settlers as residents in a future Palestinian state, causing a massive storm. ‬‬ The idea has a long history, and some settlers, as well as some Palestinians, are not so sure it’s a bad one‬‬ The right flank of the Likud and … Continue reading

Europe back in doing business with the devil

Old European trading partners like Germany, Italy, and Finland have arrived in Tehran eager to renew contacts. Critics of Iran in the U.S. Congress and elsewhere have expressed dismay over the European trade missions. They see them as a signal that Iran is open for business, leading to an end of the Islamic republic’s international … Continue reading

Netanyahu promise to “teach Hamas a lesson”

Benjamin Netanyahu promises stern response to ‪‪intensified rocket fire from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.‬‬ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tuesday that Israel would teach Hamas a “lesson” and “very soon” over increased rocket fire from the Gaza Strip on Israel’s southern communities. Speaking at a joint press conference with his visiting Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper, … Continue reading

Norway claims end to boycott of Israel

Norwegian PM says she will not boycott Israel, but rather normalize the bilateral trade relations. The new Norwegian government, which so far was considered one of the most hostile administrations facing Israel, is working towards bracing the ties between the two countries and enhancing mutual cooperation in an array of fields. The conservative-progressive minority government, … Continue reading

“If you like your privacy, you can keep it”

Like a stand-up comedian with a political edge, Rand Paul deployed some witty one-liners after President Barack Obama’s comments on Friday about reforming the National Security Agency. “What I think I heard is that if you like your privacy, you can keep it,” Paul, the Republican senator from Kentucky, said in an interview with CNN’s … Continue reading

Europe, Obama’s new “banana republic”

U.S. and NATO forced the plane of Bolivia’s president to land in Austria. Bolivian authorities say that Evo Morales private Presidential jet, which was en route from Russia to Bolivia, were refused to fly through French and Portuguese airspace because it was suspected that it spy accused Snowden was on board. The aircraft was therefore … Continue reading