The “Holy See” and its “Military Order of Malta” are represented at high level talk in the United Nations.

A Vatican approved archbishop represent the Pope in the United Nations.

Holy See, General debate, High-level Segment 2011 – ECOSOC, 06 July 2011

18th meeting of the 2011 High-level Segment of the Economic and Social Council (Geneva, 4 – 8 July)

Statement by H.E. Monsignor Silvano M. Tomasi, Apostolic Nuncio, Permanent Observer for the Holy See to the United Nations in Geneva at the 2011 High-level Segment of the Economic and Social Council.


My comment:

What do Unicef and the Military order of Malta have in common?

They are both represented in the “High level segment” of the United Nations. Together they try to find a way to establish the One World Government.

The Bible explain that such a government shall come, and that a supreme King shall rule the World.

 Revelation 13: 1-8

And the dragon stood on the shore of the sea.

And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. He had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on his horns, and on each head a blasphemous name.  

The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority.  

One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed.

The whole world was astonished and followed the beast. Men worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked,

“Who is like the beast?

Who can make war against him?”

The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority for forty-two months. He opened his mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven. 

He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.

All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the book of life belonging to the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world.

The Holy see” is one beast that will accept the final beast that will come up form the “sea”. In the sense, suddenly appears on the World stage, promoted as the chief partner for “global peace” . The kingdoms on the Earth is getting ready to give the One World Government the absolute political power.

The present kingdoms will eventually unite, and accept the authority and powers of the beast. He is soon going to manifest in flesh, and walk into the rooms of power. He will be hailed and rule over them.

The Vatican is a permanent observer in the United Nations. Just like the PLO.

You must be careful not supporting this wicked assembly, who pave the way for the last and final antichrist.

You must submit to the teaching of the Messiah. His name is English is Jesus, and He was born into flesh in acient Israel.

He will not seek dominion over a wicked and fallen World. The Messiah will come back in the clouds of Heaven to rescue all who are waiting for Him. He will set up his Judgment throne in Jerusalem. Amen.

First published 2nd of August 2013

Written by Ivar