Europe, Obama’s new “banana republic”

U.S. and NATO forced the plane of Bolivia’s president to land in Austria. Bolivian authorities say that Evo Morales private Presidential jet, which was en route from Russia to Bolivia, were refused to fly through French and Portuguese airspace because it was suspected that it spy accused Snowden was on board. The aircraft was therefore… Read More Europe, Obama’s new “banana republic”

Merkel whitewash the US spy-crimes of Obama

‘Intelligence is essential for democracies’, explains German Chanseler Angela Merkel. Merkel stressed that intelligence “has always been and will in future be essential for the security of citizens” of democratic countries. “A country without intelligence work would be too vulnerable,” Merkel said. At the same time, she observed that there must be a “balance between… Read More Merkel whitewash the US spy-crimes of Obama