The imminent Hezbollah-Nusra war

Lebanon will become al-Nusra’s alternative battlefield. The Syrian Salafist group Jabhat Al-Nusra declared in Jordan that it has set the confrontation with Hezbollah militants in Syria as a top priority. Jordan-based al-Qaeda-affiliate Mohammad Al Shalabi, alias Abi Sayyaf, said that Jabhat al-Nusra has taken a decision to fight Hezbollah militants, who have become “our Jihadists’ main target”… Read More The imminent Hezbollah-Nusra war

Saudis reward terrorists with luxury “rehab center”

Extremists jailed during crackdown on local branch of al-Qaeda will be able to swim, work out and watch television between meetings with counselors. ‬‬ This is done ‘To fight terrorism, we must give them an intellectual and psychological balance,’ says director of rehab centers‬‬ Saudi Arabia is hoping to wean jailed al-Qaeda terrorists off religious… Read More Saudis reward terrorists with luxury “rehab center”

Old blood libel of Jews stealing organs spreads in the Arab world

Anti-Semitic cartoons that claims that Israelis is killing Arabs to steal their organs, first leveled in Sweden’s leading newspaper last month, have spread to the Arab World. The Algerian daily Al-Khabar asserting that young children are being kidnapped from Algeria’s cities, transported to Morocco, and then sold to Israelis and American Jews who then harvest… Read More Old blood libel of Jews stealing organs spreads in the Arab world