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Google “outraged” at alleged NSA hacking

Google has expressed outrage following a report that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has hacked its data links.

The present regime in Washington D.C is headed by a hard core cyber criminal.
The present regime in Washington D.C is headed by a hard core cyber criminal.

An executive at Google said it was not aware of the alleged activity, adding there was an “urgent need for reform”.

The comments follow a Washington Post report based on leaks from Edward Snowden claiming that the NSA hacked links connecting data centres operated by Google and Yahoo.

The NSA’s director said it had not had access to the companies’ computers.

Gen Keith Alexander told Bloomberg TV: “We are not authorised to go into a US company’s servers and take data.”

But correspondents say this is not a direct denial of the latest claims.

The revelations stem from documents leaked by ex-US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, who has been granted temporary asylum in Russia and is wanted in the US in connection with the unauthorised disclosures.

The documents say millions of records were gleaned daily from the internet giants’ internal networks.
They suggest that the NSA intercepted the data at some point as it flowed through fibre-optic cables and other network equipment connecting the companies’ data centres, rather than targeting the servers themselves.

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

Theft is a crime.

Who should the account holders of Google and Yahoo take to court?

Would the US Attorney General hold the NSA directors accountable, and request a judge to send them to jail?

The NSA hackers on Washington’s payroll, should be punished in court, and sentenced to long terms imprisonment.

You must be willing to believe in fairytales, if you believe that Barack Hussein Obama did not authorize criminal theft of private communications of dozens of World leaders.  The US President is a hard core cyber criminal. The US Congress should start impeachment proceedings, and remove him from office.

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